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Fire Damaged Homes For Sale In Florida

How Can You Find Out What Your Home Fire Insurance Covers

Fire-damaged home listed for sale without homeowner’s consent

Speak with your insurance agent immediately to find out exactly what is covered by your policy, and what steps you can take to start repairs. Ask your agent if your policy includes additional living expenses, such as hotel stays and meals, and if there are any spending limitations. This is crucial to know when selecting and scheduling repairs with a professional, as youll need to make sure that the project can be completed before any away-from-home expenses would exceed your insurance policys limit.

What Florida Law Requires Regarding Disclosures

Florida case law provides that, with some exceptions, a home seller must disclose any facts or conditions about the property that have a substantial impact on its value or desirability and that others cannot easily see for themselves. This originally came from the court case of Johnson v. Davis, 480 So.2d 625 .

In addition, Florida statutes set out some specific requirements, which include that sellers disclose:

  • the dangers associated with radon gas, which occurs naturally and is often found in buildings in Florida )

  • if selling a coastal property, the potential for erosion, and that the property might be subject to regulations regarding construction, rigid coastal protection structures, beach nourishment, and the protection of marine turtles %20The%20Legislature%20finds%20that,line%20as%20defined%20in%20s.” rel=”nofollow”> Florida Statutes §161.57)

  • if the property is in a community governed by a condo or homeowner’s association, information about the mandatory membership, the requirement to pay monthly or quarterly fees as well as assessments, and what documents contain more details about the association and its rules and there’s a similar statute specifically for condominiums , and

  • a property tax summary containing statutory language essentially stating that a buyer cannot assume that the amount of property taxes currently paid by the seller will remain the same after the sale, and that making improvements could trigger a reassessment .

Why Should I Sell A Fire Damaged House

Fire damage restoration and repairing fire damage in a property is usually is a lot more involved than you can imagine. A severely damaged property is not only not livable but very very few people on the market will want it and traditional lenders will not fund it. Over time letting your fire-damaged property sit there because you don’t know what you want to do with it will ultimately cost you due to the further damage that can occur. This will only make it harder when selling a fire-damaged property because its price will be lower. If youhad no insuranceyou probably don’t have the means to repair it.

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How Do You Sell Fire Damaged Property As Is

You could sell your fire damaged property to fast buying companies. These are people who buy properties that might not be in the best condition. They give you fast cash, take care of the paperwork as well. You may not be able to get good value but you wounds have to deal with restoring your property, showing your property to multiple buyers, or waiting for money. With fast buying companies you simply sell your property as is, take the money, hand over the rights and thats it. If you want to get fast money and not looking to restore your property, this is the best way possible.

Sell Fire Damaged House In Jacksonville Fl


We buy fire damaged houses fast in the Jacksonville, FL. We are reliable, trustworthy and one the biggest real estate agents that buy damaged, and fire-burnt destroyed property in all 50 states of the Jacksonville, FL. Call Sell Fire Damaged House now for selling your burnt property.

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Does Fire Damage Make My House Impossible To Sell

No matter how extensive the damage is, you can still sell a home with fire damage. However, if you wish to do so without investing in repairs, you might need to accept lower sale prices. For competitive offers on your house, contact SELL MY HOUSE 7 today!

Selling a house with fire damage is not an easy task. You will need to have the home inspected by a licensed professional, and then you may be able to take out insurance on the property before listing it for sale.

It’s also essential that you are upfront with potential buyers about what happened in your home so they know what they’re getting into before making any purchase decisions.

If you want to help sell your fire-damaged property or other questions we can answer, please let us know!

Disclose The Fire Damage To Potential Buyers

When selling a fire-damaged home, you must disclose the damage to potential buyers. This is important because it will allow buyers to make an informed decision about whether or not they want to purchase the property. Be sure to keep all the required paperwork, such as a fire report, before you begin showing your damaged home.

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Sell Fire Damaged House For Cash Quick

Sell Your House Fast, To A Legitimate House Buying Company You Can Count On.Free, Easy & No Pressure Process. Find OutHow We Buy Houses!

We buy houses even after a fire because we like taking on the challenge and making a win win for sellers looking to sell. We work with our partners nationwide and are experienced in dealing with the city if its already been condemned. Request a cash offer to have a chat with us today.

Selling Fire Damaged Houses In Florida

4 homes damaged, 1 person hospitalized in Pasco 3-alarm fire

When it comes to selling fire-damaged houses in Florida, theres a simple question that you need to ask yourself before you begin the process. How do I want to sell my house? Do I want to sell it on the housing market or do I want to sell it as-is?

