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Earth Sheltered Homes For Sale In Tennessee

Earth Sheltered Home For Sale In Kentucky

4.9 Earth Sheltered Home Electrical

Earth Sheltered Home for sale in a country setting and location. Perfect Sustainable Farm, Prepper retreat, Bug out farm or Artist retreat. Wet weather stream hear it babbling from the porch!

The earth sheltered house uses the ground as insulating blanket which effectively protects it from temperature extremes, wind, rain and extreme weather events.

An earth sheltered home is energy-efficient, quiet, freeze-proof and low maintenance. Aesthetically an earth sheltered home blends in with the natural environment.

And you save money on your heating bills. Heat with wood . Perfect Prepper property at the end of a long country lane.

10 acres, 1590+ sf home 3br 2 baths – for in the 120s? That puts the payment UNDER 600/mo to buy it! That is with a new loan this is not a land contract deal. If your credit is decent, we can get you a new mortgage 30 year fixed term! Or pay cash and use it as an occasional use home.

Like 20 minutes to Lake Cumberland! 64,000 acre fishing and boating lake 20 minutes away!

Have a great evening and thanks for passing this along to friends and family!

Our Experience In An Earth

Eighteen years ago, we moved into an earth-sheltered dome home built into a hillside. We were so excited! It was really lovely inside, and surprisingly, well-illuminated with natural light. Our house has approximately 2,500 square feet, including three bedrooms, two baths, and an oversized garage. The rooms are large and spacious, with 14-foot domed ceilings.

The domes and floor of our underground house are built from poured concrete reinforced with rebar. Out front, an atrium can be accessed by a staircase that is just the width of the driveway from the street. Large windows on the east side of bedrooms front the atrium and let in more daylight than a typical traditional home built during that time period. The garage is on the opposite side of the atrium.

Out back is a 14 X 14 greenhouse and decks on three levels with a south view of the Arkansas River and a line-of-sight view of the Arkansas State Capitol on the hill across the river. The large south-facing windows and patio doors of the great room lead out to the greenhouse and two of the decks. A half-domed third bedroom has a window wall that shares the same views. The third deck can be accessed from the rooftop and was built on top of the greenhouse.

We were in Hog Heavenliterally. After all, this is the Razorbacks home state.

Our beautiful view

Our Homesview Our Luxury House Plans

Our open floor plans provide generous bonus rooms and lofts, spacious kitchens integrated into family living spaces, formal living rooms, and formal dining rooms. With sophisticated interior detailing and appointments such as generous natural lighting from thoughtfully placed windows, our Luxury Homes in Nashville invite families and guests alike to come in and stay awhile. Luxurious master suites with spa-style amenities and abundant closet space offer a place for our homebuyers to unwind, while the easy to maintain, predominantly brick exteriors give them extra time to relax.

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This Truly Unique Bermed Home Was A Dream Project For Its Fun

They had a vision of an innovative and energy-efficient home where they could entertain friends and family one of those really special places where people just wanted to gather and visit.

In 1983 they set out to find a large lot with a south-facing slope , deciduous trees, absence of rock, and of course, a nice view. They finally settled on the perfect spot spanning three lots at the end of a private cul-de-sac in Wellington Green. They hired Simmons & Son out of High Ridge, Missouri, a builder that specialized in passive solar homes, and in 1984 their dream started becoming a reality.

After months of designing and engineering, they finally dug into the slope and poured 43 truckloads of concrete and tons of rebar to create the base of a structure, that upon completion, would be virtually fire, earthquake, and tornado-proof.

They sprayed the outside with a waterproof insulation so that once the temperature of the concrete reaches around 70 degrees the internal temperature fluctuates very little, regardless of the outside temperature. In 1985 local craftsmen completed the interior.

An Economical Underground Earth Sheltered Home

Earth Sheltered Homes by Underground Home builder, Davis ...
By Melvin Woods

Earl and Freida Woods constructed an economical underground earth sheltered home that uses solar energy and cost only $10,000.

Earl and Freida Woods believe that earth-sheltered living can be just as economical as it is comfortable . . . and the simple house theyve built in the mountains of eastern Tennessee is a case in point. Early in 1977, the pairassisted by Freidas brother, whos in the construction businessbroke ground and began to move tons of dirt to make room for their earth-sheltered dwelling.

The structures walls consist of eight-inch cement blocks which were treated inside and out with Surewall surface-bonding compound. Steel I-beams support the overhead, which consists of approximately five inches of concrete.

Only pressure-treated lumber was used in the frame of the building, and a handsome cedar-shingle roof shades the front entrance and patio. The insulating fill dirt on top of the house ranges in depth from about 2-1/2 feet near the front to a 10-foot layer at the rear. Since it faces south-southeast, the Woods earth shelter has an ideal exposure for collecting solar light and warmth .

With a final construction bill of around $10,000, this do-it-yourself economical underground earth sheltered home dwelling provesonce againthat earth-sheltered living is a practical alternative. Earl and Frieda Woods are looking forward to a long, snug retirement in their handbuilt home.

