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Houses For Sale In Rosarito In Payments

Whats The Property Market Like In Mexico

Top 3 reasons to buy in Rosarito, Baja California

Despite the negative impact of the COVID-19 epidemic in the economy, the real estate market remains steady. A large chunk of the property market in Mexico is owned by locals, but a significant number of immigrants especially Americans are still purchasing houses or land in the country¹.

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Sign The Escritura Pay All Final Taxes And Costs

The escritura will ultimately become your title to the property once youve finalised your purchase and paid all the outstanding costs. Youll need to visit your notary to sign the escritura, and pay all the outstanding costs. The property registration process will start as soon as youve made the final payment.

Playas De Rosarito Real Estate Close To California

Cant afford to be near the beach in Los Angeles or San Diego? Head to Tijuana and keep going to reach the beaches of Rosarito.

Back before I had ever invested in real estate in Mexico, an acquaintance told me she had a beach house in Rosarito and that she had paid $55K for it. What?! I replied. Send me a photo! She did and it was gorgeous, a cool little casita that even back then was a tiny fraction of what the house would have cost her in California.

The secret is out now, but there are still plenty of bargains since most visitors from California are zooming right past it to head to the wine country around Ensenada or are making their way further south on a Baja road trip. Youll find a range of lots for sale for less than $30K and I saw one double lot right on the ocean going for $65K. The sweet spot for houses is $150K to $200K, with a big selection in that range. Naturally you can spend more and prices go down as you get more than a few blocks from the water.

Right now the median sale price of a house in the entire city of San Diego, California is $619,200 according to Zillow. If you spend that in Rosarito, youll get a 5-bedroom luxury penthouse with marble and granite throughout and a view from the Jacuzzi like this:

Penthouse condo for sale by

For listings in the area, check Baja123 or

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Condition Of The Property

House For Sale Rosarito Ad:896145

Technically, there are no official building standards for property in Mexico. If youre buying a prefabricated home, youll want to hire a surveyor to do a thorough inspection before you settle on your new place.

Tip: Dont hire a surveyor recommended by the seller or your real estate agent this is a common scam.

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Can North Americans Own Property In Mexico

Its time to put an end to the most enduring myths about buying property in Mexico. Whether youre in the market for a home you can move into full-timea vacation retreat you can visit a few weeks a yeara beachfront lot you hope to resell at a profitor your own slice of sand to build your dream home onyou can find it in Mexico. And, despite what you may hear, its perfectly legal for foreigners to buy and own in Mexico.

Lets take a look at three of the most common myths surrounding buying property in Mexicoand the truth behind them.

Puerto Escondido Homes For Sale Oaxaca State

Ive sung the praises of Puerto Escondido before as a town that still offers a bargain Mexican beach vacation without massive resort crowds and overdevelopment. The main stretch of beach here has giant waves that surfers love, but you can find some mellower spots that are okay for swimming. The town itself is very Mexican, so it doesnt feel like youre in a total gringo community here. Prices are a reflection of that atmosphere and the difficulty of getting here without connecting in Mexico City first.

Most of the building lots in the area range from $16K to $230K and most of the 2BR condos are under $200K. I found a furnished 2BR condo with a common infinity pool for $140K and a couple ocean-view houses with a pool for around $160K. You can spend more than a million bucks to be right on the main beach, but even there youll find some oceanfront houses for under $400K.

For listings see or

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Property Taxes In Mexico

A 2% acquisition tax is payable by the buyer when property changes hands.

Inheritance/Gift Tax

Although Mexico does not impose an estate or inheritance tax, there is a tax on certain gifts involving real estate . Gifts between spouses and direct family members are not taxable.

Property Tax

The property tax on Mexican real estate is called predial. Compared with property taxes in the U.S., the cost of the predial is quite reasonable. It is a local tax and in most areas is payable quarterly. The average is approximately 0.1% of the assessed value of the property at time of sale.

It is very common in many communities in Mexico to use the assessed value of the property as the basis for these taxes, and the official assessment can be considerably lower than the market value of the homeoften only 30% or 40% of the actual sale price. You should know though that under Mexican law, using an assessed value less than the actual commercial value for tax purposes is illegal. And, it means youll likely pay more capital gains tax when you sell.

Rental Income Tax

If you do not reside in Mexico, but rent out your Mexican property, your rental income is subject to tax at a rate of 25%. For residents, rental income is taxable at the regular income tax rates.

Capital Gains Tax

If you sell the property, youll owe capital gains tax. This can be up to 35% of the profit, but can be lowered based on how long you have held the property, authorized deductions, etc.

