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Fly In Homes For Sale

Who Lives In An Airpark Anyway

Spruce Creek Fly-In home owned by Richard Childress put up for sale

You dont need to be Einstein to figure out that odds are at least one member of an airpark household is a pilot. According to a survey by, most airpark residents are between the ages of 45 65. Furthermore, over half of the properties at airparks are second homes.

Not surprisingly, these owners have incomes well above average because, as you can imagine, it isnt cheap to own and maintain a private aircraft. Theres an old saying among the flying community, Aviation can be hazardous to your wealth. Importantly, if you have to ask how much it costs to live in an airpark, you probably cant afford it.

However, there are some airparks, in Arkansas for example, that are relatively inexpensive. Some of these feature modest homes that abut public or private airfields. Theres nothing fancy about them at all.

On the high end, homes in airparks run into the millions. These airparks typically have state-of-the-art maintenance facilities and loads of amenities like golf courses, fitness centers, restaurants, and swimming pools. Many of the houses are mini-palaces featuring all the upscale accouterments youd expect. And the planes parked out front range from twin-engine luxury aircraft to private jets.

Pros And Cons Of A Fly

For a private pilot, or those actively engaged in that type of community, the positives of living at an airpark will easily outweigh any negatives. But from an investment standpoint, you must decide whether the numbers are supported before investing in an aviation community.

Fly-in markets are typically located in more rural areas or smaller suburban markets outside of city centers, meaning the opportunity to purchase land or unused real estate at affordable prices is more likely, particularly if its a less desirable market. This can lead to savings when purchasing land or vacant real estate to rehab or develop as a fly-in community.

With that being said, the cost to develop a fly-in community is more expensive than a standard residential community. In addition to the normal zoning and building regulations and codes, you have the added cost of adding a runway for the community and hangar for each residence. Roadways, which double as runways, will require more space to develop, and the market you are serving is niche. Demand exists for these communities but not on a broad scale, limiting who you can sell the properties to in the long run.

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Air Park Homes In Florida

1+ acre lots Custom Built Airpark Homes Top Builders In Florida Fly in Fly Out

Ridge Landing Airpark in Frostproof, Florida, is an aviation community that sells real estate property for custom home builds and custom built Airpark Homes. Pilots, find your dream home, Search through our homes and property for sale that are near landing strips, airports, and perfect for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Live where you fly. Homes can be built with private hangars in a safe gated community, located near some of Floridas main attractions. Purchase your very own piece of airpark real estate in Ridge Landing Airpark!

Come To Our Fly-In Open House!

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Spruce Creek Offers A Wide Range Of Property Choices

There is a diverse range of properties at the Spruce Creek Fly-in.

Literally a small village, Spruce Creek was masterfully designed to offer a self-contained mixture of commercial and residential neighborhoods inside the community.

Some neighborhoods are single-family, some are zero-lot line, others are multifamily townhomes and we also have condo units. At the center of Spruce Creek, in the immediate areas of the runway, we have a commercial section with diverse businesses and private hangars and offices.

The best way to visualize it all is with the Spruce Creek Fly-in Map , which provides an interactive aerial view of the community. In all, The Spruce Creek Fly-in encompasses almost 5,000 residents, 1,300 homes, 700 hangars and 14 miles of taxiways sharing a unique life in this private, security-patrolled and gated village.

Villa Salmanazar Cte D’azur France: 13 Million


Positioned on a quiet rural road alongside acres of dreamy vineyards, the breathtaking villa comes with almost one and a half acres of formal gardens, complete with an outdoor swimming pool and sun terrace. A self-contained one-bedroom apartment is also included in the price tag an ideal space for hosting guests.