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Limited Access For Repairs

The ductwork is made from ordinary materials that dont hold up underground. The duct boots have rusted through and need replacing. We are not sure if we are even able to access the ductwork to attach the new boots. The plenum of galvanized steel rusted through after 12 years and collapsed into the hole, taking the central HVAC unit with it.

We replaced the plenum with one built with ¼ in. stainless steel. Since no sheet metal shop in the area would build a stainless steel plenum, we fashioned and built it ourselves. Then, we installed a larger central AC and blower, completely forgoing the central heating unit. Fortunately, my husbands repertoire of skills allowed him to handle the installation, so it cost us less than $2,000 total.

Back of house in autumn. The hill is too dangerously steep to landscape.

Tips For Overwintering Cacti

Trying to find the source of one leak

We probably have the only house in Arkansas with stalactites on the ceiling. Honestly. Red earth from the top of our house runs down the ceiling and living room wall. Ive joked about building a waterfall in the living room to divert the water.

Despite all repairs, the leaks continued to spread. While making the repairs, we discovered that the house had experienced leaks even before we bought it. The previous owner had jack-legged the repairs and smoothed them over just long enough to unload the house on naïve buyers like us.

We consulted an attorney, but he said the discovery came too late to hold the previous owner or the realtor, who lived next door and must have known about the leaks, responsible or charge them with fraud.

Would insurance fix it? Not with all the pre-existing problems that were hidden from us. The specifications for the house state that the skin is a tar modified polyurethane elastomer that is applied as a liquid and forms a bonded synthetic rubber membrane will permit the membrane to span ordinary shrinkage cracks up to 1/16 inch.

We found it to be as effective as the Bentonite clay. An ordinary house settles more than 1/16 inch in its lifetime, which renders a glorified tar roof basically useless. These same specifications come with a disclaimer at the end. In our case, it appears that the subcontractor would have been the one legally liable. Doesn’t give an owner much confidence, does it?

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Compare To Nearby Cities

  • Many homes get multiple offers, some with waived contingencies.
  • The average homes sell for about 2% above list price and go pending in around 21 days.
  • Hot homes can sell for about 7% above list price and go pending in around 5 days.
  • Many homes get multiple offers, some with waived contingencies.
  • The average homes sell for about 3% above list price and go pending in around 10 days.
  • Hot homes can sell for about 6% above list price and go pending in around 4 days.

Green Roof And Earth Sheltered Homes

Earth Sheltered home on 10 acres with Live water, Underground home

Formworks Building provides one-of-a-kind, sustainable, energy efficient and secure structures. We have become a standout leader in both residential and commercial earth-sheltered/green-roof structures. In 40+ years of business, our structures have been rigorously tested and analyzed by thousands of Formworks home owners, builders, structural engineers, testing organizations and consumer publications. Our long-standing success is based on our systems ability to evolve and adapt to meet current building standards as well as consumer demands.

Building for roughly the same dollar figure as that of a well-built custom conventional home, we have opened the market up for the average homeowner. Our structures meet all current building codes, are built with all Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac approved building materials and are reviewed and certified by a structural engineer.

Our patented building system is designed to be built by anyone, anywhere. There are no unique or specialized skills needed. Our system is designed so that any custom builder of your choice will be able to construct your Formworks structure.

Building Off The Grid, Underground Living

Available on DIY Network and the Discovery Channel.

The Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

Season 2: Episode 6 Eco-Friendly, Available to watch anytime on Netflix

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The Cats Really Enjoy Living Here

So did our dog, who sadly died at close to age 14. I think they actually relate to their ancestors who lived in caves and underground burrows. When they were young, they freely roamed the hillside, but after some coyotes invaded the area between our house and the river, all pets were confined to the house.

Earth Sheltered Home Construction:

They are all around us. Even though some of them are almost impossible to see, they still exist. Some of them are among the worlds most economical places to live. Even more were built with very little money funding the original build. What am I talking about? Give it your best shot.

Is it log home construction? Nope, though if those are completed correctly they are extremely energy efficient.

So, I must be talking about top of the line SIPS home or Timberframe construction, right? Wrong again.

In fact, unless you know of one, or have one, chances are you have never even seen one let alone spent any time in one.

Give up? Its an Earth Sheltered home. Even though these homes arent a part of most peoples everyday culture here in the US, around the globe these homes have always been in use. Actually, if it werent for their use, chances are none of us would be here today. So, how so you may be asking. Well somewhere down the genealogy of your family tree, you have a distant relative who relied on a cave for their very existence. Cave dwellers used the land to provide shelter, safety from the elements and from predators, and in some locations kept people from perishing due to harsh climates.

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Why We Don’t Like Our Underground House

Unfortunately, our enthusiasm didn’t last more than a couple of years. Our dream home was less than perfect and certainly didn’t live up to the hype from the advertising brochures.

Bear in mind that this house is in the price range of typical underground homes. It is not a staged million-dollar display home that you might see in many brochures and websites. Our underground house cost close to $150,000 to build and finish back in 1986, which is above the median price of a conventional home in our state in the 1980s.

