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Container Homes For Sale In Michigan

The Casa El Tiemblo By James & Mau Arquitectura

Contemporary Shipping Container Home in Ferndale, Michigan

Although the Casa El Tiemblo does not look quite as modern from the exterior unlike most of the other shipping container homes we have featured on this list, its interior decor is every bit as modern, if not more.

The Casa El Tiemblo was brought to fruition by James & Mau Arquitectura, using four 40 foot long shipping containers. That translates to a sizeable total area of 2045 sq ft . This residence houses the guest rooms, living and dining area on the bottom floor, while the master bedroom and the full-size bath is located on the top floor.

If you are not impressed by the exterior design of this shipping container home, we urge you to take a look at some of the interior photos by clicking on the link mentioned below the illustration. We are quite confident that you will be impressed by the interior decor.


Cheap Shipping Container Home

This Low Cost House was created by JYA-RCHITECTS for a family who lived in a shabby home infested with rats. The tight budget determined the building materials, which turned out to be colorful shipping containers.

To solve the insulation issues the architects went for a house in a house structure that also created a deck space between the containers, which totaled at 1,085 square feet .

The Talma 200 By Meka A Corporate Retirement For $32500

The same name indicates it. The Talma 200 is a container with 200 square feet that includes a room and a bathroom, all with an internal and external style of beach cabin. The overflowing style makes it worthy of being part of a vacation trip to the beach of senior executives. After all, you only need to ride a truck and transport it.

Again, we indicate that at this time we will not find the Talma 200 on the companys website. In this case, our best alternative is to contact Meka directly to inform us of their availability.

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The Upcycle House By Lendager Arkitekter

Although the Upcycle House by Lendager Arkitekter looks nothing like a traditional shipping container home, it is indeed built out of shipping containers. However, it is not the design which is the most impressive part of this project rather it is the impressive attention to detail given to reduce the carbon footprint. In fact, there has been an 86% reduction in carbon emissions by using recycled and upcycled building materials, which is impressive to say the least.

Explaining all the nitty-gritties of this project is beyond the scope of this article, so we suggest you follow the link mentioned below the illustration to learn more about this impressive project. It will be worth your time.

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Blox Projects In Business

Stylish Shipping Container Home Attracts Tons of Attention ...

Portable Container Concessions

Portable Container Concessions

Discover why Blox container construction is an ideal solution for retail businesses and restaurants opening portable offices to expand into new market opportunities.

Portable Container Concessions

Portable Container Concessions

Blox has streamlined the process in building shipping container offices to be faster, stronger and more energy efficient. Blox container offices are a perfect portable solution for industrial industry plug and play.

Michigan Social Districts

Michigan Social Districts

Make Blox container restrooms an addition of your public or commercial space easier with a portable option. Check out Blox portable offices for campgrounds, parks and events.

Custom Container Homes

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Connected Shipping Container Homes

Old Lady House is another work of Adam Kalkin. It represents the two two-storey structures connected with a bridge and makes for a perfect home to share with your guests or parents.

The second structure can be used for an art studio or a home office and in the middle there is a beautiful fenceless private garden.

The Riverside Building By Container City

This stunning shipping container building overlooking the river Thames in London, was built using 73 containers! Yes, thats right, 73 shipping containers! However, that is not the impressive part. This entire project was erected in just eight days!

Now, you might be wondering if this is a residential building or not. Well, it is not. In fact, it is a commercial building which hosts 24 separate office spaces. More importantly, this structure is entirely modular and can be deconstructed or extended without much effort. If you are interested in reading about this project in detail, we suggest you follow the link mentioned below the image.

via Container City

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See Inside Finished Shipping Container Home In Southeast Michigan

ROYAL OAK, MI – They’re easing people into things at ModEco Development.

The 2,250-square-foot home that went up in the 2500 block of Rochester Road in Royal Oak looks like a new house with big windows and a modern design packed with sharp right angles.

At first glance, it might even be hard to tell a large portion of the new home is made out of recycled shipping containers.

ModEco partner Drake Boroja said five 40-foot containers and two 20-foot containers were used to build the house. It’s taken about a year to finish, because when they started ModEco fabricated the shipping containers on-site in Royal Oak. It was their first time building such a structure and they were checking themselves at every step along the way.

And with a few things left to wrap up, the three-bedroom, 2.5-bath home has already sold for about $430,000.

It has an attached garage, vaulted ceiling, big kitchen and two second-floor balconies. The second floor is carpeted, as is the staircase built into a shipping container that had been turned on-end.

Boroja, his brother Dan and the third ModEco partner, Neal Patel, took more than a few chances with the home and design.

“When we did this design, we wanted to see everything that was possible with shipping containers,” Boroja said. ” want to be able to let our customer see what is possible.”

Outside, the red containers are covered by brick.

The large rear balcony also is accessible through the master bedroom.

“The response has been crazy,” Boroja said.

