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Homes For Sale In Vietnam

How Difficult Is The Property Purchase Process In Vietnam

HOW To Buy Real Estate in Vietnam

Foreigners are not allowed to own land. In fact, even citizens are not allowed to own land. In Vietnam, land is theoretically collectively owned by the people, but regulated by the State.

Foreigners who are residents in Vietnam are permitted to purchase dwelling houses. They can own a house but not the land on which it is built. They have the option to lease the land from the State.

However the leading foreign estate agent in Vietnam, Chesterton, is marketing a 50-year lease scheme, which is almost a sale. Under this scheme, the buyer acquires a right to the apartment for 50 years, and the right to renew the lease at the term´s expiry without payment of additional rent. If property ownership by foreigners becomes legal within that time, the complex owner will transfer the apartment title to the buyer. If the building for some reason has to be sold, the buyer will get a pro-rata share of the proceeds. And because the contract is only a lease, the buyer can sub-let his apartment. In other words, the contract gives the buyer many of the rights of ownership. Chesterton for example sells 38-year leases in the Parkland building, which has been in existence 12 years .

A foreign investor may also invest in Vietnamese real property by forming a joint venture company with a local partner, or a wholly foreign-owned company, or by forming a Build, Operate and Transfer company or one of its variants.

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Buying Properties In Hanoi

Hanoi is the nations capital city and so has a completely different property market structure. Because it is more of a political center than a financial hub, investors would rather go to commercial cities such as Ho Chi Minh. This makes Hanoi not a very good focus for foreign property investors. On the other hand, the slew of foreign embassies and NGOs located in this area can compensate for the lack of busyness or commercial frenzy.

Rental yields remain high in HCMCApartment rental yields in HCMC remain high at around 5.8% during the second half of 2017, according to Savills World Research’s

Saigon Intela in Binh ChanhTopaz Elite- Phoenix 1& 2 in District 8Tara Residence in District 8Lavita Charm in Thu DucMasteri An Phu in District 2HCMC’s newly launched condos have the following asking prices:In District 2, condo prices ranged from US$ 1,700 to US$ 3,500 per sq. m. at the end of Q4 2017, according to Colliers.In District 7, prices range from US$ 1,100 to US$ 1,500 per sq. m.In District 8, condos range from US$ 850 to almost US$ 1,000 per sq. m.In District 9, condo prices range from US$ 990 to US$ 1,100 per sq. m.Other new condo projects are located in Binh Chanh , Go Vap , and Thu Duc

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X2 Hoi An 3bdr Villa Residence

Villa, Resort | 3 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms

From: $522,000

Golf Villa For Sale in Danang, Montgomerie Links Golf Course

Villa | 3 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms

Shantira Beach Resort, Hoi An, Quang Nam

Condo | 3-1 Bedrooms | 3-1 Bathrooms

Shantira Beach Resort, Hoi An

Villa, Resort | 3-2 Bedrooms | 3-4 Bathrooms

1bdr Ocean Suites Resale Block A, Da Nang

Condo, Resort | 1 Bedrooms | 1 Bathrooms

Le Meridien Resort, DA NANG

Villa, Resort | 5-2 Bedrooms | 6-3 Bathrooms

The Ocean Estates Villa 5BDR, Da Nang

Villa, Resort | 5 Bedrooms | 6 Bathrooms

Premier Sky Residences, Da Nang

Condo | 3-1 Bedrooms | 3-1 Bathrooms

Fusion Resort and Villas 1-6BDR, Danang

Villa, Resort | 6-1 Bedrooms | 7-2 Bathrooms

Naman Residences 3BDR Villa D , Da Nang

Villa, Resort | 3 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms

2bdr Luxury Apartment, Da Nang

Condo, Hotel | 2 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms

Soleil Wyndham Condotel, Da Nang

Condo, Hotel | 1 Bedrooms | 1 Bathrooms

X2 Hoi An 2BDR Villa Residence, Hoi An

Villa, Resort | 2 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms

Naman Residences Villa C, Da Nang

Villa, Resort | 3 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms

Penthouse Hyatt Danang, Da Nang

Penthouse, Condo | 3 Bedrooms | 4 Bathrooms

Introduction 2020 has been a challenging year which will likely remain in our memories as

Banyan Tree Villa Hotel within Laguna Lang Co resort, home to Laguna Park Golf Villas

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Da Nang, Da Nang, Viet Nam

Property for sale in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country in the south-east. It borders to the north with China, to the west with Laos and Cambodia, to the east and to the south it overlooks the South China Sea, between the Chinese island of Hainan and the north of Vietnam forms the Gulf of Tonkin. To the south, for a short distance, Vietnam overlooks the Gulf of Siam. Its capital is Hanoi.

In recent years, the real estate market in Vietnam is experiencing rapid growth, attracting more and more foreign investors interested in buying a property for sale in Vietnam.

First of all, if we compare the prices of property for sale in Vietnam and price of luxury residential complexes with those of the other countries of the Asian area, we will notice that they are much lower and, moreover, we should also take into consideration the charming Vietnamese landscapes. Vietnam is also accelerating its urbanization process, which is why the Government is providing homes at an affordable price to individuals who receive low income.