Valle De Guadalupe Wine Country

House for Sale In Concord, North Carolina | Lets Talk With Tijuana

Drive down the stunning ocean view toll road from Rosarito for about an hour, hang a left, and soon youll find yourself surrounded by purple mountains, rustic homesteads, and dozens of small family-owned wineries. Welcome to the Napa Valley of Mexico, better known as the Valle de Guadalupe, where artisan winemakers are doing interesting things with Nebbiolo and Cabernet Franc, while talented chefs have created an equally compelling dining scene.

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Mexico Real Estate Has A Lot To Offer In Terms Of Great Weather Beautiful Scenery And Authentic Latin American Culture

Mexico Real Estate has a lot to offer in terms of great weather, beautiful scenery, and authentic Latin American culture plus, you will find lots of affordable real estate in Mexico. It is perfectly legal for foreigners to own Mexican real estate.

The time is right for Mexico.

It is the United States closest neighbor to the south, and at no other time in the long history of that relationship have the benefits of living and investing in Mexico been more apparentand easier to take advantage of. Not just for U.S. citizens, but for Canadians, Europeans, South Americansanyone looking for great weather, low prices, rich culture, and potential profits.

Mexico is also one of International Livings top retirement destinations. The annual Global Retirement Index looks at the best opportunities worldwide for retirement living. Mexico is regularly in the top 10.

Mexico has it allrich culture, perfect climateaffordable livingnot to mention mountains, beaches, deserts, and just about everything in between.

Whether you dream of a colonial home with graceful arches, thick walls, and a garden overflowing with pink bougainvillea a lazy beachfront retreat where you can sit on your front porch with your feet propped up and watch the Caribbean roll up on the sand or a dramatic Pacific coast lookout where the waters crash against the cliffs below and you can watch the sun set behind a watery horizonyou can find your dream home in Mexico.

Barra De Navidad And Melaque Real Estate In Jalisco State

Everyone has heard of Puerto Vallarta and a lot know about the nearby Nayarit beach towns like Sayulita and San Pancho, but head south toward Manzanillo and you eventually get to a secret spot: the beach towns of Melaque and Barra de Navidad. This area is a favorite for Canadians, with a lot of word-of-mouth growth leading to this becoming a Canadian satellite city in the winter months.

This is a rather sleepy beach area, the kind of place to go if beers in a bucket while your toes are in the sand makes up your perfect minds eye picture of paradise. The cheap Mexico beach scene you wont find anymore in the more developed areas. Youre not far from the city of Manzanillo though, which has a decent-sized airport and modern hospitals.

A lot of snowbirds who come here for the winter are just renting, so theres good income potential if youre not going to use your house all the time. Its relatively easy to find property near the beach to build on for $30K to $50K if you want to get your dream Mexican house with your ideal layout. Otherwise, there are plenty of houses available between $85K and $200K, with some as low as $45K a few blocks back from the water. One listed for sale at the first agency below is showing a 3BR/2 bath house with a pool for $149K. In other words, you can still find beach houses for sale under $200K in this region.

For Barra de Navidad and Melaque house listings see Monaco Mexico Real Estate or

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From 75 Usd Month Last Lots Available

This attractive development and its privilege location in Tijuana B.C., next to Rosarito, B.C., offers residential lots with an average surface of 160m2 with urbanization services, controlled access 24/7 security, parks, commercial area, schools, ideal to build your home 25 minutes from San Diego, CA, and very close to the ocean. Right now a very important road called Acapulco Boulevard is being built to allow to make a 10 minute drive to the important Zona del Rio in Tijuana.

Puerto Penasco Homes And Rocky Point In Sonora State

House For Sale Rosarito Ad:896145

Theres an old George Strait country song where he says he doesnt really miss his ex and if you believe that, hes got some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you. Theres no such thing of course, but Puerto Peñasco is a shade more than four hours from Phoenix or Tuscon. That makes it close enough from those cities to serve as a holiday weekend getaway home, or a retirement alternative thats not in the desert.

Naturally, this ease of access means its going to be a little more costly here than in places you have to fly to, but this town at the top of the Sea of Cortez is still reasonably priced compared to the USA or Canada. You have a wide range of building lots to choose from here for less than $60Ksometimes a lot less. Building costs in Mexico are a fraction of the labor costs on the other side of the border.

You can find a ready-to-go house in town for under $100K still, maybe a 10-minute walk to the beach. The prices are much higher right on the beach of course and you could pay the price of a Phoenix house to get that 180-degree ocean view from a detached home patio. There are plenty of condos for sale for less than $250K though, most in a nice facility with a swimming pool and maybe a gym.

