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Container Homes For Sale In Massachusetts

Aspen Cir Rockland Ma 02370

Boston, MA Shipping Container House/Home Store -Puma Clothing/Conex Box

For sale

  • Saves21Spacious, well maintained, sought after Leisurewoods, dining room, large living room, eat in kitchen , 2 bedrooms, master bed and master bathroom, great storage and closets in unit, central air , shed, den with walls of windows that over look private yard, great grilling and space for out door dining, tucked down the street and very private location, this is a over 55+ community , monthly fee includes trash, tax, landscaping use of pool and clubhouseRead more
  • Features: Bathroom – Full, Walk-In Closet, Closet
  • Level: First
  • Features: Flooring – Wall to Wall Carpet, Window – Bay/Bow/Box
  • Level: First,Main
  • Features: Flooring – Wall to Wall Carpet
  • Level: First,Main
  • Flooring: Wood, Tile, Vinyl, Carpet
  • Heating features: Central Heat, Gas
  • Appliances included: Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer
  • Laundry features: Electric Dryer Hookup, First Floor
Interior Features
  • Total interior livable area: 1,456 sqft
Property details
  • Parking features: Off Street, Tandem, Paved Drive
  • Uncovered spaces: 2
  • Community features: Swimming Pool, Walk/Jog Trails
Senior living
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  • How Are Container Houses Insulated

    You can build an interior studded wall like in traditional construction. Doing so works better when you are combining shipping containers for a more expansive living area. Otherwise, the cavity wall will take up additional space.

    It is also possible to insulate the container with spray foam insulation, although this will not give the same insulating R-value as you would get with Batt insulation. Quite often, container builders will use insulation panels in construction.

    States That Allow Shipping Container Homes

    For many of us, the American Dream means having somewhere to call our own. A king or Queen and their castle. But in more populous areas of the country, space for housing is at a premium. Some cities have capped the amount of new single-family residences that can be built to spur multi-family construction.

    The state of Oregon is even considering allowing four homes on lots currently zoned for single-family homes in cities with a population of 10,000 or more. In Minneapolis, zoning for single-family homes is on the way out. Other municipalities throughout the country are considering similar regulations or bans to combat the housing crunch as well as sprawl.

    So what states allow shipping container homes? The answer is most, if not all, are considering it if not already allowing it. From Montana to Missouri to Mississippi to Massachusetts . But the more important question is if your county or city allows shipping containers homes.

    Interested in a custom-made shipping container for a tiny home? Contact your city or county planner to see if its possible. You will still need to follow all zoning and building codes and additional regulations, including:

    • Foundations

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    Modern Shipping Container Home

    EcoTechDesign created this house from shipping containers using prefabrication methods. The house consists of different units that are already equipped with necessary wiring and other things.

    Each unit takes just 15 minutes to erect and the result is a Martian facility kind of looking futuristic house. Youd think most modern shipping container homes looked like this but this Hybridhouse_1 is unique.

    Are There Any Downsides To Owning A Shipping Container Home

    Jetson Green

    Do you know the cons of shipping container housing? One of the advantages of shipping containers is that they are easy to move, but this is also a downside. With the internal dimensions only just over 7 feet wide, this is quite a restriction that could put off many people.

    There are ways around this problem, like putting two together and removing the walls, or using some to enclose an area and then building a roof between them.

    Though whatever alterations you make, the home will continue to look like a shipping container most of the time. For many, this wont be a problem, however, as they like the industrial look of the property.

    You can do a lot to improve the design of the outside of the home, with cladding and upgrades to increase space. It will, though, almost inevitably, put off some buyers when you come to sell the home.

    With shipping containers, it is more of a challenge to install insulation. The corrugated steel walls differ from normal walls with room for cavity insulation.

    If you intend to use many shipping containers with multiple floors, there needs to be significant reinforcement to the structure. Such engineering challenges will add significantly to the cost of a project like this. Shipping container houses do hold a place in the housing market. They are certainly a cheaper housing choice when you already own a piece of land.

    Container homes vs. tiny homes actually have become a debate where the pros and cons of each will be explored.

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    Can Shipping Container Houses Have Roofs Added

    Many shipping container builders will choose to add a roof constructed of another material rather than keeping the container intact. The reason this is often done is for architectural flair and increased visible desirability. There are a few different types of roof structures you will find with container homes, including:

  • Traditional pitched roofs the most common roof in traditional housing is a pitched roof. This roof type tends to be the most visually appealing to the majority of people. You can see pitched roofs occasionally being added to shipping container homes.
  • Green roofs one of the more pleasing types of roofs is the living roof that is filled with plants and other greenery. This type of roofing allows for natural insulation properties.
  • Flat roofs a flat roofing structure is the most cost-effective and easiest to build but also the least visually appealing. There will be a slight pitch added so that the roof drains properly.
  • Some cool container housing will also be constructed to have a roof deck.

