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Homes For Sale In Colombia

Homes For Sale In Prince George

[MedellÃn Luxury Homes] Home With Pool Inside El Poblado, Near Everything – Real Estate For Sale
  • House2 bds , 2 bths$369,900
  • House3 bds , 2 bths$399,900
  • House2 bds , 2 bths$189,900
  • House5 bds , 3 bths$724,999
  • House4 bds , 3 bths$483,900
  • House4 bds , 2 bths$369,000
  • House2 bds , 1 bath$339,000
  • House1 bed , 1 bath$55,900
  • House3 bds , 3 bths$649,900
  • House3 bds , 2 bths$379,000
  • Condo1 bed , 1 bath$109,900
  • House4 bds , 3 bths$578,900
  • House3 bds , 3 bths$549,900
  • House4 bds , 2 bths$489,000
  • House2 bds , 1 bath$379,900
  • House4 bds , 2 bths$375,000
  • House5 bds , 2 bths$449,000
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Colombia Real Estate Market

We have expert Colombia real estate brokers in Medellin and Cartagena. Please contact them for prices of real estate for sale in Colombia, property for rent, as well as current rental rates.

While the economy has grown steadily at around 4% a year, home and apartment prices have risen rapidly since 2006.

Cartagena and Medellin has seen highest increases, while Bogota prices have risen most, according to Colombias Banco de la República.

Colombian Property Investment Visa

  • For property investments, Colombia requires an investment that is more than 350 times the current legal minimum monthly salary in Colombia.
  • In Q1 2017, that means property purchased for more than 215,600,000 Colombian pesos, or just US$125,000 at 2,900 pesos per USD.
  • The investor visa is issued for one year, permits multiple entries into Colombia and can be converted to a resident visa after five years.

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Land For Sale In Medellin Colombia

Take advantage and invest now. We offer lots for sale in Guarne, Rionegro, La Ceja, El Retiro

In Top House real estate from the eastern Antioquia we have for you the best houses for sale in Llanogrande, La Ceja, Guarne, Rionegro

In Top House real estate from the eastern Antioquia we have for you the best houses for sale in Llanogrande, La Ceja, Guarne, Rionegro

Unbeatable options in farms for sale in the eastern Antioquia

Main Cities In The Province


Vancouver, with a population of over 640,000, is British Columbias largest city, but is not the provinces capital. The city is located in the southern portion of the province, close to the Canada/United States border. It is home to many of the provinces largest companies, as well as numerous arts, cultural, and recreational activities/events. Surrey has over 520,000 people and is located southeast of Vancouver, and is also close to the Canada/United States border.Burnaby, with over 230,000 people, is located between Vancouver and Surrey. There are over 200,000 people in Richmond, which is located south of Vancouver. Coquitlam is located between Vancouver and Surrey, and has a population of over 140,000 people.

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Prince George Bc Real Estate

Single detached homes are the most common housing type, representing the majority of dwellings in Prince George, and the remaining properties are mainly small apartment buildings. This city is primarily composed of three bedroom and four or more bedroom homes. Homeowners occupy around 70% of the units in Prince George while renters occupy the remainder. Most of the housing growth in this city took place in the 1960s and 1970s. Read more about Prince George real estate

