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Homes For Sale In Amsterdam Netherlands

Luxury Homes For Sale In North Holland Netherlands

How expensive are houses in Amsterdam!

JamesEdition currently lists 84 homes for sale in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Luxury homes in Amsterdam, Netherlands have between 1 and 8 bedrooms and averages 309 in size. The most popular property types are Apartment and House . Listing price of these Amsterdam homes is between 1,087,154 USD and 43,486,191 USD with the average price being

Arranging A Mortgage In The Netherlands

Generally the cost of buying a home is around 8% of the purchase price. Banks may lend up to five times your salary if you meet the following conditions:

  • You have a valid residence permit.

  • You have lived in the Netherlands for five years.

  • If self-employed, you can produce statements for the last three years and show future potential earnings.

Different mortgages vary from an annuities mortgage where you pay a lot of interest in the initial years but repay little of the initial capital loan, and then towards the end of the mortgage term as you begin to pay off more capital and hence less interest. There is also a linear mortgage where you repay the initial mortgage loan by a fixed amount every month. On top of this you pay interest, but the interest payments will reduce over time since you are gradually redeeming the initial loan. Since the mortgage amount will actually decrease, so will your interest payments.

Youll find a wide variety of mortgages on offer beyond these two examples but as an expat, its advisable to do your homework and ask friends or family for recommendations to get the best deal.

When it comes to the actual purchase, you will have to provide a property valuation report , which is usually arranged by a surveyor for a fee. Note: this report is not a comprehensive structural survey, simply an advisory valuation.

Getting On The Property Ladder In The Amsterdam Area

If youre considering buying a house or apartment in the Amsterdam region, it is advised to first meet with a mortgage advisor at your bank or an agency. This will give you a realistic picture of what you can afford.

The choice of property is either freehold or leasehold . Make sure to read up on housing rights. As a buyer/occupier you will not require a housing permit for an existing property, nor for a new build. However, if you are not occupying the property you have purchased, you may need a housing permit for your tenant. You are allowed to use your second home for residential purposes, but not for holiday rentals, lodgings for free or office. In those cases it is considered as a hotel or office, which could lead to a fine. For more information, see our article about rental property in the Amsterdam Area.

If youre planning a long-term stay in the city region, there are monetary benefits that come with becoming a homeowner. Mortgage interest payments are subject to tax deductions if the house is your primary residence, and the notary costs that go into the signing of the contract are tax deductible. If your employer pays the rent or contributes to it, this amount is also tax deductible.

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Amsterdam Real Estate And Apartments For Sale

The Christie’s International Real Estate network has complete luxury home listings for Amsterdam and nearby areas, including Amstelveen and Jisp. We have 39 property listing in Amsterdam, and 59 listings in all of North Holland. Use the filters above to narrow your search for luxury homes for sale in Amsterdam.

Advantages Of Using A Property Agent

Property for sale in Netherlands
  • They have in-depth knowledge of the legal elements so you dont get taken advantage of
  • Agents can help you translate and act as a mediator between you and the seller buying a new home can be a challenging experience
  • They can arrange technical surveys to spot potential problems and accompany you on house visits
  • Agents will help you to negotiate and get the best deal. With such a competitive market in the Netherlands, often you will have to make offers higher than asking price to be in with a chance. Agents can help you to decide how much higher
  • They can advise on areas that might be new to you, or good to invest in
  • They can help you find an independent mortgage adviser

On the other hand, the cost of enlisting a property agent can be very high. Fees are usually 12% of the property price, although this can be higher with full-service agents. Make sure to ask about costs upfront to avoid nasty surprises. You should also expect to sign a contract with your agent and these are often exclusive. This means you may be charged the agents fee even if you find a property yourself or decide not to buy.

Weighing up these factors, it may be that you want to deal with the owner directly. In this case, make sure you know all the legal requirements of buying and selling property in the Netherlands, so you dont get ripped off.

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Tips On Buying A Home In The Netherlands

  • Know your budget: make an appointment with a mortgage adviser. A mortgage calculator can be a handy estimation tool, but rules can be different for expats. Make sure there are no nasty surprises by using an adviser and assessing a realistic price.
  • Do your research: houses in popular locations such as Amsterdam can seem like gold dust, but dont panic buy. What seems like a good idea now could be a poor investment in the future. Make sure to research historical prices of the area using the Dutch Land Register and new developments.
  • Employ a purchasing agent: with house prices so high, its a sellers market. Agents have access to properties not yet listed on websites and can give you a big advantage when it comes to finding a new home.
  • Have an eye for detail: Make sure you look past superficial things like furnishings as these probably wont be included. Instead, check taps and light switches, and watch for mold or signs of humidity.
  • Get the house surveyed: Things like asbestos and structural damage can be hard to spot. A surveyor could save you big costs in the future.
  • Familiarize yourself with local key terms: an agent can help translate contracts and legal terms.

