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Houses For Sale In Havana Cuba

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‘Dream home’ to be a reality in Cuba

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For Sale House Miramar La Habana Cuba Calle 4 Entre Tercera Y Quinta Avenida

  • Publication date announcement: 28/02/2019

Sale of a house located in the district of Miramar-playa in Havana.Located 7 minutes walk from the coast, in the famous district housing embassies, the house adjoins the famous quinta avenida. 30 minutes from Old Havana, 20 minutes from Vedado, this peaceful location is ideal.The house of 160 m² consists of 2 floors and a terrace. The ground floor has 2 bedrooms, a dining room, a living room, a kitchen and a shower. The second floor has 3 bedrooms, 3 showers and 1 kitchen / dining room.The selling price is set at 80,000 euros.It is also possible to buy the ground floor for 50,000 euros.This property has a high resale potential due to its location and comfort. Secure neighborhood and extremely peaceful.For any request for additional information, I am at your disposal.

Cubarealigrocom Is The First Worldwide Real Estate Search Engine Where You Can Look Up Listings Of Homes For Sale In Cuba

Property for sale in Cuba

Cuba is an island state of the Caribbean under the communist regime with white beaches and tobacco fields, whose role is important in the production of the country’s legendary cigars. The capital, Havana, is characterized by pastel-coloured houses, 1950s cars and Spanish colonial architecture in Old Havana, the historic centre of the 16th century. The Republic of Cuba is an archipelago of the Caribbean, located between the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. To the north are the United States and the Bahamas, to the west Mexico, to the south the Cayman Islands and Jamaica, and to the southeast Haiti.

In any case, we are talking about a state where the communist government, which has been in government for over 50 years, continues to control the economy at a rather widespread level, despite the recent openings which, however, are expected to have repercussions on everyone’s life the days at a rather slow pace.

Until the early 90s it was impossible to buy a property for sale in Cuba for those who had not been a resident and / or Cuban citizen.

Things have changed, even if not in the radical way we could expect, especially after under the leadership of Raul Castro, the country seems destined to abandon the closure policies towards foreign investments that had characterized it from the Revolution to the present.

To complete the picture we also find some foreign entrepreneur who owns a house in one of these two neighbourhoods.

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This Elegant One Story Home Is Situated On A 13m By 20m Lot 200 Meters From The Gulf Of Mexico 15 Minutes From Central Havana Constructed In 2000 This 2 Bedroom 1 Bath Modern Design Home Includes A Large Kitchen Dining Area Living Room And Garage Large Closets In Both Bedrooms And Bathroom Marble Floors Throughout Including The Front And Back Porches Large Back Yard With Beautiful Garden Perfect For Relaxing Or Entertaining The Property Is Surrounded By High Walls For Privacy The House Comes With Telephone Line Air


There are a large number of houses, apartments and even mansions for sale in Havana, that are actually owned by Cuban citizens willing to sell their properties. If you are Cuban, or a foreigner with the Permanent or temporary residency status, you can buy the home for sale and acquire the real estate property . The process is simple, just a transaction before a local notary and the national bank. Prices are negotiated usually in CUC , sometimes locals who have relatives abroad accept the payments in Euros, CAD, USD, etc in foreign banks. This modality is the most common at the present, for a large portion of Cuban population own the property where they live. Renting is not common for nationals in Cuba. Nowadays, a large number of Cubans are selling their homes and properties in the island, as the real Estate market has began to open after new regulations and laws have become effective. This is the moment to invest, to buy a property in Havana, or at a nearby beach.

Homes For Sale In Havana

House in Havana

Without a doubt, Havana is the primary location for those seeking to purchase a home in Cuba. Havana houses a significant percentage of the countrys population and therefore boasts a large portion of its residential capacity. The city itself, with its famous Habana Viejo or Old Havana community and attractive Malecon seafront area, is also the nations social, political and economic heart.

A recent survey in the US media indicated that out of 15,000 online property searches for Cuban real estate, 82% were connected to Havana. Another interesting figure coming out of the study was that the average propertys value is only 24,000 CUC , which is equivalent to the same price in USD.

Since the homes for sale in Havana includes properties on the outer edges of the city where there is less urban development, prices can also be considerably lower. At present, foreign investors and would-be residents from abroad mainly look for real estate in central Havana, thanks to its many cultural charms, nightlife venues, sights and tourist attractions, but savvy buyers may also start looking to outlying areas as they upgrade over time.

One significant influence drawing investors to Havana is the Cuban governments creation of a one-year, renewable resident visa for foreigners purchasing property. This has opened up the island to retirees and expats looking to live in a location that offers almost year-round perfect temperatures and equally warm local people.

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Havana Cuba Real Estate


Cubas famous capital city, Havana is home to some 2 million residents and is also the most-visited destination in the country when it comes to international arrivals. Havanas colonial buildings and heritage homes city draw tourists and investors to the city, which is driving the real estate market to ever greater heights.

With the governments new open attitude to investment and thanks to the islands fast evolving economy, Cuba and Havana in particular is increasingly considered a solid real estate investment destination. Houses along the famous malecón seafront strip only occasionally reach the market, but new apartment buildings are rising from the ground around the city and the leafy suburbs and nearby towns offer attractive opportunities for buyers looking for investment properties or second homes.

Foreigners can purchase homes in Havana in a number of ways. They can use a foreign capital Cuban company, form a joint venture with a Cuban national, or apply for permission through an international economic association agreement. Whichever option they choose, it is still advisable to consult with a proven professional agency that can help with the purchase process and ensure the fine details are adequately explained and relevant questions answered.

Vacation Rental El Vedado Havana Cuba

The Vedado is probably one of the areas with more casas particulars for rent, chambers, private areas, or entire homes, without counting the sales.

The Vedado is one of the neighborhoods of borough or simply Plaza. It’s one of the most popular zones of from the tourist’s point of view. It’s in fact, the modern center of the city, the downtown, because, as it happen with many capital cities of Americas, there are two centers, the traditional and classic, which is and and the modern, as we will see.

The Vedado is no more a residential zone, but it is a true downtown. and are the residential areas ofHavana, but the Vedado is the neighborhood of entertainment, nigh life, but also nature, ministries, working centers, national monuments and famous avenues. We could write several page on the virtues of the Vedado, the modern downtown of Havana.

The zone is divided in two areas, the first from Paseo Avenue to Malecon Littoral is called “letter zone” because all the vertical streets and avenues are named after an alphabet letter , while from Paseo Avenue the limit with the , all the vertical streets are identified by an even number and this is the “number zone”, more peripheral and less prestigious, but still important. In this zone, the most important streets are 12th Avenue and 26th Avenue, which is also the Nuevo Vedado main avenue.

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Casas Particulares In Havana Cuba

Among our selection of personally verified luxury homes we include: exclusive villas with swimming pool, penthouses with magnificent sea views, luxury apartments in excellent location, houses on the beach, and finally, emblematic colonial style houses, which we are convinced will get make you feel the authentic Cuban flavor respecting your complete privacy.

* LujoCuba delegates the provision of services in the staff of our villas .

** All services will be paid by the client directly to the staff of the villa during their stay.

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