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Cheap Homes For Sale In Mexico

What Is The Lowest Price You Can Own A New Property For Here


There are condos that start at $59,000 USD. That is about the cheapest you can enter the real estate market in Playa Del Carmen and get a decent place That seems pretty cheap to many people because in most places in the United States, Canada and Europe you cannot get anything for that amount or only something in a bad area that needs lots of work. So a newly constructed property sounds like a good deal to most people. Plus you are only a few minutes drive to the ocean and that appeals to people as well.

Note: There are some places that are even cheaper but these are just concrete boxes that would not be up to standards for most people so we are not going to talk about them.

Puerto Escondido Homes For Sale Oaxaca State

Ive sung the praises of Puerto Escondido before as a town that still offers a bargain Mexican beach vacation without massive resort crowds and overdevelopment. The main stretch of beach here has giant waves that surfers love, but you can find some mellower spots that are okay for swimming. The town itself is very Mexican, so it doesnt feel like youre in a total gringo community here. Prices are a reflection of that atmosphere and the difficulty of getting here without connecting in Mexico City first.

Most of the building lots in the area range from $16K to $230K and most of the 2BR condos are under $200K. I found a furnished 2BR condo with a common infinity pool for $140K and a couple ocean-view houses with a pool for around $160K. You can spend more than a million bucks to be right on the main beach, but even there youll find some oceanfront houses for under $400K.

For listings see or

Low Real Estate Prices In Ecuador

Although recent years have brought it some mainstream awareness, Ecuador is a country that has slipped under the radar in terms of expat locations. Ecuador offers you the chance of authentic life in a country that has remained largely unaffected by globalization.

Ecuador has a range of climates. Its most famous for its mountain living, but also boasts excellent beaches and towns close to sea level, too. If youre a fan of the coast, Ecuador has a lot of undeveloped beachfront real estate.

Salinas is an established seaside town. Located in the far west of the country, its one of the main vacation destinations in Ecuador. If youre looking for a property to rent out for part of the year, Salinas is an attractive option. Its one of the more developed locations in Ecuador with plenty of shops and amenities.

Perfect for snowbirds, winter temperatures in Salinas are usually over 77°F and days with temperatures of 86°F and higher are common. The best weather is from November to April while the rest of the year is usually cooler and dry but quite often cloudy.

Conveniently, Salinas has its own airport with flights to international airports in Quito and Guayaquil.

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Home For Sale In Oxkutzcab Yucatan Mexico

$90,000 USD Live Among The Mayan Pyramids In Large Home In Oxkutzcab – Come settle or vacation in one of Yucatans most thriving towns. Situated just 30-45 minutes Southeast of Merida and in the midst of Mayan pyramids on the Ruta Puc, Oxkutzcab is a growing town filled with old world charm, Mayan culture and modern ammenities. The home has been completely remodeled on a very large, established lot. The lot is 15,952 sq ft . A gate/wall completely enc …

Opportunities On The West

Cheap Homes For Sale In Las Vegas

All new construction is on the town edges, and these are typically in modern designs. There are available lots on the south-east side barrio called La Veleta, where expats and Mexicans are building homes and vacation rentals. We stayed at a vacation rental in this barrio where everything was new and to North American standards. However, utility services are still scarce in this area, from water to sewers to electricity. My opinion is that the best investment is for vacation rental apartments in this neighborhood. Rents for vacation rental apartments in this area get US$150 to US$200 per night.

Check out more houses for sale in Tulum in

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Progreso Coast In Yucatan State

This area has long been one of the best beach house bargain areas of Mexico because these towns are only 40-50 minutes from the international airport in Merida, the major capital city of Yucatan state. If you cant find a good flight deal to there, its also about four hours by rental car from Cancun.

You can still find a small house or a decent-sized building lot on this stretch of Gulf Coast beach for less than $50K, though if its a house it will be tiny and need some work or add-ons. Most of these homes are weekend getaways for middle-class Mexicans in Merida, so sometimes theyre literally one big room: everyone strings up a hammock when its time to go to sleep!

If you want the kind of dream retirement home youre picturing in your head, youll probably spend at least $90K for a place with multiple bedrooms and air conditioning, maybe a nice patio or roof deck. Even here its hard to find beachfront homes for sale under $100k, though they do pop up now and then.

More commonly, you could pay $150K and up for one with a swimming pool or right by the beach. Some recent sales have topped $300K, but thats for a huge villa right on the beach with panoramic views from the swimming pool. What will that amount get you in a beach area anywhere in the USA or Canada? This may just be the cheapest place to buy a house on the beach in all of North America, especially a beach where the water is warm enough for swimming all year.

