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Coolest Houses In The World For Sale

Converted Bunker Home In Mill Hill London

15 Largest Mansions Updated 2020

The site of a disused nuclear bunker from the 1950s, built to protect politicians from the threat of nuclear war, was transformed into this luxury modern-living apartment. Its wide window allows for gorgeous panoramic views of neighbouring towns and the thick concrete walls provide protection from the elements.

via Architects Journal

Villa Leopolda French Riviera

Worth: $506 million.

This 27 storey high residence Villa Lepolda is believed Europes most expensive home. This luxurious house take its name from King Leopold, who built it back in 1902 for his mistress Blanche Zélia Joséphine Delacroix. It is a 80,000 square feet estate that is situated on the French Riveria is divided on two guest houses on the 20 acres ground. The best part about this villa that it has a private beach front and it is the best beach front in the southern part of France. It consists of 14 bathrooms and 11 bedrooms and huge gardens and much more.

Secluded Spanish Villa In Los Angeles

40,000 sq ft

A cool $75 million doesnt just get you a 40,000-square-foot mansion with 8 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, a recording studio, outdoor movie screen, a wine cellar and tasting room. It gets you an unthinkable amount of privacy thanks to some very specific features: An underground auto gallery, an indoor saltwater lap pool, an indoor basketball court that doubles as a grand ballroom, your own full service salon complete with a wellness center and a movie theater complete with a candy wall. Though you could very well never leave the house thanks to these features, youre not far from civilization. The Los Angeles estate is close to the Hotel Bel-Air, and is in close proximity to Brentwood, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

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H2omes In Preferably Somewhere With Clean Water

Now, Im not entirely sure if these insane homes are the best ideas but the concept seems cool. H2omes are looking to build luxurious neighbourhoods submerged underwater at surface level. Priced at £10 million, they give you the option of choosing your sea bed location or have them choose a site for you. Although I studied and lived in Brighton for a bit, I dont think Id want to reside on its sea bed, observing the numerous discarded supermarket trolleys and crisps packets that ravage its murky, seafloor.

via US Substructures

Flintstone Cave House In Malibu California

20 Most Expensive Houses In The World

Dont be fooled by its very retro design, this house is most certainly not stuck in the past. The one-bedroom home comes with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, a large television area, a spacious kitchen and fully working WI-FI! I think its say to say that this house rocks, pun intended.

via Ghoofie

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Fairfield Pond New York Usa

Worth: $170 million.

The home of an American investor and businessman Ira Rennert, dubbed Fairfield. Rennert named his home after the adjoining body of water, Fairfield Pond. The house is situated in the Hamptons in the NY, Us and is spread on the 63 acres of land and it is largest residential house in the US. The house is famous for its separate bowling alley and a hot tub of worth $150,000.

The Mecum Auction Company

Founded in 1988, The Mecum Auction Company leads the market by the very fact that it deals in enormous volumes. With some 20,000-plus vehicles up for auction each year, the family-run operation has ranked first in the number of collector cars offered, the number of collector cars sold, the number of U.S. auction venues, and the total dollar volume of sales since 2011. But thats not all Mecum is also host to the worlds largest collector car auction, a sprawling 10-day 3,500-vehicle event held in Kissimmee, Florida. All that is to say Mecum deserves a feature for its scale, but the auction house also sees its fair share of gems.

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Beer Can House In Houston Texas

Are there more weird homes than normal homes in Texas? It certainly feels that way! In Houston, youll find this home decorated with 50,000 beer cans. Homeowner John Milkovisch has been inlaying the ring pull within marble, metal and concrete since 1968 to create this unique facade.

via Orange Show

Spitbank Fort In The Solent Near Portsmouth Harbour

10 Incredible Houses You Wonât Believe Exist

Built back in 1861 as a sea fort containing 12-inch breech-loading guns, Spitbank Fort was declared surplus by the Ministry of Defence in 1962 and sold privately. It has since been redeveloped into a modern luxury hotel, complete with 50 rooms, a restaurant, a dance hall and a rooftop jacuzzi.

via Amazing Venues

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Hobbit House In Pembrokeshire Wales

Back in 2003, Simon Dale undertook the mammoth task of building a low impact living house for him and his family. Influenced by the Lord of the Rings franchise, Dale went about building a cosy hobbit home after purchasing 7 acres of land and £3000 worth of materials. After 4 months of rigorous labour, the home was completed and it must be said, it is a sight to behold. Great work Simon!

via BeingSomewhere

Former Home Of Jacqueline Kennedy

Jackie Kennedys former house in Marthas Vineyard sits on a 340-acre, Cape Cod style estate and is rightly among the top 20 most expensive houses on our list.