Foreign citizens can buy property for sale in Vietnam, houses, apartments and villas according to the relative property rights, but with two limitations: first of all the property right is not permanent, it is valid for 50 years then in a particular district or section of the administrative department each person can buy a limited number of property for sale in Vietnam.

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Can Foreigners Buy Property In Vietnam

Not too long ago, the chances of owning a property in Vietnam were practically non-existent, but this changed in the summer of 2015 when the Vietnam government relaxed their rules on property ownership by foreigners. Just about anyone with a long duration tourist visa or residence visa can take advantage of the new 50-year land lease arrangement to own land and property. For foreign organizations, the restrictions are even lesser.

In July of 2015, decades-long restrictions on property ownership by foreigners were changed as long as the interested individual is able to meet a few criteria. According to the new law, any foreigner who wants to buy a property in Vietnam will have to take out a 50-year lease on the land where the property is located. This is because land in Vietnam is not owned by any one person and cannot be sold out. However, the land is managed by the government. Foreigners and foreign companies can buy or own properties in commercial projects, but they will still be unable to buy in locations that restrict sales of properties to foreigners. In any given block, at most 30% of the apartments and 250 houses in a block can be bought up by foreigners but once this number is exhausted, the interested party will have to look at another block or ward.

Houses For Sale In Vietnam

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What Are The Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Ho Chi Minh City Property

  • Retail Prospectsthere are more and more shoppers in Ho Chi Minh who are displaying their new found wealth and style. With interest in luxury brands reaching an all-time high, consumer spending is on the rise. The city is the main entry for a host of international brands including Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Dior who have opened their first stores in Vietnam. With an emerging brand loyalty, there is lots of market potential.
  • Economic EpicentreHo Chi Minh is at the heart of the majority of economic activities in Vietnam. It is responsible for 20% of Vietnams GDP whilst it is growing from strength to strength despite the worldwide recession. The city remains the most appealing destination for foreign investment across the country.
  • Improving InfrastructureHo Chi Minhs new metro system is being constructed and is due to be completed by 2020. Apartments and condos situated close to brand new metro stations are set to see price increases of up to 20% after the system is completely finished. Tan Son Nhat International Airport is the biggest airport in Vietnam welcoming more than 20 million travelers annually with 40-plus flight routes to several territories from China and Japan to Korea and major European countries.
  • Rental YieldsExpect steady improvements in rental returns with average potential rates around 6%-8% per annum. This is relatively higher when compared to neighboring cities such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
  • What Are The Most Popular Areas In Ho Chi Minh City

    Real estate : buy lands in Vietnam – Mekong delta tour

    Divided into 19 districts, Zones 2 and 7 is where investors can find affordable properties alongside further planned development projects. Centrally located, Zone 1 is popular with foreigners and is considered the priciest area among numerous areas in Ho Chi Minh. Zone 1 is home to Ho Chi Minh main attractions including the Notre-Dame Basilica, and the Bitexco financial tower. Despite expensive real estate, an upward price appreciation is expected in the next few years.

    Zone 2, especially around Thao Dien, is popular among foreign buyers due to its high-quality apartments and family-friendly vibe. Greater investment, an abundance of schools, malls and spacious homes make this district highly livable. Furthermore, a brand new metro line is set to open in 2020 ensuring not only price increases but easy travel between Zones 1 and 2. District 3 is just as bustling and very popular with foreign buyers offering a broad range of cultural influences, cafes, and bars.

    Other budget apartments are situated around Zone 5 which has fantastic Chinese restaurants and temples. Far more affordable than central developments, Zone 5 is still within close proximity of downtown Ho Chi Minh.

    Zone 7 is a favorite for families looking for more cost-effective properties. With access to golf courses and an array of dining options, it is away from the built-up areas of central Ho Chi Minh. Gaining in popularity, this area has potential investment opportunities in the long term.

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    Top 3 Reasons To Invest In Vietnam

    1. Rapidly Growing Economy Vietnams GPD is growing at an average rate of 8.4% annually, which is ahead of other Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia and the Philippines.2. Growing Population The population in Vietnam is increasing continuously. Besides, more and more expats and retirees are relocating to the country which has led to an increase in the demand for housing and commercial property.3. High Rental Yields Rental yields in Vietnam are among the highest, but the real estate prices are among the lowest in Asia. The rental yields in Ho Chi Minh City are between 2.6% and 6.3%, while the rental yields in Hanoi are slightly higher, at around 4% to 7%.

    What You Need To Know About Ho Chi Minh City

    Formerly Saigon, Ho Chi Minh is a high-energy, cosmopolitan city brimming with sophisticated restaurants, swanky hotels, mouthwatering street stalls, bustling markets, and modern skyscrapers.

    Tan Son Nhat is the busiest airport across Vietnam and is situated less than nine kilometers from the center. This vibrant cityscape blends ancient passageways with designer boutique stores and sleek buildings. Appealing to foreign investors, there has been rapid property interest and strong economic growth across the country.