6 BR, 6 baths, pool, sold for $270K

Houses To Buy In Mexico

Our global shoppers are people that are committed and many wanting find world-wide real estate investment for financial commitment, moving, moving forward abroad, pension and also get holiday break homes internationally. Countless people use our website per day who occur looking to put in internationally or have the shift internationally. Countless consumers get our property notifications setting buyers and sellers collectively day to day.

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Triplex For Sale In San Miguel De Allende Guanajuato Mexico

$500,000 USD A Perfect Jewel Fit For Sharing. Main House & 2 Apartments – High Quality construction, and good maintenance are the first things people notice about this property. The other is the feeling of walking from outside into an oasis of beauty. In the house and both apartments, the cabinetry is excellent, the tile work superb. The main house is at the back of the property, with a courtyard separating it from the two apartments. It is built for practicality an …

Puerto Penasco Homes And Rocky Point In Sonora State

Mexico Real Estate Beachfront Property For Sale

Theres an old George Strait country song where he says he doesnt really miss his ex and if you believe that, hes got some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you. Theres no such thing of course, but Puerto Peñasco is a shade more than four hours from Phoenix or Tuscon. That makes it close enough from those cities to serve as a holiday weekend getaway home, or a retirement alternative thats not in the desert.

Naturally, this ease of access means its going to be a little more costly here than in places you have to fly to, but this town at the top of the Sea of Cortez is still reasonably priced compared to the USA or Canada. You have a wide range of building lots to choose from here for less than $60Ksometimes a lot less. Building costs in Mexico are a fraction of the labor costs on the other side of the border.

You can find a ready-to-go house in town for under $100K still, maybe a 10-minute walk to the beach. The prices are much higher right on the beach of course and you could pay the price of a Phoenix house to get that 180-degree ocean view from a detached home patio. There are plenty of condos for sale for less than $250K though, most in a nice facility with a swimming pool and maybe a gym.

Check out listings at the local RE/Max office site or

Have you found another spot for bargain beach homes in Mexico? Leave it in the comments.

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Samana Dominican Republic Us $92000

As the most visited destination in the Caribbean islands, the Dominican Republic offers property buyers the opportunity to invest in a very powerful tourism market. The simply breathtaking region of Samana on the northern coast of the country is quieter than other parts of the country. As a result, property prices are comparatively more affordable. With the government dedicated to boosting tourism to the region, and investment flowing in, its unlikely to be such an appealing buyers market for long. These units are located within a new construction condo hotel overlooking one of the most beautiful bays in the country. With on-site amenities including 3 infinity pools, gym, spa and beach club as well as a rental program offering returns from 3 to 5% p.a. guaranteed by the developer, these condos represent some of the most attractive investment opportunities in the Dominican Republic.

View similar properties: Samana real estate

Condos for sale, Samana, Dominican Republic

Barra De Navidad And Melaque Real Estate In Jalisco State

Everyone has heard of Puerto Vallarta and a lot know about the nearby Nayarit beach towns like Sayulita and San Pancho, but head south toward Manzanillo and you eventually get to a secret spot: the beach towns of Melaque and Barra de Navidad. This area is a favorite for Canadians, with a lot of word-of-mouth growth leading to this becoming a Canadian satellite city in the winter months.

This is a rather sleepy beach area, the kind of place to go if beers in a bucket while your toes are in the sand makes up your perfect minds eye picture of paradise. The cheap Mexico beach scene you wont find anymore in the more developed areas. Youre not far from the city of Manzanillo though, which has a decent-sized airport and modern hospitals.

A lot of snowbirds who come here for the winter are just renting, so theres good income potential if youre not going to use your house all the time. Its relatively easy to find property near the beach to build on for $30K to $50K if you want to get your dream Mexican house with your ideal layout. Otherwise, there are plenty of houses available between $85K and $200K, with some as low as $45K a few blocks back from the water. One listed for sale at the first agency below is showing a 3BR/2 bath house with a pool for $149K. In other words, you can still find beach houses for sale under $200K in this region.

For Barra de Navidad and Melaque house listings see Monaco Mexico Real Estate or

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Discover Authentic Ecuador In Loja

Loja is your chance to live in the real Ecuador. Perched high in the Andes, Loja is seldom visited by tourists and few expats choose to hang their hat here. Temperatures are around 73°F to 75°F year-round, so you wont have to spend money on heating or air conditioning.