Dark Shipping Container Home

More shipping container homes to be built in Detroit

This modern weekend home found on ContainerForStorage consists of two 40 containers aligned parallel to each other to create a spacious enough abode. The containers original look was preserved with a couple of windows and wooden accents added in the process.

The house features a small outside deck that invites to step inside where there are hardwood floors, HVAC system, two bedrooms and a modern furnished kitchen.

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Shipping Container Homes Are Environmentally

Millions of shipping containers sit unused all over the world. Many people like the appeal of recycling a shipping container and turning it into a home.

Each time you build a house out of a shipping container, youre reusing 7,700 pounds of steel. This makes a shipping container house super eco-friendly.

You Cant Change The Outside Appearance

You either love or hate the appearance of a shipping container home. Shipping container homes are modular and angular. You wont be able to change the outward appearance of a container home very much, aside from changing the siding. It is what it is.

If youre looking for a more whimsical home or cabin-type look, a shipping container isnt for you.

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Container Homes Cost Calculator Detroit Michigan

Ferndale Approves Lot Sales for Shipping Container Homes Ferndale, MI – The trend of Shipping Container home construction will soon be taking root in Ferndale as two city-owned properties were sold Monday to individuals looking to place such homes on the now-vacant lots. 208 Pinecrest is located one street [ Coyle said shipping container homes can be made on large and small scales, can fill an affordable housing gap, in-fill vacant spaces and be built in communities struggling for development Shipping Container Home Construction in Michigan. Are you needing an expert that offers fast, professional and reliable shipping container home construction services in the Michigan area? Finding a qualified Michigan company for your shipping container home construction project is hard to do Kubed Living is an innovative full service design and project coordination studio specializing in shipping container structures and sustainable living.Our focus is great design, meticulous coordination and personalized service, through all project phases. We are NOT fabricators.We work with fabricators, planning and building officials, general contractors, cabinet-makers, lenders, and.

Are Shipping Container Homes Legal In Michigan

7 Shipping Containers Make a Cool Home in Michigan ...

Shipping container homes are not known to be illegal in Michigan meaning that shipping container homes are legal in Michigan and are allowed by the Michigan authorities. The Michigan government approves the use of containers as home. Therefore, building a shipping container home in Michigan is not illegal as long as you follow the Michigan building and zoning laws.

The use of shipping containers as a home is the new thing with people venturing into building an amazing luxurious home with containers. The reason for the use of shipping containers as a home is not far-fetched. If not for anything, for the fact that container homes are cheaper than the normal traditional block/brick house which is one of the pros of shipping container homes.

As reiterated earlier, a lot of people are building their dream homes out of shipping containers for reasons different from each other. While some decide to use shipping container home to build their dream house because of how cheap it is than the traditional block homes we all know, other build shipping container homes because of how long container home lasts.

One of the amazing things about using shipping containers as homes is that they can be customized the way you like. You may wonder if there is any barrier, trust me, there is no barrier.

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Container Home With Rooftop Deck

View in gallery

Most often than not shipping container homes are tiny. They have limited floor plans and theyre optimized to include as many useful features in as little space as possible. Quite rarely however is the space on top of the container used for something.

View in gallery

View in gallery

This house designed by studio CargoHomeis quite special in that sense. Its quite spacious for a container home, being made from three repurposed modules. It also has a rooftop deck which creates a really cool outdoor area without extending the floor plan. This is called the Helm and is actually the largest of the units offered by this company and theres several smaller ones to choose from as well.

  • Price: available upon request

Tiny Home Container House

Containers of Hope by Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture is a house that was built for a couple living in Costa Rica. They wanted something affordable to be able to enjoy nature of the locale.

The result is a $40,000 home with a roof made of scrap metal resulted from making the windows and a modern interior design that can compete with any regular home.

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Shipping Container Homes You Can Buy Right Now

Price: $40,000-$100,000Backcountry ContainersBackcountry Containers.Price: $19,000-$134,000CargotectureCargotecture.Show MoreShow LessPrice: $40,000-$90,000Custom Container LivingPrice: VariesIQ Container HomesPrice: VariesHonomoboHonomobo.Show MoreShow LessPrice: $55,000-$150,000Rhino CubedPrice: $55,000-$170,000Kubed LivingKubed Living.Price: $38,000-$70,000Alternative Living SpacesPrice: $65,000-$195, MoreShow Less

This post originally appeared on The Wayward Home.

Shipping container homes are an affordable and eco-friendly way to start living the tiny life. Shipping containers are rugged and durable, built to withstand 100+mile per hour winds, huge waves and long journeys on cargo ships. These hardy boxes are stackable, easy to transport and readily available.

There are millions of shipping containers all over the world, but only a small number of them are in service. That means you can get a used shipping container for a good price. Often, you can search for used shipping containers in your area, and then get one delivered to your property.

If you want to live in a container home, you can either build one yourself or buy one from a company. Move-in ready container homes usually range in price from $30,000-$200,000.