Homes For Sale In Victoria

  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$539,900
  • House2 bds , 2 bths$1,299,999
  • House2 bds , 2 bths$1,099,999
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$525,000
  • House3 bds , 2 bths$1,499,000
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$899,000
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$1,495,000
  • House5 bds , 3 bths$1,349,900
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$750,000
  • Condo2 bds , 1 bath$685,000
  • Condo1 bed , 1 bath$459,900
  • Condo1 bed , 1 bath$429,000
  • Condo1 bed , 1 bath$419,000
  • Condo2 bds , 1 bath$469,900
  • House3 bds , 2 bths$1,500,000
  • House5 bds , 3 bths$1,475,000
  • House3 bds , 3 bths$1,375,000
  • House5 bds , 3 bths$1,299,000
  • Condo1 bed , 2 bths$1,089,000
  • House3 bds , 2 bths$899,900
  • House5 bds , 5 bths$749,900
  • Condo1 bed , 1 bath$625,000
  • House5 bds , 4 bths$1,645,000
  • Condo1 bed , 2 bths$1,188,000
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$699,000
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$85,000
  • House3 bds , 3 bths$1,595,000
  • Condo2 bds , 3 bths$1,424,900
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$999,500
  • House2 bds , 1 bath$925,000
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$779,500
  • Condo1 bed , 1 bath$729,900
  • Condo1 bed , 1 bath$699,900
  • House2 bds , 2 bths$599,900
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$499,000
  • Condo1 bed , 1 bath$399,000
  • Condo2 bds , 1 bath$575,000
  • Condo2 bds , 3 bths$1,798,000
  • House3 bds , 4 bths$1,129,000
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Why Invest In Colombia Real Estate

Growing numbers of expats and tourists are attracted by the high-quality, inexpensive lifestyle possible in Colombia, as well as its beautiful scenery and welcoming, friendly people. You have everything from wonderful city living in Medellin and well as Caribbean real estate for sale in Cartagena and Santa Marta. Not to mention very affordable Colombia real estate prices in all of the markets.

  • Mountainous, subtropical Medellin gives you weather that has been called Eternal Spring.
  • Tropical coastal Cartagena attract those seeking warm weather, beaches, islands, and boating.
  • Highly developed and well-connected, Bogota attracts business investors.
  • Colombias Investment Visa is an easy and relatively inexpensive route to permanent residency.

Houses For Sale In Rionegro

Exclusive El Poblado Apartment w/incredible View and Nature [MedellÃn] – Real Estate For Sale

Top House knows the real estate sector of the Antioquia East very well, that is why our database of properties in Llanogrande is continually renewed

Top House knows the real estate sector of the Antioquia East very well, that is why our database of properties in Llanogrande is continually renewed

We personally analyze your business idea from the beginning, each real estate project in the Antioquia East is different

With us, obtain advice related to the protocols of purchase and sale of real estate, deeds, budget analysis, prerequisites

For national and international investors we provide advice from the search of the property, giving accompaniment during the purchase until the final transaction

We know the sector of Eastern Antioquia, we are close and friendly, we advise each client in a personalized way always oriented to achieve the objectives of each business

Eastern Antioquia is a sector of great real estate appreciation, close to the best hospitals, shopping centers, clubs, etc. Excellent climate, it is considered one of the most attractive places in the world to live and retire

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Homes For Sale In Nanaimo

  • House3 bds , 2 bths$825,000
  • House3 bds , 3 bths$799,900
  • House3 bds , 2 bths$825,000
  • House5 bds , 3 bths$799,900
  • House3 bds , 3 bths$799,900
  • House3 bds , 3 bths$2,059,000
  • House5 bds , 4 bths$1,699,900
  • House5 bds , 5 bths$1,362,000
  • House5 bds , 4 bths$1,200,000
  • House4 bds , 3 bths$1,179,000
  • House3 bds , 2 bths$1,100,000
  • House5 bds , 3 bths$1,099,000
  • House3 bds , 3 bths$865,000
  • House3 bds , 3 bths$865,000
  • House2 bds , 4 bths$700,000
  • House2 bds , 2 bths$699,900
  • House3 bds , 1 bath$619,900
  • House3 bds , 4 bths$619,900
  • House2 bds , 2 bths$529,000
  • Condo2 bds , 1 bath$349,000
  • House2 bds , 1 bath$279,900
  • House2 bds , 1 bath$239,000
  • House3 bds , 5 bths$1,999,900
  • House5 bds , 3 bths$1,549,900
  • House6 bds , 4 bths$1,379,900
  • House4 bds , 3 bths$1,150,000
  • House6 bds , 4 bths$949,900
  • House3 bds , 2 bths$929,900
  • House5 bds , 3 bths$919,900
  • House3 bds , 4 bths$849,900
  • House4 bds , 2 bths$724,900
  • House3 bds , 4 bths$599,900
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$550,000
  • House2 bds , 2 bths$549,900
  • House5 bds , 4 bths$2,450,000
  • House4 bds , 3 bths$1,550,000
  • House5 bds , 3 bths$1,150,000
  • House3 bds , 3 bths$824,888
  • House4 bds , 3 bths$749,900
  • House4 bds , 3 bths$699,900
  • House2 bds , 2 bths$684,000
  • Condo3 bds , 2 bths$639,000
  • House4 bds , 2 bths$629,000
  • Condo2 bds , 2 bths$429,900
  • Condo2 bds , 1 bath$359,900
  • Condo2 bds , 1 bath$350,000
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Real Estate Markets And Market Information In Colombia