    What Foundation Options Do I Have

    You have three main options for foundation with a container:

  • Concrete Blocks: These blocks are most common and effective. This is what you would see with a normal home, and the corners of the container are often fastened to the concrete via steel reinforcements.
  • Crawl Space: A good option for added storage.
  • Basement: The most expensive foundation. A basement provides added living space and storage opportunities.
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    Tiny Home Container House

    Containers of Hope by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture is a house that was built for a couple living in Costa Rica. They wanted something affordable to be able to enjoy nature of the locale.

    The result is a $40,000 home with a roof made of scrap metal resulted from making the windows and a modern interior design that can compete with any regular home.

    Out Of The Box: 3 Prefab Projects Revamping New England Real Estate

    Massachusetts Board and Batten THOW for Sale | Living Design For A Tiny House

    Prefabricated projects arent just cut and paste construction at least not when theyre done by Stack + Co.

    The Boston and Providence-based integrated architecture and construction firm deals with signature design projects that break the mold for their respective fields. Prefabricated manufactured pieces made offsite for easy assembly onsite is just one method theyve incorporated into their portfolio of unique and interesting projects.

    Our firm is different because we are actually both an architecture firm and a very accomplished construction company, says Stack + Co. founding partner Andrew Wade Keating. We have architects and construction professionals sitting at the same table, same office, same practice. Were more capable of doing these challenging projects than two firms working separately. While some small companies are experimenting with this approach in the single-family home market, there is no one else doing what we do for these more significant projects like restaurant, retail, and multi-unit residential. In addition to our integrated process, prefabrication is another tool in our toolkit to deliver these more challenging projects.

    Here are three examples of prefab projects from the futuristic firm.

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    Multipurpose Container Home In Chile

    View in gallery

    This is not just another regular shipping container house mostly because its not as compact as expected. What makes this project by designer Constanza Dominguez C. and studio Plannea Arquitectura is the rather unique way in which the containers have been incorporated into a modern and stylish design.

    View in gallery

    View in gallery

    The house is located in Chile and was made out of two repurposed shipping containers. Rather than connecting the containers and creating one big space the designers chose to keep them separate. They were positioned parallel to one another with a big gap in between and a roof which extends over the entire area. This creates two separate spaces which can serve different purposes and a covered outdoor area in between them.

    Are Shipping Container Homes A Cheaper Option

    Shipping container houses can be cheaper than a regular home, but it isnt always the case. Many things can affect the cost of your shipping container property. The size of the build, your design choices, and the finish quality are factors along with a location that can increase the cost.

    You need to own the lot for your new container home, though you can save money preparing the ground. Container homes dont need the same foundations normal homes would, allowing them to be constructed on more difficult terrain. They can be built on a rocky or steep site without excavating the land. Piling could be used to support the home, saving on expensive site preparation.

    This could allow you to save money on purchasing a plot of land. While other people will have been put off because of the cost of excavation, this wont be such a problem with a shipping container. You just have to make sure that local zoning allows for that type of build.

    If you have your heart set on shipping container housing, it will make sense to have a contingency for it in your land purchase contract before moving forward. Once you have completed your due diligence on the zoning, youll be able to remove the contingency.

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    Morroco Ave Chelmsford Ma 01824

    For sale

    • Saves60Welcome to Chelmsford Commons, centrally located between downtown Chelmsford and the Westford line on Rte. 110. Extremely affordable way to own a place in Chelmsford. Showings/Open House and more photos coming next week.Read more
    • Total interior livable area: 840 sqft
    Property details
    • Community features: Shopping, Highway Access
  • We dont have enough information to calculate a Zestimate® for this home.
    Zestimate history
  • All calculations are estimates and provided for informational purposes only. Actual amounts may vary.Don’t miss out on this home, or anyother on your list.
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  • Similar homes

  • Texas Shipping Container Cabin

    20ft Detachable Container House

    This modern house featured on HGTV belongs to Keith Lasseigne who built it in Austin, Texas. The exterior betrays the secret that the house was made out of shipping containers but when you step inside there isnt a trace of that.

    The wooden floors, impeccable style, and modern appliances all make this house look ultra-modern and even luxurious.

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    Which States Allow Container Homes In The Us

    by Nathan Olson | Nov 25, 2020 | Construction, Container Homes |

    One thing for consideration before building a container home is to find out which states allow container homes. Since container homes are becoming increasingly popular, many people are beginning to show interest in this building alternative. As such, U.S. states are coming up with codes, regulations, & rules to govern land used for shipping container homes.