Shipping container homes have exploded in popularity over the past few years. You’ll often see them as cabins, hunting shacks, tiny homes, pool houses or accessory dwelling units.

The Pros of Container Homes

Beautiful Custom Modular Homes In Michigan

‘Container house’ assembled in one day in Ferndale

Flexible design is a hallmark of modular construction. We can build homes in almost any style to meet your needs. Whether it is a log home in Au Train on the Upper Peninsula, a fishing lodge on Lake Superior, a coastal home on Lake Huron, or a more traditional home anywhere in between, we can build it using modular construction. We can provide modular homes with any number of exterior finishes and we can create amazing homes with large, open floor plans, vaulted ceiling, high end kitchens and tile bathrooms. We build beautiful custom homes.

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Taynr Shipping Container Homes

Starting at $55,000

TAYNR specializes in fabricating new structures out of recycled shipping containers, with the option of building container homes on wheels for easier portability. Their unique container projects look modern, interesting, and beautifully designed.

According to TAYNRs website, their mission is to provide a solution that replaces traditional construction with methods centered around sustainability and affordability. Thats pretty much why most of us are drawn to container homes, right?

TAYNR 1 bed/1bath home

According to their 2018 price list, a 160 square foot studio container from TAYNR is priced at $55k. For $80k you get double the size in a 1 bed/1 bath model. Prices continue up as size goes up, with their highest model priced at $165k. At that price, you get 960 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.


Multiple Story Shipping Container Home

This incredible house in Brisbane found on Inhabitat was designed by Todd Miller of ZieglerBuild. Made out of 31 stacked shipping containers the house is partially clad with wood and looks like a luxurious modern residence.

The impression of luxury is strengthened with a saltwater pool, wooden floors and incredible art featured on the walls in some rooms. Modern shipping container homes cannot get more luxurious than this.

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Do You Need A Permit For Shipping Container House

View in gallery

While shipping container homes are attractive and may complement the surrounding landscape in some areas, certain regions will not allow them.

Prior to beginning work on the shipping container, a permission should be secured. Thus, before the shipping container is erected or placed on the land, approval from the necessary authorities should be sought and granted.

In this situation, the proper authority may be the neighborhood homeowners organization, the local municipal government or from city council. Even in remote locations where a permit is not always required, it may not hurt to inquire prior to embarking on a project of this nature.

If the local authorities allow it, you may place a shipping container on your land. Where you are unsure of the applicable regulations, conduct research and communicate with authorized officials to educate yourself on the possibilities of placing these containers on your land.

Shipping containers offer a unique and adaptable method of constructing ones dream home. They give a private, warm environment for one. However, there are rules that govern this type of conduct.

Local and state legislation, as well as guidelines established by the Homeowners Association, must be considered.

The Weekend House 2+ By Jure Kotnik Arhitekt

Container Homes in Michigan (Unique Shipping Container ...

This rather quirky looking shipping container home, known as the Weekend House 2+, was built by Jure Kotnik Arhitekt. As its name suggests, the Weekend House 2+ is made of shipping containers stacked vertically in a perpendicular manner.

While the paint scheme may not be to everyones liking, it was never meant to impress others. Rather, we believe that shipping container homes are a great way to express your individuality and this is exactly what it does.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, then we suggest you follow the link mentioned below the illustration.

via Jure Kotnik

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We Help Your Dream Come True

You get to decide exactly what you want. And we make it happen using innovative design and solid construction. Does this sound familiar?

  • You want a home that is set up EXACTLY the way you want it without the costs of traditional construction.
  • You want your aging parents close to you. But your house is not quite big enough.
  • You want a place to hunt, fish and enjoy the outside that you can actually afford.
  • You are working at home forperhaps forever. You want to replace your dining room table with a dedicated workspace.
  • You are ready to launch your dream of an investment property well-located that people will pay to visit.

Our modular container homes turn your needs into reality. No matter what your why is, we can get it done, affordably, just the way you want.

Tiny Home A Complete Package For $35000

The name does not do justice to everything that this container offers. Before moving on with all the equipment it has, lets talk about construction as such. The unit made by New Generation Builders is 45 feet long by 8 feet wide and 2.9 feet high. In its construction, we get a Cyprus wood tongue and groove ceiling .

Externally it has a storage area and grill area attached directly to the container . The electrical system is controlled by a 100-amp switch panel and has a set of ducts for a mini-split air conditioner.

As for the sets, we are facing one of the most complete shipping container homes for sale in the group, since it comes with granite tables and chairs fridge, cooker and sink in stainless steel a bathroom with a glass bulkhead and even a room already equipped with a 42 television and sound system.

However, not everything can be perfect, and that is that for this price there is a condition, and that is that the shipment is made free of charge whenever it is within a 100-mile radius of Tampa, FL. Shipping is not included for other states, which will incur an extra cost.

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