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Homes For Sale By Owner In David City Ne

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715 N 4th Street David City Nebraska

Weve got a whole crew coming in,” Cathy said. “Were doing our best, well get everything out of there.”

The Chauncey House, located at 715 N Fourth St. in David City, should be empty by Sept. 10.

The Klugs held weekend sales at the property several times over the summer, and Cathy said she now hopes they will be able to break even on the project. Previously, she didnt think that would be possible thanks to the cost of hauling and dumping the tons of trash and mold in the house.

A donation from the Butler County Landfill has changed that, though, and it will cost her nothing to dump her last few loads.

Those weekend sales made us $4,900 but we spent almost $2,500 on the labor and another $2,000-something on all the stuff being hauled away. We didnt break even but we will once they go to junk out and we sell there, Cathy said.

Cathy added that there will be no more weekend sales at the house.

Jeff sold corn today. He didnt want to sell it for what he sold it for but were doing it just to get this done. We should have been done by now, its just too bad we werent, Cathy said.

The Klugs encountered multiple delays, mainly due to the dire condition of the Chauncey House. Several people working in the house got sick while working, including Cathy.

While working Cathy also broke her toe, which became infected. In the last month, she also broke her elbow at the house.

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Homes For Sale In Qubec

  • House3 bds , 2 bths$345,000
  • House4 bds , 2 bths$274,900
  • Condo1 bed , 1 bath$124,900
  • House4 bds , 1+1 bths$599,000
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$299,000
  • House3 bds , 1+1 bths$269,000
  • House4 bds , 2+1 bths$569,000
  • House3 bds , 2 bths$439,000
  • House4 bds , 2 bths$330,000
  • House3 bds , 1+1 bths$259,000
  • House6 bds , 2 bths$319,000
  • Condo2 bds , 1 bath$184,000
  • Condo2 bds , 1+1 bths$179,000
  • Condo2 bds , 1 bath$179,000
  • House3 bds , 1+2 bths$449,500
  • Condo2 bds , 1+1 bths$184,900
  • House2 bds , 1 bath$354,900
  • House2 bds , 1 bath$375,000
  • Condo3 bds , 1 bath$213,000
  • House3 bds , 1+2 bths$399,900
  • Condo3 bds , 1+1 bths$360,000
  • Condo3 bds , 2 bths$649,000
  • House8 bds , 2 bths$399,900
  • House3 bds , 1 bath$314,900
  • House4 bds , 2 bths$339,000
  • House2 bds , 2 bths$490,000
  • Condo2 bds , 1+1 bths$209,000
  • Condo2 bds , 1 bath$247,900
  • Condo2 bds , 1 bath$459,000
  • Condo2 bds , 1 bath$169,900
  • House4 bds , 1+1 bths$329,000
  • House3 bds , 2 bths$349,900
  • Condo2 bds , 1 bath$210,000
  • House3 bds , 1 bath$498,000
  • House3 bds , 1 bath$498,000
  • Condo1 bed , 1+1 bths$299,900
  • Condo1 bed , 1 bath$109,500
  • House3 bds , 3+1 bths$499,900
  • House4 bds , 1+1 bths$224,900
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Aaron Feuerstein Mill Owner Who Refused To Leave Dies At 95

1347 Road 40, David City, NE 68632

After a fire devastated his Massachusetts factory in 1995, he kept paying his employees and spent hundreds of millions to rebuild.

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By Clay Risen

Aaron Feuerstein, a Massachusetts industrialist who became a national hero in 1995 when he refused to lay off workers at his textile plant after a catastrophic fire, then spent hundreds of millions of dollars to rebuild it, died on Thursday at a hospital in Boston. He was 95.

Aeffia Feuerstein, his granddaughter and partial caretaker, said the cause was pneumonia.

Mr. Feuersteins company, Malden Mills, was by the mid-1990s among the last large textile companies in Massachusetts, which had seen its manufacturing employment numbers crater from 225,000 in the 1980s to about 25,000 a decade later.

Most other companies, faced with competition from lower-wage states and cheap imports, had either closed or moved production out of the state.

Malden Mills, located just outside the old mill city of Lawrence, was a shining exception: Not only did Mr. Feuerstein refuse to move, but he and his company prospered, thanks to its proprietary fabric Polartec, which it sold to clothing brands like Patagonia and L.L. Bean. In fact, 1995 was a banner year for the company, with sales up 10 percent to more than $400 million.

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City Guidesalmon Arm British Columbia

You Gotta See This! 1-Story, Skylight, 3-Car Garage, Custom by David Weekley Homes, NE of Dallas

Nestled in the southern interior of British Columbia, Salmon Arm is an important city in the Shuswap area. The population is slightly over 18,000 and fluctuates little.

Salmon Arm is part of the Columbia-Shuswap Regional District.The first fur traders arrived in the 1700s. First Nationspeople had occupied the area for several thousand years before that. During the gold rush days in the late 1800s, prospectors panned for gold in the gravel bottom of the Salmon River.

Paddle wheelers taking miners to the north end of Shuswap Lake bypassed Salmon Arm. After the last spike was driven into the transcontinental railway, thirty-three miles to the east, homesteaders started to come to the area. Salmon Arm was incorporated as a city on May 15, 1905. In 2005, a silver coin was minted to honor its centennial.

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David City Ne Real Estate & Homes For Sale

  • Brokered byKobza Ag And HomeNew
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  • Brokered byKobza Ag And HomeFor Sale
  • Brokered byKobza Ag And HomeFor Sale
  • Brokered byKobza Ag And HomeFor Sale
  • Brokered byKobza Ag And HomeFor Sale
  • Brokered byKobza Ag And HomeFor Sale
    • Brokered byLincoln First RealtyNew
  • Brokered byRE/MAX TOTAL REALTYNew
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  • Brokered byRE/MAX TOTAL REALTYNew
  • Brokered byCENTURY 21 Realty TeamOpen House 11/13
  • Brokered byRE/MAX TOTAL REALTYNew
  • Brokered bykwElite Keller WilliamsFor Sale
  • Brokered byNP Dodge – Fremont Branch OfficeFor Sale
  • Brokered byC.S. NELSON CO.For Sale
  • Brokered byCENTURY 21 Realty TeamFor Sale
  • Brokered byC.S. NELSON CO.For Sale
  • Brokered byCENTURY 21 Realty TeamFor Sale
  • Brokered byRE/MAX TOTAL REALTYNew – 16 hours ago
  • Brokered bykwElite Keller WilliamsFor Sale
  • Brokered byWOODS BROS REALTYFor Sale
  • Brokered byRE/MAX TOTAL REALTYFor Sale
  • Brokered bykwElite Keller WilliamsFor Sale
  • Brokered bykwElite Keller WilliamsFor Sale
  • Brokered byRE/MAX TOTAL REALTYFor Sale
  • Brokered byRE/MAX TOTAL REALTYNew
  • Brokered byRE/MAX TOTAL REALTYNew
  • Brokered byC.S. NELSON CO.New
  • Brokered byC.S. NELSON CO.For Sale
  • Brokered bykwElite Keller WilliamsFor Sale
  • Brokered byCENTURY 21 Realty TeamFor Sale
  • Brokered byExp Realty, Inc.For Sale
  • Brokered byC.S. NELSON CO.New
  • Brokered byC.S. NELSON CO.For Sale
  • Brokered bykwElite Keller WilliamsFor Sale
  • Brokered byC.S. NELSON CO.For Sale
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