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Homes For Sale In Richmond Hill

  • House 6 bds , 6 bths$2,380,000
  • House 5 bds , 5 bths$1,896,000
  • House 4 bds , 4 bths$1,699,000
  • House 6 bds , 4 bths$1,399,900
  • House 4 bds , 3 bths$1,358,000
  • House 3 bds , 3 bths$1,090,000
  • House 3 bds , 3 bths$1,088,000
  • House 3 bds , 3 bths$999,000
  • House 3 bds , 3 bths$998,000
  • Condo 3 bds , 2 bths$729,000
  • Condo 3 bds , 2 bths$699,000
  • Condo 1 bed , 1 bath$489,900
  • House 5 bds , 5 bths$3,450,000
  • House 7 bds , 5 bths$2,580,000
  • House 4 bds , 5 bths$2,399,000
  • House 5 bds , 5 bths$1,988,000
  • House 7 bds , 5 bths$1,888,000
  • House 4 bds , 4 bths$1,888,000
  • House 4 bds , 4 bths$1,699,000
  • House 4 bds , 4 bths$1,099,999
  • House 5 bds , 4 bths$1,099,900
  • House 4 bds , 2 bths$1,030,000
  • House 5 bds , 4 bths$999,800
  • House 4 bds , 3 bths$999,000
  • House 3 bds , 2 bths$950,000
  • House 3 bds , 2 bths$899,900
  • House 4 bds , 4 bths$899,000
  • Condo 3 bds , 2 bths$698,000
  • House 7 bds , 10 bths$4,500,000
  • House 5 bds , 5 bths$3,588,990
  • House 6 bds , 4 bths$2,080,000
  • House 5 bds , 3 bths$1,690,000
  • House 4 bds , 4 bths$1,449,000
  • House 4 bds , 3 bths$999,900
  • House 4 bds , 2 bths$925,000
  • House 5 bds , 2 bths$888,000
  • Condo 2 bds , 2 bths$649,000
  • Condo 2 bds , 2 bths$599,000
  • Condo 2 bds , 1 bath$589,000
  • Condo 2 bds , 1 bath$568,500
  • House 6 bds , 6 bths$3,998,000
  • House 6 bds , 5 bths$2,798,000
  • House 6 bds , 5 bths$2,368,000
  • House 4 bds , 4 bths$1,788,000
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Is It A Worthwhile Investment

The number of private pilots in this country has been slowly declining since the 1980s, which would lead one to believe that this is a real estate investment to steer clear of. But when you consider that the number of pilots aged 20-35 is about the same as the 50-64-year-old category, with the 36-49-year-olds being significantly less, timing could be ideal. The old timers will be selling when there are considerably fewer buyers since the majority of these younger pilots are not financially able to purchase these exclusive homes yet. If youre looking for long-term holdings, you could scoop up properties for pennies on the dollar to hold until the next wave of pilots starts to reach the necessary lifestyle and income levels an airpark usually dictates.

But invest with caution. As discussed above, investing in niche markets can potentially be lucrative, but they can also create situations where youre forced to sell properties at a loss if you ever need to exit your position sooner than intended. As with any type of real estate investing, the best potential opportunities will come to the investor who thoroughly researches the property and associated . Waiting to find an undervalued property is almost always going to offer a much more secure investment than jumping on the first property that presents itself.

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Test Operate The Door:

Does it open and close smoothly does it lock in tight to the building? Does it have a weathertight seal to eliminate water from running into the hangar? How fast does it lift and close? Is the motor big enough for the weight of the door? What condition are the hinges in? Does it creak and groan and show frailty under strain? Does the door open all way to the top and close all the way to the bottom? From inside the hangar, can you see streaks of daylight peeking through the top, bottom and sides of the door?

Driggs Idaho Hangar Homes Available

Fly-fishing Properties for Sale in Colorado – Pass Creek Ranch

Alpine Airpark, 46U, is located 35 miles south of Jackson Hole. The town of Alpine WY rests against the mountainsides at the convergence of three rivers, the Greys, the Salt, and the Snake River. All three of these rivers merge and flow into the Palisades Reservoir.

Alpine Airpark is an adventure-driven residential fly-in community located just 35 miles south of Jackson Hole in beautiful Alpine, Wyoming. Private 5850 x 70 ft. lighted asphalt Jet-Friendly Runway w/ RNAV Approach.