This is our true story. I don’t want to imply that all underground houses are like ours. I truly hope that they are not. Did we get a lemon? If so, we have not been able to make lemonade.

People Invade Our Privacy

Athens, Tennessee 37303 Listing #19517  Green Homes For Sale

This came as a surprise. Some people treat our home like a public park. The same people who would never invade your front yard or sit on your front porch without an invitation take for granted that there is no visible property above ground! Nervy neighbors use our roof as a putting greenor a sand trap. We have a gallon bucket of golf balls theyve lostretrieved mostly from the woods below the house.

Snowy scene from our third deck

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Farm For Sale In Tennessee With House Cabin Shops Creek

Country home for sale in Tennessee.

Located in Iron City Tennessee. This 4-bedroom 2-bath exquisite Earth sheltered home is sitting on approx 32 acres. The country home for sale overlooks the countryside valley with a creek running through the front yard. There is approximately 3,200 square feet under roof. This home has boundless vaulted whitewashed pine ceilings. This gives the house an open feel throughout. Pine and oak wood flooring throughout the living room, 2 bedrooms, mudroom, pantry hall, office, and dining room. Tile flooring throughout the kitchen, sunroom, bathrooms, and laundry room. The living area has a wood burning furnace and custom bookcases. The eat in country kitchen has a great feel to it. It is simple yet elegant. Concrete kitchen counter tops and oak cabinets. The great office space overlooks the pastureland where whitetail deer and turkey are often seen. This home has great entertaining areas, such as the covered front porch and patios areas.

Land for sale in Tennessee Wayne County Tennessee

The exterior features of this home are as perfect as the interior. Sitting on a total of approx 32 acres. The private setting is what everyone is looking for these days. 65% timber land 35% pastureland. The yard has 5 blueberry bushes, walnut trees, kitchen garden, flower bed, and a rose bush. A babbling stream comes through the front yard with a 14-foot gazebo overlooking.


Introducing Tohotel Boho Essence Collection

Our new generation of Eco-Hotels solutions, Blends sustainability and Advanced technology into High-Quality design, Fast building units with a major Wow factor that empower anybody to start or expand a Rental Property in just a few weeks.

The technology allows the creation of aesthetically beautiful structures that blend with nature and provide a light and tranquil environment for the discerning traveler, with high vaulted ceilings, clean lines and an abundance of natural light that reflects off the smooth curved interior surfaces. The exteriors are lush and vibrant living landscapes that blend in perfectly with the natural environment.

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Nashville Homes For Sale

Nashville home for sale:

This well appointed, cul-de-sac home is fabulously located just minutes to Belmont, 12S, Hillsboro Village, Green Hills + Downtown. Spacious living areas w hardwoods and deep crown molding. Living room fts beautiful built-ins + a focal fireplace. Kitchen has granite countertops. Handsome office on main level. Oversized primary suite w fireplace + 2 walk-ins. Attached 2 car garage w extra unfinished space to make your own. Screened-in porch + small fenced area.

Nashville home for sale:

Completely updated 3 Bedroom 2 Bath with hardwoods, carpet and a covered two vehicle carport. This home is perfect for entertaining including a backyard patio, outdoor grill and pool. Located in a nice neighborhood great for families. Great location – 1 minute from I-24 freeway, 4.5 miles from BNA, 7 min from the zoo, 10 min from Opryland. Many upgrades including new appliances, new roof with lifetime guarantee, new cabinets, new windows and new quartz countertops. Includes shed with power.

Nashville home for sale:

Nashville home for sale:

Great 2 bedroom, 2 bath home tucked in the back of the neighborhood. The home has the original gorgeous hardwoods. The living room and kitchen are great for family time. One car garage. Short walk to Shelby Bottoms. No HOA!

Nashville home for sale:

Nashville home for sale:

Things We Loved About Our Underground House

The Underground House ~ 202 Runnymeade walking tour

I dont want people to get the impression that this article is only a rant. I do dearly love living underground. I’m just trying to warn people of the problems that the advertisers dont want you to know so they wont get unrealistic expectations the way we did.

We enjoy so many things about living underground:

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Upon Entering The Front Door You Have An Immediate View Of The Heart Of The Home The Atrium Measuring 24 Long X 14 Wide X 25 High

The dining room, living room, den, and 2 bedrooms have direct access to the atrium through sliding glass doors which provides fabulous natural light to all rooms . The living room, dining room, and kitchen also have great light thanks to the large Pella casement windows and that south-facing solar gain. An additional bedroom and 2.5 baths complete this wondrous home.

Though the original homeowners used it as party central the home includes a 2-car garage, workshop, and fully glassed sun porch. The property features a great mix of wooded areas and green spaces, most especially the rooftop yard!

The listing agent has detailed specs, plans, and progress pictures throughout construction on this earth sheltered home. Call us today for your private guided tour of this before its time earth-friendly passive solar home!

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