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Homes For Sale In South Korea

How Difficult Is The Property Purchase Process In South Korea

How Much Are The Homes (Apartments) In Korea?

Upon conclusion, a property sale contract must be recorded by the foreigner to the head of the Shi/Kun/Ku . If the property is located in military installation protection areas, designated cultural properties, and ecosystem conservation areas, foreigners “shall obtain permission from the head of Shi/Kun/Ku before the conclusion of the contract” .

However, remittance of revenue or profit from property in Korea is not allowed. A foreigner who wants to enjoy rental income has two options. One is to establish a ´stock company´ or corporation , which is the same as a U.S. stock company. A foreigner can purchase the property through the stock company, and then remit the revenue out of the country in the form of dividends. The minimum capital required for a ´stock company´ is KRW50 million , and each share must have a minimum par value of KRW5,000 for it to be sold without court approval.

Another way is to register a ´limited liability company´ , and pay the tax before remitting the money. The minimum capital required for a ´limited liability company´ is KRW10 million . A ´limited liability company´ cannot have more than 50 partners.

This issue of remittance is one reason why foreigners tend to hold Korean property through a ´stock company´ or a ´limited liability company´.

Without proper title registration, the occupier of real estate may take ownership through one of the following types of adverse possession:

The following information is contained in the registry:

South Korea Is A Crowded Country With Almost 50 Million People Living In An Area About The Size Of The Us State Of Indiana

Approximately 90% of that land is mountainous, meaning that the Koreans have had to use space ingeniously to make room for everybody. This means mostly building up instead of out.

While there are a few single-family houses dotted around the landscape, there are three main types of living quarters that South Koreas expats will find themselves living in. Read on to see what your future house in South Korea will probably be like.

For this reason, renting apartments in Korea can be expensive. In a middle-class area in Seoul, the monthly rent for an apartment can easily top 1 million won for an old building in pretty rough condition. New apartments are kitted out with state-of-the-art appliances you probably didnt even know existed . Youll pay a premium for these units, which may cost over 2 million won, and even above 3 million in a sought-after neighborhood. Prices will be slightly lower in Busan, but the real deals are in the countryside, where new, ultra-modern three-bedroom apartments can be rented for less than 500,000 won.

Those prices dont include the high housing deposits in South Korea, which Ill discuss in a future post. For apartments, expect to put down at least 10 million won. Deposits of 100 million won are possible, if you want to live amongst Korean celebrities and moguls.

Mean Purchase Price Of Housing In Seoul In South Korea In August 2021 By Housing Type


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Seoul Tops List Of World Luxury House Price Rankings

Knight Franks report noted that Gangnam, known as the Beverly Hills of Seoul, is still seeing strong speculative activity, helping boost luxury-home prices in the city overall.

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From Portugals Western Algarve To Salt Lake: Six Cities Six Continents

Accessibility to both work and nature seems to be the golden equation for real estate markets as the world emerges from lockdowns


DISCLAIMER: The currency conversion is provided for illustration purposes only. It is meant only as an approximation based on the latest information available and should not be relied upon for any other purposes. We are not responsible for any loss that you may incur as a result of relying on these currency conversions. All property prices are as stated by the listing agent.

Footnotes To Transaction Costs Table

The round trip transaction costs include all costs of buying and then re-selling a property – lawyers´ fees, notaries´ fees, registration fees, taxes, agents´ fees, etc.

Currency:South Korea uses South Korean Won. Exchange rate is at US$1 = KRW1,002.10 as of 26th June 2006.

Value Added Tax:Value Added Tax is levied at a flat rate of 10%.

National Housing Bonds:Buyers are required to purchase National Housing Bonds at a rate of about 5% of the purchase price of the real estate. In practice, these bonds are immediately sold at a discounted price of 10% – 15% less than the purchase price of the Bonds.

Legal Fees:Legal fees are around 0.25% to 1% of the property value. A typical lawyer will charge between 5 and 10 hours to prepare the sale agreement at the rate of between KRW100,000 and KRW 250,000 per hour of work.

Registration Tax:Registration tax for acquisition of rights by purchase is 3%.

Acquisition Tax:

Real Estate Agent´s FeeReal estate agent´s fees are generally around 0.20% to 0.90% of the property value.

Education Tax:20% of the registration tax.

Stamp DutyStamp duty is around 0.20% of the property value.

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Us Military Bases In South Korea

Kunsan Air Base is located on the coast of the Yellow Sea in western South Korea and falls under the command of the United States Air Force. It is one of only two United States Air Force installations in the Asian peninsula, with the other being found in Osan, nearly 6 hours away.


The Kunsan Air Base is located in the South Korean town of Gunsan. It is a United States Air Force installation located in South Korea as part of its efforts to support other nations in the area of military. This support is in the area of logistics and personnel. The name of the base comes






Camp Mujuk is just outside of Pohang on the southeast coast of Korea and it is a part of Marine Corps Installations Pacific. Camp Mujuk is the only United States Marine Corps Installation in South Korea. It is located about an hour east of Daegu, just outside Pohang, and near the eastern shoreline. The installation is currently home to the Camp …




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