Houses For Rent Amsterdam

  • 1019 AX Amsterdam 2,175 per month
  • 1087 CN Amsterdam 2,500 per month
  • 1102 AV Amsterdam ) 1,650 per month
  • 1053 WV Amsterdam 2,000 per month
  • 1061 VL Amsterdam 2,500 per month
  • 1025 NG Amsterdam 1,750 per month
  • 1019 WV Amsterdam 2,750 per month
  • 1053 WZ Amsterdam 3,750 per month
  • 1032 LP Amsterdam 2,750 per month
  • 1052 SH Amsterdam 1,550 per month
  • 1032 LH Amsterdam 4,000 per month
  • 1074 JH Amsterdam 2,995 per month
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    Buy Property In The Amsterdam Area

    If youre planning on staying in the Amsterdam region for three years or more, then one option may be to buy a property. Despite strong competition in the current economic climate, youll find there are tax incentives and long-term benefits of owning your own home. Read our guide to cracking the market and how to take out a mortgage.

    In The Spotlight: The Price Of Living In The Capital

    Luxury Home in Holland for sale

    Those wishing to buy a house in the capital have to pay the top price. We are also seeing that Dutch house prices are rising more slowly than previously. How does this compare to other western European countries? According to the IMF, the development of housing markets in the large cities where many people want to live is not separate, it is closely interconnected.

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    Homes For Sale Amsterdam Holland

    Searching for homes for sale amsterdam holland? Use the official link below to find todays latest promotion.

    If there are any problems with homes for sale amsterdam holland,Please check if your account is eligible for this offer. In addition, you can contact customer support and ask for their help. If you dont remember your personal data, please send an email to customer service. If you still cant find the information you want below, please try to search again in the search box in the upper right corner.

    Homes In Capital Cities Are Much More Expensive

    Note: Germany and Berlin are not included in the overview, as the average house prices for Berlin are not publicly available. Source: National statistics agencies, processed by RaboResearch

    Homes are much more expensive in capital cities than the rest of the country in our neighboring western European countries as well as in the Netherlands . In Denmark and the United Kingdom, you have to pay twice as much for a home in the capital than a home somewhere else in the country, based on the national average sale price. This difference is much lower in the Netherlands, where the average sale price in Amsterdam is approximately 1.5 times the national average.

    According to the leading American urban studies theorist Richard Florida, high house prices in cities are due to geographical restrictions, such as a seaside location. Demand for housing in cities is high due among other things to better employment opportunities and the availability of facilities such as higher education, museums, shops and restaurants. However, there is not enough space for all these people. Supply is not enough to meet demand due to planning restrictions and the requirements set for parameters such as the maximum height of buildings and the maximum housing density. The shortage of urban housing leads to high house prices in capital cities.

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    Selling A Property In The Netherlands

    As with buying a house, it is generally recommended to go through an estate agent to sell your property. They can help you get the best price and ensure that the contract is fair for you. As a seller, you are legally obliged to give enough information regarding the property to be sold, including any defaults.

    Lower Sales And Slower House Price Growth

    Biltseweg 7: a luxury Villa/Townhouse for sale in ...

    We expect house prices to rise by 6 percent on average in 2019 . This rate of growth is 3 percentage points lower than the average house price growth in 2018. In 2020, we expect a further slowing in the rate of increase towards 4 percent. Our forecast fits with the slower rate of increase in house prices that we are seeing not only in the capital, but also in the rest of the country.

    The slower rate of increase is partly due to the fact that we have apparently reached the limit of what is affordable. Financing costs have risen sharply in recent years: the cost of financing a full annuity loan in the four major cities is now actually higher than it was just before the crisis . If homes become less affordable, demand for housing will diminish and the upward pressure on house prices will be reduced. Another reason why house prices are not rising so fast is the more negative sentiment in the housing market. Although consumer confidence and propensity to buy has picked up slightly in recent months, many people still consider now not to be a good time to buy a house . People may be less inclined to bid higher than the asking price, which will reduce the pressure on prices.

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    Finding A Home To Buy

    Most homes available for sale can be found online. Popular websites include:

    • Funda, the real estate platform of the Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents .
    • MVA, the real estate platform of the NVM for the Amsterdam Area.
    • If you prefer a new-build home, offers a list of the latest construction projects.

    Most estate agents also have every home for sale on file. In addition, most newspapers have a weekly home and living supplement, with adverts for residential properties.

