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Dome Homes For Sale In Florida

We Are Present In A Variety Of Venues Products And Domes In More Ways Than One:

Dome home was a millionaire’s dream. Now it’s Florida’s problem.

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Renovated Florida Dome Home Is For Sale

Its all 1960s futurism at this postmodern concrete dome house and studio in Florida, which appear like two giant igloos.

New York interior designer and owner Frazier Ferrara has renovated the St Petersburg property, which was built in 1982 to emulate a midcentury style. He has added punchy bright tones and clean lines to its open-plan spaces, wavy interior walls and grand ceilings.

The three-bedroom Florida property is asking for $899,000 via Engel & Völkers. It is located in the Broadwater neighbourhood, where it was originally a model home for an abandoned housing development. In 2019, it scooped a Mid Century Modern Preservation award for Ferraras renovation.

In the homes main cavernous living space are three fully glazed geometric openings and a wooden staircase swirling up, treehouse-like, to a lofted main bedroom. Tropical hues and atomic era-style furnishings are sprinkled throughout the Pinellas County house and its studio, which sit within a bamboo garden.

Upgraded Intergalactic Dome Features Everyone Is Raving About

Improved Weatherstrips Between Panels & Adjustable Foundation Bolts

Because our Original Mars Dome House didn’t have water issues many of you may be wondering why we improved something that didn’t need to be fixed…

Simply put? We improved it because if we are truly dedicated to selling the best items possible we should be looking to improve all of our products constantly!

Take a look at the new weatherstrips, bolts and bolt covers to create a seamless lock for extra strength throughout the frame!

From there we also looked to improve the foundation of our dome houses so we created a slightly wider lip on our new models.

With this wider lip it allowed us to use adjustable bolts that work on either a deck and actual concrete if you know you will not be breaking this dome house down again.

Giving our customers another option to secure their Intergalactic Dome House to was a simple, yet rewarding upgrade we are pleased to offer.

Give Us a Call to Place Your Order on the 20ft Upgraded Intergalactic Dome Home w/ 50+yr Lifespan!

* 833-207-0456

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Dome Homes For Buyers In Search Of Something Different

For shoppers in search of a well-rounded approach to home buying, we heartily suggest a deeper dive into dome homes.

These residences may not be everyones ball of wax, but they are a welcome alternative to the boxy tract homes so common throughout the country. And in our survey of domes currently available for purchase, weve come to the realization that no dome is alike another.

In other words, each of the eight homes below comes with its own set of quirks and customizations. The shape may be similar, but buyers can choose whatever suits their needs.

With that in mind, here are eight delightful domes looking for a new owner to appreciate their charms

Dome Homes For Sale : If You Can Dream It We Can Build It

China Dia (4~30m) Small Prefab Geodesic Dome Homes for Sale Florida and ...

At Domespaces, we believe in creating a new future by designing affordable Dome homes For Sale and solutions that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and create customized designs based on those requirements. With over 30 years of experience as an architect specializing in green architecture & design for sustainable development projects worldwide, Domespaces has been at the forefront of providing innovative & affordable solutions for over 25 years now! You will find our unique and sustainable creations by visiting .

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Throwback: Our Monolithic Dome Home On A Hill

While writing about preparing for real-world emergencies, I realized there is virtually nothing about our home, Arcadia, on this website. We built the home six years ago and posted several great stories on with pictures of its design, construction, and completion. Its time to migrate and update the articles.

The History Of Cape Romano

Bob Lee, a now-deceased retired oil producer, spent much of the years 1978 and 1979 surveying and purchasing land on Cape Romano in hopes of constructing a vacation home.He eventually purchased four adjacent plots of land for his project.

In 1980, Lee began constructing the home, which was a white-painted concrete structure. He purchased a barge to transport supplies for the building. The house consisted of six stout, interconnected dome structures, which made up the rooms of the house, and some of which had two levels. It was 2,400 square feet and featured three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

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Residential Plan And Design

Want to read the suggestions and ideas of architects and designers who have successfully planned many Monolithic Dome homes? Want to see their designs? Or, are you more interested in what engineers have to say about Monolithic Dome homes? Do you have questions about the heating or air conditioning of a Monolithic Dome home? If youre concerned about anything related to the planning and design of a Monolithic Dome home, you will probably find the answer you need in this section. Besides articles by experts and Monolithic Dome owners and/or administrators, it contains tools, such as Googles SketchUp, for planning a dome, floor plans and photographs. And new information is frequently added.

Dome Of A Home For Sale

Inside a Hurricane proof home! Monolithic Dome Home | Pensacola Beach Iconic FORTRESS house Fl

Stewart UlrichPublishedNews

A recognizable Monolithic Dome home on the sunny shores of Floridas Gulf Coast is currently for sale.