When you sell a fire-damaged house on the open market, youre committing to selling a house to market buyers. Market buyers have certain expectations for the houses they buy. They are often looking for great deals, the latest features, and homes that are in the best condition possible. Youre also competing with all of the other houses for sale on your Florida block, so you have to be able to show why a family should want to make an offer on your house and not another one.

A market sale usually means that youre going to hire a real estate agent and its important to know that agents take a commission fee for their work. That commission comes off the final sale price of the house. So, lets say you sell your fire-damaged house for $200,000. Your real estate agent is going to take a commission fee that is usually in the five or six percent range. So thats $10,000 $12,000 off the top that youll be paying. That fee is then split between your agent and the buyers agent. Thats a lot of money to be paying, so be prepared to know that youll have to do that.

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How To Sell A Fire Damaged House In Tampa Fl

What is the extent of the damage? Its possible to restore the property if the repairs are minor and your insurance company can cover the costs. However, its often not the best option to repair the house yourself when the cost exceeds a few thousand dollars.

For a major remodel, you need building permits, licenses, contractors warranty, and insurance. Many times the result is not worth the effort. Significant repairs are listed in public records. Because of that record, even after making the repairs, its still challenging to sell a previously fire-damaged house. Prospective homeowners cannot purchase a fire-damaged property, and banks wont approve the mortgage.

Thanks for everything!

We just completed the sale of our aunts house in Sun City Center. She was not able to live in the house any longer and we are out of state, so cleaning it out, fixing it up and selling it was daunting to say the least. We are so glad we decided to use YouPayZero. From the very beginning the staff was professional, helpful, accommodating and responsive to our every question and concern. We are so glad we chose you to help us. Thanks for everything!

How To Sell My Fire Damaged House In Florida

House fires can start anywhere and endanger anyone.

Even a relatively small house fire can lead to expensive damage and loss of life. There are more than 350,000 home fires every year in America, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Those fires result in damages totaling $6-$8 billion. Some of the most common causes of fire-damaged property in Florida: candles, cooking, and faulty washing machines or dryers. Sometimes a fire-damaged home leads to owners wanting to sell. Other times, a fire damages a home that will go up for sale soon or is already on the market.

Either way, if youre thinking about how to sell my fire-damaged house in Florida, heres everything you need to know.

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How Hot Is The Real Estate Market This St Pete Listing Is On Fire

For less than $100,000, you can own this home in St. Petersburg.

Theres just one twist. The photo of the home in the real estate listing shows the house on fire. Yes, the house on the property was heavily damaged in a fire, the description says.

The city has ordered that the house be demolished.

But, the listing continues in capital letters, the lot is located in a very popular area.”

The real estate agent who put up the listing, Dylan Jaeck, was told that the fire occurred about nine months ago when the previous owners left to visit family. They then sold the property to the owner Jaeck is now representing.

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The houses address, 742 Southwest Blvd. N, is located between Fourth Street N and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street N and 54th Avenue N and 62nd Avenue N.

A lot of expensive home in this neighborhood, the listing continues, also in all capital letters. You cant find a better lot. Theres not too many lot available in this area.

The house is listed as a 1,280 square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bath home with a 6,037 square-foot lot. The original house was built in 1959, the listing indicates. The neighborhood is zoned largely for single family residences.

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Jaeck said he purposely used the photo of the house on fire in the listing.

Fire Burnt Houses For Sale In Florida

Baldwin Home Heavily Damaged

We sell fire damaged houses at a sale price. Our company buys houses from people selling their fire damaged houses for fast cash. We sell the same house at a sale price without restoration. With restoration the house will have more value. If you buy the fire damaged house you will save money by buying it at the sale price. We set the price so you will still have profit after complete restoration. Our property analysts do a thorough research into the property to determine the actual value of the damaged house. If you are looking for Fire Damaged Houses For Sale Near Me you have come to the right place. We sell completely and partially destroyed houses for sale. You will have to do needed restoration before you can live in it or resell it. For people looking for burned Houses For Sale, you can be assured you will get a fair price from us.

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Guidance On What Residential Real Estate Sellers Must Tell Prospective Home Buyers When Selling A House In Florida

Florida, like many other states, requires sellers of homes and residential properties to make certain disclosures to buyers about the property’s condition and history.