    House Price Increase In Amsterdam Flattens Again Rest Of The Country Follows

    Dutch Housing Market Quarterly

    , byCarola de Grootand Lisanne Spiegelaar

    • In the second quarter, houses were 7.2 percent more expensive than they were a year ago. As expected, the rate of increase is slowing
    • Whereas house prices rose 9 percent on average in 2018, we are forecasting an average rise of 6 percent in 2019 and 4 percent in 2020.
    • The difference in the average sale price between the most expensive province in the Netherlands, Noord-Holland, and the cheapest, Groningen, has risen to 175,000 euros.
    • You will pay around 1.5 times more for a home in Amsterdam, the capital, than for a home in another location in the Netherlands. This is a big difference, but in the UK or Denmark house prices in the capital are more than twice the prices in other parts of these countries.
    • The number of sales declined, but only to a limited extent. We expect sales to stabilize, with 205,000 transactions in both 2019 and 2020.

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    Buying A House To Rent Out

    Foreigners can purchase property in the Netherlands, whether they remain residents or live remotely. This means you do not have to sell your house if you return home or have to leave the country. You can rent it out for extra income instead. Please note, rental contracts are pro-tenant, so make sure that you know what your obligations are as a landlord and what you can expect from your tenants.

    Viewing And Choosing A Property

    Houses near Amsterdam (maps), Houses in Holland

    However you go about it, once you have found a property you like, you should contact the owner or the agent to organize a viewing. Usually, this can only take place between business hours with an agent, so it can mean taking time off work to visit the property. Due to the housing shortage, homes in popular areas go very quickly, so it is important to act fast.

    Of course, the rules change if the property is a new-build and still under construction. In this case, you can see digital images of the property online, but it is definitely recommended that you use a buying agent to help you understand the specifications, facilities and the contract, as well as to determine the expected value of the property.

    Things to consider when choosing a property:

    • Location is buying in the area a good investment? What are the transport links, local facilities and schools like?
    • Quality of the property check closely for any damage or mold. Get a structural survey to get the full picture
    • Is it a listed building? Building restrictions will apply, but there may also be tax breaks
    • Fixture and fittings what is included or not included? Most Dutch houses are sold unfurnished
    • Type of contract is an escape clause included in the event that the property or seller doesnt meet certain requirements?

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    Elasticity From The Growth Of House Prices In Capital Cities

    Note: No house price index for Berlin alone is publicly available. Source: National statistics agencies, processed by RaboResearch.

    House prices in Amsterdam are now rising less rapidly than they were . The pace of increase is also slowing in Copenhagen, Dublin and the seven largest cities in Germany. House prices have actually been falling in Stockholm and London for several quarters. The decline in Stockholm is faster than in the rest of Sweden, confirming the view that house prices in capital cities are significantly more volatile.

    There could be several reasons why house prices in the capital cities are rising less rapidly, and even falling in some cases. One possible reason is declining demand for homes in the capitals. Potential house buyers could simply consider houses in the capital to be too expensive and prefer to move out to the surrounding areas where homes are more affordable. Another explanation could be the policy measures introduced in recent years in some countries aimed at halting the rapid increase in prices and mitigating financial risks in the housing market. For instance, stricter repayment obligations apply in Sweden, and in the UK, there has been an increase in the transfer tax due on second homes, as a result of which buy-to-let demand has waned. Additionally, concerns about the looming Brexit may be causing downward pressure on housing prices in London.

    Buying Land To Build A New Property In The Netherlands

    Buying land to self-build your new home is also a popular option in the Netherlands. In 2018, the average cost of building a new house to live in was just below 300 per cubic meter.

    Frameworks and regulations can be found at the Department of Housing, Spatial Planning, and the Environment . The Makelaarsvereniging Amsterdam also has lots of useful information on buying land or new-builds in The Netherlands.

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    The Dutch Property Market And Property Prices

    House prices in the Netherlands have risen significantly in the last few years. Prices skyrocketed in 2018, especially in Amsterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague, and are likely to keep rising. This is partially due to the housing shortage affecting the main cities.

    There are significant differences in property prices between different areas of the Netherlands. In 2019, the average home in the province of Groningen was 213,000. This is much lower than in Noord Holland, the province home to Amsterdam and Haarlem, where the average price was 388,000.

    However, the gap is closing and the rate of increase in Amsterdam has begun to drop. In addition, there are plans for over one million new builds throughout the country by 2035. Half of these are planned to be completed by 2025.

    According to ABN AMRO bank, rising prices are affecting the lower end of the market the most, making it more difficult for first-time buyers. That said, economists report that the annual rise has slowed from 7% in 2018 to 4% in 2020.

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