The gorgeous, 6,456 square foot, cedar-shingled residence was constructed overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The floor plan is designed perfectly, so that all rooms , face the beach. The interiors and decor, curated by the Dean of the Yale School of Architecture, complete the uniqueness of the compound. The home also boasts a house pool, a tennis court, and even vegetable gardens.

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This Rooftop Dig In Brooklyn New York

It could be argued that in films there is almost a romanticised notion about living on the top floor of a building and having the roof to ponder and think about life. Well, why not go one step better and live up there permanently. These cool rooftop homes in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn offer breathtaking vistas of the NYC skyline.

via Guest of a Guest

The 10 Largest Homes Currently For Sale

Five of the best houses for sale south of the River

Small homes may continue to rise in popularity, but bigger will always be better for the most luxurious end of the real estate market. When your budget has no bounds, you can afford endless space for you, your family and your helicopter. Whether youve been dreaming of your own villa near Hollywood or a remote castle in upstate New York, these truly grand estates have earned their spot on the list of the ten biggest houses currently for sale in the United States.

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Seashell Home In Isla Mujeres Mexico

Image source

This visually iconic home can be found on the shore on a Mexican beach as though it has been washed up from the sea. This extravagant home comes complete with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a private pool. It is available to rent through Airbnb, with some previous guests warning prospective renters to get used to having cameras in their faces and directed at the stunning pad.

via Airbnb

Weirdest Homes From Around The World

The property market can be a very confusing, expensive and time-consuming game, with some people looking for alternative methods to living in traditional homes. Weve searched high and low to compile this list of the craziest, quirkiest and most unusual homes across the globe to see what lengths some people have gone to create their very own home sweet home. While you probably wont find any of these weird and wonderful homes on our website, you can definitely find a wide selection of more ordinary properties to rent on!

Depending on your needs, you can book your stay in these homes when travelling, or use these homes as inspirations for your own in the future. Building a home from scratch isnt a walk in the park but having an idea of how you want it to look like, and working with pros for your security needs such as Home Brands can make the task easier.

Listed below are some of the weirdest homes you can find from different parts of the globe:

Listed below are some of the weirdest homes you can find from different parts of the globe:

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Treehouse Home In Miami Florida

Lets face it. Hotels are totally overpriced and overrated. But with the introduction of brand new travel apps including Airbnb and CouchSurf, homeowners are letting others staying in their pads, however crazy the design might be. We can now be at one with nature and all for the reasonable cost of $61 a night. This sweet treehouse also comes complete with a King size bed and hot water too!

If you want to take your next trip up a notch, you should ditch the idea of staying in luxurious hotels. Instead, book your accommodation in this treehouse! Aside from saving money, staying in this home for days can become your ticket to connecting with nature, and finally get rid of stress.

Via Airbnb

Hearst Mansion San Simeon California Usa

Top 10 Cheapest Mansions That Anyone Could Afford!

Worth: $165 million.

This house that is impressive in all aspects located on the Central Coast of California, United States. It was constructed by the US Newspaper icon William Randolph. Leonard Ross who was a lawyer in 1976 then bought it. This house is spread on the 6 hectares of land in the Beverly Hills. This beautiful house has 29 bedrooms, and was used in the filming of the popular movie Godfather.

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Floating Home In Seattle Washington

How cool would it be to drive your boat home from work? This stunning but stable floating home in Seattle combines both nautical and modern luxury. It boasts 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a rooftop terrace, a boat lift and deed parking. We just hope the $3.5 million price tag doesnt give you that sinking feeling.

via Zillow

Owner: Carlos Helu Slim Net Worth: $73 Billion

The Mexican business magnate purchased the mansion for $44 million in 2010 but the rather frugal business magnate prefers to live in his modest house in Mexico. He recently put the house up for sale with a $88 million price tag on it, if that goes through, it will make it the most expensive townhouse ever sold in NYC. According to the listing, the house is an 8-story building with a French Renaissance interior. It features high ceilings, gold-leaf trimmed fixtures, and a sweeping staircase.

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Net Worth: $500 Million

When your dad is a billionaire and you are the heiress to his fortune, you can pretty much afford anything, including a home on the exclusive billionaire row street, where Dukes, Duchess, and ambassadors are your neighbors. Tamaras 57-room house contains a beauty salon, bowling alley, pool, car lift, dog spa, and a basement cinema.

Owner: Bill Ackman Net Worth: $26 Billion

French Inspired Australian Mansion in New South Wales

The hedge fund firm billionaire, CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management purchased a duplex penthouse in the One57 skyscraper for over $90 million. The apartment which spans across the 75th and 76th floors of the 90-story building boast 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a winter garden enclosed in a 51-foot wide glass. The billionaire, however, doesnt reside in the condo, according to Curbed, the billionaire said he purchased the condo for fun. The oligarch must have made the purchase as a strategy for business investment.