Check out listings at the local RE/Max office site or

Have you found another spot for bargain beach homes in Mexico? Leave it in the comments.

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Progreso Coast In Yucatan State

This area has long been one of the best beach house bargain areas of Mexico because these towns are only 40-50 minutes from the international airport in Merida, the major capital city of Yucatan state. If you cant find a good flight deal to there, its also about four hours by rental car from Cancun.

You can still find a small house or a decent-sized building lot on this stretch of Gulf Coast beach for less than $50K, though if its a house it will be tiny and need some work or add-ons. Most of these homes are weekend getaways for middle-class Mexicans in Merida, so sometimes theyre literally one big room: everyone strings up a hammock when its time to go to sleep!

If you want the kind of dream retirement home youre picturing in your head, youll probably spend at least $90K for a place with multiple bedrooms and air conditioning, maybe a nice patio or roof deck. You could pay $150K and up for one with a swimming pool or right by the beach. Some recent sales have topped $300K, but thats for a huge villa right on the beach with panoramic views from the swimming pool. What will that amount get you in a beach area anywhere in the USA or Canada? This may just be the cheapest place to buy a house on the beach in all of North America, especially a beach where the water is warm enough for swimming all year.

6 BR, 6 baths, pool, sold for 270K

Actual listings change all the time, though the prime buying season is when its cold up north.

Where To Buy A Cheap Beach House In Mexico

After a decade of reverse immigration to Mexico by retirees and rising home prices in North America, can you still find a cheap beach house in Mexico to buy? In most of the places you have probably heard of, not really, but if you know where to look, there are plenty of Mexican beach house bargains south of the border.

When I sold a condo across the Hudson River from New York City back in the early 00s, I already owned the house I lived in elsewhere and was leery about putting my equity into the U.S. housing market. We were living in landlocked Nashville, missing the ocean, so we bought a little beach house in Mexico for $35K, put another $10K into it, and had a nice casita to stay in for vacations that was one house back from the beach. Thats it at the top.

From an investment standpoint, it didnt turn out to be some stroke of genius: we sold it around a decade later for only $55K. But hey, we used it a fair bit and rented it out a fair bit, so at worst it was a house we had for a decade at no costa wash. Prices have gone up in that Progreso region near Merida a bit since then with more gringos moving in. There are still plenty of bargains around though, so Ill start there in the suggestions of where to look. The other examples are on the Pacific Coast, however. All the desirable beach areas on the Caribbean side are either super-developed with resorts or theyre part of a biosphere preserve that cant be touched.

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When Is The Best Time To Stay In A Vacation Rental In Rosarito

Rosarito enjoys great weather all year, though its cloudy summer mornings can come as a surprise to those unaccustomed to the regions May Gray/June Gloomdont worry, the marine layer burns off by afternoon. You cant go wrong with layers, and dont forget your swimsuit: Even if you find the Pacific too chilly to brave without a wetsuit in December, there are plenty of clear, sunny days to spend on the beach. Summer and fall are packed with events, kicking off with an art festival on Memorial Day weekend and the Rosarito-Ensenada bike ride, a popular 50-miler that happens twice a year. Autumn is ripe with food and drink festivals, from the Puerto Nuevo lobster fest to the Vendimia harvest party in wine country. In winter, keep your eyes on the ocean: You might spot the fluke of a migrating whale.

Mexico Real Estate: Los Cabos

San Antonio Affordable Monthly Payment Homes For Sale!! $324,000

Travel + Leisure named Los Cabos one of the best places to visit in 2019. Lonely Planet says its made for decadence. Fodors ranks it as Mexicos ultimate seaside escape.

With a stunning desert landscape that meets the Sea of Cortez on one side and the deep Pacific Ocean on the other, Cabo boasts a warm, dry climate with low humidity.

In the 1940s, when Hollywood stars like Clark Gable and Henry Fonda wanted to escape the paparazzi, they went to Los Cabos, on Mexicos Pacific coast.

At that time, the only way to get to Los Cabos was in a private plane or boat. Those movie stars came to enjoy some fun in the sunfishing, sunbathing, sipping cocktails by the pool. They were joined by presidents, wealthy businessmen and the international jet set.

They gave Los Cabos a reputation for exclusivity and glamor, a reputation it still holds today.

Fine dining, luxurious spas, yacht trips, world class golfCabo has it all. And today its attracting more than just the jet set. Lots of ordinary folk are vacationing here, buying second homes and riding out the cold winters back home in Los Cabos.

Property samples in Los Cabos:

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