When you say Dome of a Home, people in the Pensacola, Florida area know exactly which house you are referring to. It has been described as the perfect vacation or rental home, due to its proximity to the beach.

This home has several attractive amenities that make it a great beach home. The total floor space is 3,202 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It features an above-ground pool with a surrounding patio, complete with a changing room and poolside refreshment station. There are three fireplaces and the home is offered fully furnished. Several decks offer beautiful views of the nearby beach.

Monolithic Domes are known for their storm resistance, and this home is proof of this quality. With some exterior repairs needed, the home survived a force 4 hurricane. This garnered a lot of media attention and the home has been featured on the Travel Channel, The Weather Channel, HGTV, and more. For more information about how the home was built and its experiences with hurricanes, read this article.

The home was built in 2003 and was designed by architect Jonathan Zimmerman, who designed several dome homes.

The property is listed with Joe Billingsly and Kathryn Billingsly Ray at Paradise Coastal Realty. To contact the realtors, visit the website listing.

Home details

  • Address: 1005 Ariola Drive, Pensacola Beach, FL
  • Listing price: $999,000

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Dome Homes For Sale With 50+ Year Lifespans

Here at Off Grid Dwellings we are pleased to offer two incredible dome home options that can be used in multiple ways.

Consumers have been increasingly intrigued and expressing interest in Dome Home. We have seen customers use them as mountain retreats, AirBnb Rentals and even connecting multiple dome homes together to create a unique single family dwelling!

Beyond the general consumer these Dome homes have also been used by the UN, the Red Cross and other organizations around the world to provide shelter and comfort to those affected by natural disasters.

Dome Homes are very safe & extremely durable to the outside elements.

Learn To Build A Dome At The Fall 2022 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop

Have you ever wanted to build a Monolithic Dome? To get your hands dirty applying foam, hanging steel, and spraying shotcrete? Want to learn from dome builders with decades of experience? Nows your chance. Come to the Fall 2022 Monolithic Dome Builders Workshop this September and build a genuine Monolithic Dome.

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Blue Dome Miami Fl Real Estate & Homes For Sale

There are 9849 active homes for sale in Blue Dome, Miami, FL. Some of the hottest neighborhoods near Blue Dome, Miami, FL are Edgewater, Model City, Central North Miami, Wynwood, Allapattah. You may also be interested in single family homes and condo/townhomes for sale in popular zip codes like 33138, 33238, or three bedroom homes for sale in neighboring cities, such as Miami, Miami Beach, North Miami, Miami Shores, North Bay Village.

Theres No Place Like Dome: 7 Geodesic Homes

The " Universal Dome"

Quirky and unusual, any home with a geodesic dome is certain to inspire curiosity. But they arent just local landmarks. Geodesic domes are both energy-efficient and resistant to natural disasters. Filled with light and character, theyre beautiful too.

Want proof? Browse these seven homes across the U.S. But beware you might end up wanting a home sweet dome of your own.

1. $134,900 in Fort McCoy, FL

Situated on 10 acres in central Florida, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom geodesic dome is a graceful, simple work of art. The homes red front door gives a brilliant pop of color.

When your friends are boarding up their homes for hurricane season, know that your dome was designed with the integrity to withstand the strongest storm. Skip the storm prep and enjoy a cup of joe on the second-story balcony before you head down to take care of your chickens, goats, or horses in one of the propertys paddocks and coops.

2. $350,000 in Idaho Springs, CO

There is no better place for a home with earthy quirkiness than the Rocky Mountains. With wooden shingles, a spiral staircase, and two decks, this three-bedroom, one-bathroom dome blends right into the Colorado countryside.

3. $289,900 in North Myrtle Beach, SC

Built in 1992, this five-bedroom, three-bathroom home has blueprints that date back to the 1988 Worlds Fair, when engineers worked to design the most aerodynamic and energy-efficient home for the area.

4. $1,350,000 in Ojai, CA

5. $545,000 in Randolph, NJ

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Ft Upgraded Intergalactic Dome House Kit With Lifespan Of 50+ Years

If other companies had the #1 selling dome house on the market they most likely would get content… Not us!

This upgraded dome house is better in EVERY SINGLE WAY imaginable compared to original design. Check out some of the features below:

  • Only 9 pieces to install
  • Installs in 3 hours or less
  • 12ft in height at the center of the dome
  • 2.5″ thick wall with built in insulation
  • Tubes pre-installed into the walls to run electrical through them easier
  • 3 new window options to choose from
  • Can withstand winds up to 90MPH
  • Can withstand earthquakes up to Richter Scale 9
  • Weatherstrips added into dome pieces for extra layer of water protection
  • Bolts directly into wood or concrete
  • Can connect multiple domes with prebuilt “tunnels”
  • Chose any color or design you want for outer shell!