    Vietnams property boom shows no sign of holding up with numerous top-quality condo complexes based in downtown Ho Chi Minh. This includes the upmarket development project by Vin Homes enjoying majestic riverside views of the Saigon River. Featuring 2,500-plus stylish condos and around 60 villas, it boasts an international school, exclusive shops, several restaurants, and a marina.

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    Property For Sale Vietnam

    Find Vietnamese real estate for sale at the world’s no.1 International For Sale By Owner website where you will find real estate for sale ideal for foreign buyers looking to buy property in Vietnam. Search homes for sale in regions including the popular Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Da Nang, the capital of Vietnams dynamic Central Coast and Hanoi. Luxury homes for sale Quang Nam Province and superb apartments ideal as holiday homes in District 9. Find property for sale in Phu Quoc Kien Giang Provence that would make ideal holiday rentals or AirBnB investment property.

    Vietnam Beachfront Property For Sale

    Vietnam Properties For Sale

    Despite the countrys decades-old history of struggle, Vietnam remains a fascinating country. Vietnam has a rich culture and a colourful history as well as a long rich coastline that runs from the Gulf of Tonkin all the way through to the Gulf of Thailand. If your intention is to own a beachfront property in Vietnam, you will find that there are limitless options to choose from. The country has a coastline of more than 3000 kilometre square with rolls and rolls of pristine white beach sand. Even though tourism may not be as popular in Vietnam as it is in Thailand, Nha Trang and Da Nang boast a stretch of beaches that would make for a good beachfront property.

    While a lot of property investors would prefer to buy properties Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang stands out as a popular choice for rich foreigners and retirees. It is a busy beachside city with over a million in population and is the third largest city in Vietnam. Foreign brands such as Sheraton and Hyatt have hotels and condos in Da Nang making it a more attractive investment destination of people looking for a bit of sun and sand. Nha Trang on the other hand, while closer to Ho Chu Minh than other beach areas is rapidly becoming popular among people looking for a beachfront property for their second home or a holiday getaway.In terms of preference, Da Nang would probably make a better beachfront investment destination than Nha Trang but they both provide the perfect beachfront properties for sale in Vietnam.

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    Foreign Property Ownership In Vietnam

    As explained above, foreigners can now buy and own properties in Vietnam provided they are willing to follow the current laws on property ownership by foreigners. For example, before a foreigner or foreign company can own property in Vietnam, they would first have to take out a 50 year lease on the land where the property is located. There are indications that this rule may change in the future. The number of years may possibly be extended or the property owner given the opportunity to buy the land outright. As a result of this lifting in restrictions, the property market in Vietnam is already experiencing an influx of foreign investors. A foreign investor may also team up with a local partner to buy properties in Vietnam, while the no ownership of land policy still holds there are several benefits when buying with local help. Foreigners who live in Vietnam can own houses but cannot sublet them. However, they can sell, donate or give these properties. But where their residency is terminated and they could not dispose off or sell these properties, after 90 days, it automatically reverts to the ownership and management of the state.

    Discover Our Properties For Sale In Vietnam

    Frontline beach villas, houses close to the beach, sea view property for sale. Beachfront apartments, golf view condominiums, studios in Hoi An, Da Nang. New homes, villas, houses, apartments, penthouses, condos in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh city. Vietnam real estate for sale.

    Studio & 1 3 Beds | Living: 36m2 112m2

    • Hoi An – Vietnam

    2 & 3 bedrooms | Newly built

    • Hoi An -Vietnam

    1 to 5 Beds | Living area: 194m2 to 371m2

    • Da Nang – Vietnam

    1, 2 & 3 bed | From 43m2 up to 108m2

    • Danang -Vietnam

    1, 2 & 3 bed | From 45m2 up to 117m2

    • Danang -Vietnam

    1, 2 & 3 Bed | From 54 m2 to 400 m2

    • Ho Chi Minh -Vietnam

    Condos From 130sqm to 200 sqm

    • Hanoi -Vietnam

    Up to 5 Bedrooms & 310 sqm

    • Hoi An -Vietnam

    1 to 4 Bedrooms & Sky Villas

    • Ho Chi Minh City -Vietnam

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    What Is The Ho Chi Minh City Lifestyle Like

    Ho Chi Minh is Vietnams pulsating hub with a dizzying variety of culture, modernity, golden sandy beaches and street-food.

    Explore tree-lined boulevards that line this former French colony via bicycle taxi whilst sun-seekers can head to Phan Thiet beach. For retail therapy and vibrant nightlife, there is an abundance of boutique stores, cafes, and bars around Dong Khoi Street. Dont miss Ben Thanh Market selling numerous goods including traditional cone-shaped hats as well as a host of authentic outdoor restaurants.

    Take a stroll around Tao Dan Park based in District 1 and gaze at the Buddhist temple or discover the largest park in the city situated in Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden. Hire a scooter and ride to explore Vietnams past at the War Remnants Museum whilst culture vultures can enjoy a traditional Vietnamese show at the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre.

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