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Castle And Palace Destinations

Once the exclusive domain of royalty, the modernized château is on the market for the discerning property buyer with an eye for great and grand historic places. The castles of yore were the high technology of their era: Built on high ground with panoramic views commanding strategic real estateports, rivers, trade routestheir crenelated parapets, turrets, ramparts, and arrow-slit windows were designed to withstand prolonged sieges. Contrast that with the 21st-century castle, with its palatial reception rooms, lavish bedrooms, opulent bathrooms, perhaps a spiral staircase, a tower or dungeon converted into a luxury spa, formal gardens with specimen trees, a swimming pool and tennis court.

Owner: Mukesh Ambani Net Worth: $208 Billion

This 27-story, 56,000 ft skyscraper is actually a residential building, belonging to one of the richest men in the world, and richest man in India, Mukesh Ambani. This extraordinary structure was designed by Americans Lawrence Perkins and Phillip Will and constructed by Leighton holdings. Theres a lot to be said about this building but to satisfy curiosity Ill just go straight to its incredible features 9 elevators to move you through its floors, 3 helipads, 6 parking lots, with a total of 168 car capacity, pools, a well-cultivated balcony garden with its plants serving as energy-savers occupying 3 floors, a temple for family prayers, a health spa, snow room, ice cream room, a saloon, a 50-seater cinema, a ballroom, a gym, indoor and outdoor bar. The building is tended to by 600 staff with their own relaxation room. It is constructed to withstand an 8 Richter scale earthquake. This you would agree with me is a 21st-century wonder.

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Owner: Rinat Akhmetov Net Worth: $69 Billion

The One Hyde Park is considered to be the worlds most expensive apartment building, since its debut in 2011, the 86 residence capacity has sold up to $3.37 billion. Little wonder why its unfinished penthouse without the interior wall, bathrooms, or flooring costs a total of $221 million. The penthouse sizes up to 16,000 square feet. It has been speculated that bringing the penthouse to the desired finish will cost nothing less than $266 million. Exciting amenities in One Hyde park includes top security facilities like bulletproof glass doors and windows, standby, armed and professionally trained security guards, basement car park, exquisite spa, golf course, car cleaning services, pool, to mention but a few.

Value: $120 Million Owner: Unknown

15 Most Incredible And Expensive Private Houses of All Time

Previously the property of timber magnate, John Rudey, the waterfront mansion which has been in existence since the 1890s was sold in April 2014 at $120 million to an anonymous buyer. The 13,517 square foot mansion with two islands consists of 12 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a grass tennis court, a 75-foot pool, and a wood-paneled library.

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Stunning Estate Dominating Famous La Californie

Villa Alang Alang, approx. US$75,475,525

Situated in the heart of celebrities beloved sector La Californie, this estate benefits from an extraordinary location, providing breathtaking sea views from Cannes Bay to the reliefs of the Esterel Massif.

A prestigious property of over 1,600 sq.m, its majesty can only be compared to the Villa Leopolda in Villefranche-sur-Mer.

Outdoors, an ambiance of ultimate relaxation pervades there youll find an unequaled, disappearing-edge pool with an unusual and sophisticated tile pattern, and the most captivating view over Cannes that youll ever find. Furthermore, the property offers residents all possible luxury amenities: a SPA, a cinema, a wine cellar, and a cutting-edge fitness center.

Another Dome House In Melbourne Australia

Even though this home is last on our list, it is by no means the most normal home here. The design, by those ever-elusive geniuses at McBride Charles Ryan, was a project that shows the various stages of life from single living to a family to visiting families. The house incorporates all 3 by including suitable living arrangements for a large family with multiple single and double bedrooms. Included is a large kitchen area, dining room, a lounge and even an outdoor decking area.

via e-architect

If the homes listed above are not to your taste, why not check out The House Shops wide range of homes for sale and to rent. We have a huge selection of houses for sale for private sellers, High Street estate agents, online agents and some of the UKs largest and most well-known new homes builders.

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Largest Houses In The World

Today well be taking a look at 10 of the largest houses in the world, and learning what makes each one stand outaside from the impressive size, of course. While castles, palaces, and official residences certainly hold their own in terms of size, well be excluding them from this list and focusing strictly on houses.

This Shark Attack Home In Headington Oxford

Top 10 Most Extravagant Houses In The World

Deep in the wilderness of this quiet, secluded Oxford village, you will find a home with bite. BBC radio DJ Bill Heine employed an artist to install a life-sized Great White shark crashing into his roof with its head embedded in the property. Marred with various planning permission regulations in the past, the artwork has become a local landmark in the area.

via The Guardian

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How Do Real Estate Websites Get Data

Real estate websites populate their inventory of homes in a variety of ways. In some cases the input is manual. A realtor or property manager updates a homes profile or a seller uploads pictures. Other updates happen digitally through each companys proprietary algorithm. The algorithm collects information from city and town tax databases and regional multiple listing services, to name a few.

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