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A Small Sampling Of Arizona Airparks

Tucked up in the northwestern part of Maricopa County is the Eagle Roost Airpark. Founded in 1972, Eagle Roost has 85 residences on 5-acre lots each with a hanger and private taxiway. There are over 50 aircraft at the airpark. One thing that really stands out about Eagle Roost, and something that could put pilots in harms way, are the magnificent Sonoran sunsets which are so mesmerizing theyve been known to distract passengers and pilots alike with its stunning natural beauty.

Another Maricopa County airpark is Thunder Ridge. Originally, when it first opened in 1993, each plot was a whopping 35-acres. Today, however, they come in smaller 3 to 5-acre sizes. This is a small airpark compared to most with less than two dozen homes.

Arizonas oldest airpark is Morton Ranch which was founded in the 1950s. Currently, there are 4, 10 and 20-acre parcels for sale in this 340 acre development. It also features 3 runways. Morton Ranch is a few minutes north of Wichenburg. It shares the area with the Wichenburg Ranch Golf Course and the large Van Tyle development. If you get tired of flying but still dont want your feet to touch the ground, there are plenty of equestrian activities in the area as well.

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Longview Estate New Hampshire Usa: 137 Million

On the market with Christies International Real Estate, the property is accessed through a grand gated entrance. An imposing driveway leads up through six acres of manicured gardens, complete with two boathouses, several docks, a stone amphitheatre, and even a waterside cottage. Its fair to say that this dwelling comes with some incredible extras

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River Fly In Condominiums

River Fly In Condos is a 10 story, 112 unit resort style new age development. It will offer owners access to hangers, a 3600 runway, fuel, flight schools, aircraft maintenance all the while being next to Banana River and the recreation available with resort style fun on the water. Reserve your waterfront unit today. Units start in the low to mid $300s and range from 1300 to 1600 square foot. Contact us today!! 321-863-7143

For More Info Call Shane at 321-863-7143 and mention the Fly-In Team

How Will Getting Pre

About â Fly In Communities

Each hard inquiry, like a loan application, appears on your credit report for about two years. However, if multiple inquiries are done within a given window theyll only count as one inquiry, minimizing the impact on your credit. Because Flyhomes Mortgage moves fast, you can easily get pre-underwritten while shopping for lenders within that time frame. Discover five common credit score myths.

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Alpine Airpark An Adventure Driven Community

Alpine Airpark is located just 35 miles from Jackson Hole in beautiful Alpine, Wyoming. This world class fly-in community is set on the banks of the Palisades Reservoir and the confluence of 3 trophy trout streams.

Outdoor activities are endless thanks to the neighboring Bridger-Teton and Caribou-Targhee National Forests that provide 6.4 million acres of public land. Mountain biking, boating, camping, horse-back riding, kayaking, hiking, hunting, skiing, site-seeing, dirt biking, and snowmobiling are a few of the activities that locals enjoy.

  • Luxury Rustic Mountain Homes | Architectural Innovation In Hangar Home Designs
  • Plane At The Ready | Twenty paces from your kitchen to your hangar. Not just a dream, here it is a reality.
  • New 70×5850 Runway with AWOS, GPS Approach and Runway Lights.

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A Private Pilots Dream

It doesnt get much more private than this! Located on top of Murrays Mountain on 4.16 acres, with deeded right-of-way to an adjacent 1700 foot airport runway, this fly-in mountain home is a private pilots dream. A brick-faced ranch with a covered front deck, newer metal roof, and attached airplane hanger that could be converted to a garage makes flying in and storing your plane easy.

Reduced $750000 One Of A Kind One Level 2586 Sf Home With Attached Large Hangar Perfect To Build Your Dream Plane

Alpine Airpark 46u Hangar Homes for Sale

This airport home is on an Oregon Private Use airport in the area of Hillsboro/North Plains just off of the 26 Highway! Great proximity to shopping and facilities, about 45 min- 1 hour to the Oregon Coast and a lovely, non-crowded aviation community! The airstrip is over 3,000 ft long and about 200 ft wide grass strip with ownership by some of the owners of the homes on the air strip. If you want to fly home give me a call. This home is worthy of a visit! Make it yours

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Currently Listed Fly In Condos F

Under construction. River Fly-In will be the newest resort-style condo community located at the Merritt Island Airport on Floridas Space Coast.