It’s based on the fact that sellers are in the best position to know all material facts relating to their properties, especially those that are not visible to the naked eye, and should disclose these to the buyer. Sellers who fail to do so face legal liability.

House Fires And Repair Costs

The repair cost for fire damage restoration varies from region to region. Though we know offhand there will be major repairs needed, there are some things like structural damage we don’t see. There is also smoke damage that needs to be addressed before the homes are deemed livable. The time investment to repair fire damage is not for everyone. Getting a cash offer is a viable solution to stack against the repair costs. Typically it cost us a minimum of $75,000 to rehab a house with fire damage. This is just the beginning, we usually factor in another 20% for surprises and need to bring the house back to code standards with the county. A fire-damaged house can be a nightmare for an inexperienced homeowner. That’s why we recommend selling a fire-damaged house.

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Selling A House With Fire Damage

In 2018, on average, fire departments responded to a home fire in the United States every 87 seconds, according to the National Fire Protection Association. It can happen to any home, in any area, and the resulting damage can be devastating. After the flames have been put out and the fire damage has been accessed, some owners may decide to restore their home, or may consider trying to sell the house “as is.

There Are 10k+cheap Old Houses For Sale Inflorida

Homes Damaged in Fire

Browse cheap old houses for sale in Florida.Older homes have an undeniable air of nostalgia, charm, and character about them that you wont find in a new build plus features like hardwood floors and crown moldings. They just dont make ’em like that anymore and so, that’s why we’ve created this collection of cheap old homes for sale!Old homes are clearly sturdy and well-constructed – if they werent, they wouldnt still be standing – but they can require a lot of work and investment in order to make them comfortably livable. However, on average, older homes are cheaper than new ones, so you would be saving some money and therefore be able to invest more. Other benefits of older homes: they can have larger lot size, they can come with mature grounds, gardens, and trees, and oftentimes, they will be located in established areas and neighborhoods.Some popular styles of old homes to buy include: Colonial style, Victorian style, Bunaglows, Arts and Crafts style, and American Foursquare style.

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How We Buy Fire Damaged Houses

Not everyone can buy a fire-damaged house. At You Pay Zero Tampa, we have extensive experience restoring fire damaged properties. We have the ability and team in place to repair them properly, and we have the cash to buy them so we can avoid the pitfalls of dealing with bank underwriting.

We can buy your home as quickly as you want. Upon settlement, youll receive the cash. Everything happens on your timeline so you can focus on essential matters. Here is how you can sell your fire-damaged house in Tampa:

  • Free Evaluation: Contact us so we can give you a free estimate. Well need to review the condition of the house so we can propose you the fairest price.
  • No-Obligation Cash Offer: After getting the details, well research the numbers. Well walk you through the next steps.
  • Get Cash for Your House: As we finalize the details, we can talk about the closing day. We can close on your timeline.

Important Tips To Consider To Selling A Fire Damaged House In Florida

By Viktor

When you have a fire-damaged house, that can create a nightmare scenario for homeowners. If you want to live in your house, you have to assess all of the damage, get insurance involved, consider the costs of repairs, and figure out how to replace all your lost items. It might be enough to make you just want to sell your fire-damaged house instead.

However, if youre going to sell a fire-damaged house in Florida, there are plenty of things you need to know. Since your house was burned in a fire and there is damage present, that is going to affect the way that market buyers will perceive your property. And there are plenty of costs you need to consider in order to get your house market-ready. Or you can always opt to sell your fire-damaged house in Florida for cash to a real estate investor.

Before you proceed with the best option for yourself and your family, lets take a closer look at what you need to know when selling a fire-damaged house in Florida.

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What’s Involved In Cleaning Up A Fire Damaged Home

There are several steps involved in cleaning up a fire-damaged home, which must be done by licensed professionals who specialize in fire damage restoration. This is not a DIY project. The water or chemicals from extinguishing the fire need to be cleaned first, as water, if not dried right away, can lead to mold infestation. If chemical extinguishers were used, they could leave toxic residues that must be removed as well. Next comes the soot clean-up, which if left untreated, can do serious damage to walls and upholstery. The next step is removing the smoke odor from the home, including deodorizing furniture, carpets, and clothing.

What Steps Should Someone Take To Repair A Fire

Fire Sale? Zillow Listing Features Florida Home Engulfed In Flames

First and foremost, you should contact your insurance company and establish what your policy will and will not cover for repairing your fire-damaged home. The next step is to work with a qualified, licensed fire damage restoration company to access, clean-up and recover the former quality of your home.

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