As you can see our Intergalactic Dome House is the most advanced, durable and easy to transport dome house on the market today.

Priced at just over $24,000 our Intergalactic Dome Home can create the perfect mountain retreat, man cave setup or actual living space for a fraction of the cost compared to other housing options.

**A popular option amongst our customers is purchasing multiple domes and connecting them to a central dome.

**Think of the “web thinking maps” you used to create as a child in school with the central dome being the main living area and the other connected domes being bedrooms, bathroom / laundry room combinations, etc…

Domespaces Does Not Only Promise But We Also Build As Well Our Family Loves Being Part Of Your Dreams And Fulfilling Them

We help people with dome houses, binishell dome homes for sale made from inflatable concrete, earthbag dome homes, sustainable dome homes, energy efficient dome homes, pacific dome homes, or

  • products for camping. They like what we help them do. We build things to help people enjoy their vacations or outdoors.
  • We want to build your dream house with domes, we love helping you live your dream.
  • We build all kinds of domes in different places like monolithic dome homes in Australia, geodesic dome homes in Canada, dome homes in Georgia, dome homes in japan, dome homes in Oklahoma, and the place you wish. We want to help people live better.
  • Its fun to have a dome room. People love having dome rooms. We build such rooms for people who have dome dreams.
  • We make the kinds of dome houses you see in the movies. Its harder than you might think to make one of those. Were trying to help people have homes they like, by selling them our special kinds of dome houses.

Specialties: Design and build domes, treehouses, yurts, geometric homes, alternative housing, living rooms, and outdoor activities. Domespaces is your answer to a unique outdoor bedroom, bathroom, or office space. We build rooms and domes for you in the natural environment that you feel comfortable in, which you can find by visiting

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Dome Homes For Sale: Inspiration Comes From All Over The World

From the 1st century of Roman architecture up to the 21st century of modern technology and design. The beauty of dome homes has been proven throughout time by many civilizations that have embraced this as their way to build their homes for thousands of years. Domes have proven themselves time after time thru natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes when other homes were destroyed around them but the domes like underground dome homes, concrete dome homes, steel dome homes, cement dome homes, etc, stood strong and safe for their occupants inside with no damage at all!

Our goal is:

  • We build all our Dome Home for sale with a strong, yet lightweight frame, with insulated panels to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • The panels are made from polystyrene and can be made fire-resistant, water-resistant, or even waterproof if you choose to have a swimming pool inside your dome homes.
  • With our unique engineering and design styles, we can create any style of dome you want. Any size dome house you want, any shape you want, you can explore more at
  • Our domes are built very strong to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, snow loads, ice, and extreme temperatures all year around.
  • We use only top-quality materials that will last for generations to come.

Are Geodesic Dome Homes Energy Efficient

15 Eco Efficient Dome Homes | Eco Luxury Dome Homes

Because air and energy can freely circulate within a domes spherical shape, it is one of the most efficient interior environments for human dwellings. This allows natural heating and cooling. Geodesic shelters are used in all climates and temperatures around the globe. They have proven to be one of the most effective shelters for humans.

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We Know Domes Hire Monolithic Today

Being the coinventor of the dome and the founder of the Monolithic Dome Institute has given David B. South the opportunity to not only fine tune the building process, but to create a company whose main mission is to make available Monolithic Dome technology to all the world. It is the hope of Monolithic to educate the public about Monolithic Domes and to provide professional services to its customers by creating a successful partnership with them through all phases of their dome design, planning and construction.

Why Is A Geodesic Dome So Strong

The AIA describes the geodesic dome as the strongest, most lightest, and most efficient way to enclose space known to man. Geodesic Domes consist of interconnected triangles that provide them with unmatched strength.

Buckminster Fuller was able to demonstrate the differences in strength between a rectangular and triangle by applying pressure on both structures. The triangle was twice as strong and held its shape while the rectangle fell apart.

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Cape Romano Dome House

The Cape Romano Dome House is an abandoned house consisting of six dome-shaped modules on stilts, located approximately 300 feet offshore from Cape Romano Island , south of , in the Ten Thousand Islands of Collier County, Florida. Cape Romano Dome house was built in 1982 by a retired independent oil producer Bob Lee. He sold the house in 1992. He financed the sale and got the house back and then sold it again.

Bob Lee owned multiple lots on Cape Romano. The dome home was built using the sand on the island to make the concrete. The house was completely self sustaining and had all the amenities of a luxury home. Solar panels provided the power for a modern kitchen, satellite television and a large hottub on the deck. The home could only be accessed by boat. There was a dock in the inlet on the back side of the island. Originally it was quite a walk from the house to the gulf. Time and nature have turned the house into a home for sea creatures and a perch for sea gulls and pelicans.

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