  • 3Beds

The much-anticipated River Fly-In Community has finally begun construction of the Tower! River Fly-In is the newest luxurious high-rise riverfront condo community located

  • 2Beds

The much-anticipated River Fly-In Community has finally begun construction of the Tower! River Fly-In is the newest luxurious high-rise riverfront condo community located

  • 3Beds

River Fly-In is the newest resort-style condo community located at the Merritt Island Airport on Floridas Space Coast. The location is ideal for pilots, boaters, fisher

  • 2Beds

River Fly-In is the newest resort-style condo community located at the Merritt Island Airport on Floridas Space Coast. The location is ideal for pilots, boaters, fisher

  • 2Beds

Island Retreat Paradise Cove Vanuatu: 42 Million

While somewhat secluded, the five-acre estate is just 15 minutes from Port Vila and less than 30 minutes from the islands main airport. A private helipad easily connects the property to the capital and the region’s surrounding South Pacific islands. Love this? These paradise islands cost less than a city apartment.

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Learn More About Spruce Creek Fly In Florida

Currently there are 24 homes for sale, 1 condos and apartments for sale and 4 vacant land for sale in SPRUCE CREEK FLY IN

Spruce Creek Fly In is a subdivision within the city of Port Orange, Florida. There are currently 29 Homes for Sale within Spruce Creek Fly In, with asking prices ranging from $150,000 to $6,250,000. The average list price per square foot of the available inventory in Spruce Creek Fly In is $219, which is above the Port Orange average of $62. The Average Sales price of all sold real estate in this subdivision for the past year is $761,113. Recent comparable homes have been selling for 98.76% of their asking price. Waterfront homes represent 17.24% of the available Spruce Creek Fly In inventory. The population of Port Orange, according to the 2010 Census, is 56,048. The total number of households in the zip code of Port Orange is 7,167, with an average household size for of 2.36 people. The total number of renter households within the zip code of is 878, which means that 87.75% of households in this zipcode are owner occupant households.

Detailed List Of Airparks From The Usa And Abroad

Homes for sale at Stellar Airpark


Okotoks Air Ranch Air Park2 Winters Way
Sherwood Park, AB T8C 1A6, Canada Twin Island/Edmonton
Courtenay Airpark Ass’n. 1-110 20th St. Courtenay
3445 Enderby Mabel Lake Road, RR2 S16 C2 Enderby
Dayspring Airpark & Soaring Heights Community1 Copper Drive, RR #7 Bridgewater
Kensington Parkside Airpark P.O. Box 3130
Estrada Da Ponte Ita S/N Sao Paulo / Atibale Brazil

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Pilot Residential Home In Tennessee

Chandelle Airpark, a small exclusive pilot residential community, affords its residents FAA-approved through-the-fence access

to KTHA from both east and west taxiways onto the 3450 grass strip, 9/27, and on to

two paved runways, 18/36 and 6/24 .

Chandelle homeowners are enjoying life in the Airpark flying at their leisure with their plane hangared

a few steps away. They will all tell you, Chandelle Airpark is the best kept secret in the southeast.

The beautiful town of Tullahoma is near the foothills of the Appalachains.

Tullahoma offers all the conveniences of every day life with shopping, restaurants, banking and medical care.

A variety of lakes and rivers nearby offer additional recreational options for the entire family!

An hour drive to either Chattanooga, Huntsville or Murfreesboro and twenty minutes more

to Franklin/Cool Springs or Nashville.

Life is good in Tullahoma!


Pictured walking the grass strip above, our founder Lt. Col. John Stubbs developed Chandelle Airpark in 1997-1999. He and his wife Betty were the first to live on the Airpark in 2000. The residents of the Airpark will be forever grateful to the Stubbs for the incredible privilege and pleasure of living on the Airpark with our planes.

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