The property market in Loja is still cheap. A four-bedroom house in an exclusive area is likely to set you back around US$115,000.

The downtown area is full of traditional buildings and stalls, and the backdrop of the Andes is a huge selling point. The altitude is 6,750 feet you can leave your windows open to enjoy the fresh mountain air without worrying about bugs. Living in Loja, youll need to learn Spanish to integrate into the local way of life.

The climate is ideal for farming, particularly citrus fruits. Land is inexpensive and anybody looking to pursue gardening or hobby farming will enjoy Loja.

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Residential/development/commercial For Sale In Santiago De Queretaro Queretaro Mexico

Cheap Houses For Sale In Las Vegas New Mexico

$876,952 USD Great Investment, Privacy ,High Value, Modern Avenue – Investment opportunity, great property / Residential / Condos / Business 15 minutes to Queretaro International Airport, direct flights from Houston , Texas incredible growth, main modern avenue, urban zoning , 15 minutes to beautiful Queretaro Historical City at Downtown, only one hour 26 minutes drive to Famous San Miguel Allende. Main Highways connecting all over the most importan …

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Cheap Real Estate In Brazil

If you like the idea of life on a tropical island but are put off by the price tag, the Brazilian island of Itamaracá is for you. It has soft, sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters, sheltered by the reef that lies offshore.

Itamaracá is situated about an hours drive from the nearest airporta drive that takes you through jungle and mangrove swamps. This gives the island a pleasingly remote and faraway feel as if the cares of the modern world are unable to pass through the thick forestation.

Beachfront condos are available from US$50,000 with properties further inland even cheaper. The beachfront properties offer the chance for a decent rental return. Although you can find all the basics for day-to-day living here, you are a long way from shopping malls and many other trappings of city life. If you need your culture fix or like to spend time shopping, a long-term stay is not ideal for you.

Affordable Real Estate In Playa Del Carmen

We get asked about real estate and living in Playa Del Carmen all the time and the truth is, we love your questions. We love helping people learn about the area and see what is possible for places to live. On this site we have written many articles about real estate, where the market is now, things to look for when buying a property and other topics. Some of the staff here have gone through the process of buying in Playa Del Carmen and we have helped people relocate to Playa Del Carmen or invest in property here.

Like all the articles on the website, we try to provide helpful information to people based on experience here and research.

Disclaimer: We are not a real estate company. People do however like asking advice and we get a lot of positive feedback because we try to provide an independent viewpoint for your benefit based on our experience here in Playa Del Carmen.

We will in the future bring you more independent reviews of new buildings or places to buy. If you have any place you would like us to go and tour for a story, let us know and we will check it out for you and write our opinion about it.

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Bargain Property In Colombia

Prices in Bogotá and Cartagena mean these cities no longer qualify as true bargains, but value can be found in the rest of Colombia.

Cali, in southern Colombia, is one such place. Temperatures are hot all year with highs of around 88°F most days. Locals look forward to an afternoon sea breeze, which brings relief each day. At 3,300 feet, the nights are cool and the mornings are refreshing.

Legal Advice When Shopping For Home In Mexico

  • In case a written contract is printed in a different expressions, that you just never know without any language translation, never ever sign it.
  • If you find any dollars benefits supplied by the purchaser, make certain never to bypass or miss the opportunity any authorized types of procedures.
  • Analysis and abide by local policies on choosing and booking out premises
  • Continually get written and published confirmation of the is concurred in every negotiations on prices and constantly insist upon a pieces of paper sales receipt for monies settled
  • Check that the seller or residence programmer possesses the name deeds towards property or ground and can also transport them to you. If purchasing completely new, or partly made, from a creator, ensure the name deeds for your asset under consideration definitely exist
  • Ensure that the deeds to your property or land have not been presented as security for virtually every loans
  • Contains the owner has spectacular power bills, regional income tax demands for example? You may well be responsible for that on acquisition of the home check this too.
  • To generate if there are actually any problems you need to know of in advance of getting , talk with other home owners in the region or about the advancement.

Far more advice right here

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Historic Town = High Liquidity

The historic town center of San Miguel is static. There are very few buildable spaces, and these are often occupied by the ruins of 200- to 300-year-old houses. All new growth is on the town edges, and these are typically modern areas without historic charm. Due to San Miguels popularity, finding a suitable property to buy in the historic center can be a challenge. Prices are high, and every house is different. Consequently, youll have to visit every candidate property in acceptable neighborhoods. This will allow you to determine if the price, location, and the house are suitable.

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