  • Bogota Property Market National capital and largest city . At 2,640 meters above sea level, temperatures are cool and weather often cloudy and rainy and the altitude requires physical adjustment. Modern, first-world amenities include the international airport that make it a convenient connecting point and place to do business.
  • Medellin Real Estate The second largest city with nearly 3.7 million people, warm temperatures moderated by the altitude of 1500 meters . Built in a valley bisected by a river with mountainside neighborhoods, the city is a business hub with beautiful views and tropical vegetation. The condos, houses, and apartments are very well priced in Medellin. Please see more information about and listings for real estate in Medellin.
  • Cartagena Real Estate The Caribbean port city of 1 million inhabitants, whose colonial charm and government tourism promotions attract international tourists at a rate that has increased by an estimated 15% or more in recent years. Resort condos and apartments are very attractively priced here making for an excellent vacation rental investment market. Please see more information about and listings for real estate in Cartagena.
  • Colombia Real Estate Investments There are a variety of ways to invest in Colombia real estate. From condos in Medellin, to vacation rentals in Cartagena, to agricultural and farmland investments across the country. Such as this Colombia farm investment in cattle, coconuts, and timber.

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Nanaimo Bc Real Estate

House for sale, Bogota. Colombia (MD2576716)

In Nanaimo, roughly 55% of dwellings are single detached homes, and the rest are mainly small apartment buildings and duplexes. This city is primarily composed of two bedroom and three bedroom homes. Around 70% of the dwellings in the city are occupied by homeowners while renters occupy the remainder. Roughly 30% of homes in this city were built in the 1960s and 1970s, while most of the remaining buildings were constructed pre-1960 and in the 1980s. Read more about Nanaimo real estate

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Victoria Bc Real Estate

In Victoria, around one third of dwellings are single detached homes, while small apartment buildings and duplexes make up most of the remaining housing stock. This city also has a good variety of housing size options it is quite easy to find properties ranging from lofts to four or more bedrooms. Roughly 60% of the population of this city own their home while the rest are renters. About one third of homes in this city were built between 1960 and 1980, while the majority of the remaining buildings were built pre-1960 and in the 1980s. Read more about Victoria real estate

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Colombia Property Investment Taxes And Doing Business

Cartagena Old City Colonial Houses

  • Buyers costs run approximately 1.7 to 3.2%
  • Total real estate transactions costs: 6.8-8%
  • International investors can buy and sell property investments on the same basis as Colombians.
  • Both rental income and capital gains are taxed as ordinary income, at a 33% flat rate for nonresidents.
  • Property taxes are assessed on the value determined by the municipality at locally determined rates from 0.4% to 1.2%.
  • Standard rental contracts are for one year, renewable for the same.
  • Both landlord and tenant must give three months notice to terminate a contract before its end.
  • The terminating party must pay the other the equivalent of three months rent to terminate.
  • Laws tend to favor the landlord if eviction is necessary, but legal proceedings can take more than a year.

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