    To answer the question, what states allow shipping container homes?

    Well, almost all states and cities are allowing it or already considering it. Montana, Mississippi, Missouri, Massachusetts, Maine, and Michigan, to mention but a few. These cities have regulations in place governing buildings and container homes. However, whats more important, is to know if your city or county allows container homes.

    Although almost all states in the U.S. allow container homes, some states have stricter laws than others. So, continue reading on to find out which states allow container homes and the container home zoning laws for your area.

    Summer Quarters Shipping Container Home

    Shipping containers are great for building additions and extensions for the main house like guest quarters, garden sheds, home offices, and other such amenities. Guest House by Jim Poteet is a modern and stylish navy blue prefab with a roof garden and a porch deck.

    The house parts are made of sustainable materials like HVAC equipment pads and recycled telephone poles. The back of the house is equipped with a screen for supporting the crawling sprawling plants.

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    Does Container Housing Rust

    It is possible. Most container houses are made of Corten steel which is rust-resistant for the most part. If you are located in an area with harsh weather conditions, the container could be more susceptible to the environment. It is a steel shipping container, after all.

    Terrible weather conditions could lead to some rust. Container homes that have an additional layer of siding will be much more prone not to rusting.

    Is Building A Shipping Container Home Eco

    modular portable cabin prefab tiny house container homes installation video

    Since it is frequently cheaper to buy a new shipping container than return it to be used again, many only get used once. There are many discarded shipping containers globally, so recycling these into container homes must be a good thing, right?

    Using a steel container does reduce the number of other materials you need to build a home. Often owners of such a home also add other Eco-friendly measures, like solar panels or wind power. But the case for shipping containers being sustainable homes isnt quite as clear-cut.

    It is argued that lots of resources and energy are needed to turn the container into a home. Hazardous waste can be produced when converting the structure, and some containers are worse than others.

    If the shipping container had been used to carry toxic chemicals, a residue might remain that needs to be dealt with. The container may also have been treated for corrosion at some point, which can be another problem. You need to make sure you buy the right container in the first place to avoid these issues.

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    Alternative Living Spaces Shipping Container Homes

    Price: $38,000-$70,000

    Alternative Living Spaces creates custom homes out of shipping containers. These can be primary residences, second homes, offices or casitas. Customers pick everything from the paint color and finishes, to the fixtures and interior furniture.

    These affordable and beautiful shipping container homes come with AC/heat, shiplap walls, a full bathroom, kitchen, barn door and electrical and sewage hookups. The more deluxe version has a queen-sized Murphy bed, coffee table, two-burner stove and dresser, among other amenities.

    Your new custom shipping container home will be done in 6 to 8 weeks.

    For more info, head to Alternative Living Spaces.

    Check out this video of a container home by Alternative Living Spaces:

    Do You Need A Permit For Shipping Container House

    View in gallery

    While shipping container homes are attractive and may complement the surrounding landscape in some areas, certain regions will not allow them.

    Prior to beginning work on the shipping container, a permission should be secured. Thus, before the shipping container is erected or placed on the land, approval from the necessary authorities should be sought and granted.

    In this situation, the proper authority may be the neighborhood homeowners organization, the local municipal government or from city council. Even in remote locations where a permit is not always required, it may not hurt to inquire prior to embarking on a project of this nature.

    If the local authorities allow it, you may place a shipping container on your land. Where you are unsure of the applicable regulations, conduct research and communicate with authorized officials to educate yourself on the possibilities of placing these containers on your land.

    Shipping containers offer a unique and adaptable method of constructing ones dream home. They give a private, warm environment for one. However, there are rules that govern this type of conduct.

    Local and state legislation, as well as guidelines established by the Homeowners Association, must be considered.

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    How To Find Container Homes For Sale

    Finding container homes for sale will be more challenging than traditional housing as there is a minuscule amount available. You can always check with a local real estate agent to see if there are any available. You could also do an online search for shippingcontainer homes for sale, container homes for sale, or container homes near me.

    Some may also look for container homes to rent, which will be equally as difficult.

    Shipping Container Homes Are Basically Legos

    Source 20ft luxury prefab shipping container homes for ...

    If you start thinking about shipping container homes as legos, youll see the appeal of this design. They can be stacked, placed side-by-side, or at angles to create your perfect abode. Youll be able to configure these modular homes into any design you like, which makes them entirely customizable.

    Ready to build your own lego house? Youll want to see these amazing shipping container floor plans we found!

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