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Houses For Sale In South Africa Johannesburg

Buying A House In South Africa

5 Bedroom House For Sale in Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa for ZAR 12,500,000

If youre planning on buying a house in South Africa, these expert tips and overview of costs can help you prepare for buying property in South Africa.

If youre tempted by houses for sale in South Africa, there are no restrictions on foreigners buying property in South Africa, although lower mortgage limits typically apply. You can buy a home cheaply in South Africa, but its important to be aware of the potential extra fees. This guide explains the process of buying a property in South Africa and how to find houses for sale in South Africa.

Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa Luxury Real Estate Homes For Sale

Search for Johannesburg luxury homes with the Sothebys International Realty network, your premier resource for Johannesburg homes. We have 122 luxury homes for sale in Johannesburg, and 354 homes in all of Gauteng. Homes listings include vacation homes, apartments, penthouses, luxury retreats, lake homes, ski chalets, villas, and many more lifestyle options.

Welcome To Fine & Country South Africa

Welcome to Fine & Country South Africa, we offer luxury properties. Our very specialist national knowledge of this specific market ensures that you receive the very best service, whether you are buying or selling a property in South Africa.

We sell more homes in the upper quartile of the South African market than any other agent, and our local knowledge of the national regions and more specifically the luxury property market within South Africa, enables us to deliver the best results and returns possible.

Our sophisticated marketing technologies and our experienced team of knowledgeable agents in our South African offices, combine to deliver a seamless estate agency experience which achieves the desired outcome for ‘you’ the client.

Please contact the South African Head Office on 0027 11 234 6545 or at to either find your ideal property, or to sell your valued home.

Contact the Fine & Country South African Head Office on 0027 11 234 6545 for one of the best selections of fine city and country property for sale in the area.

Fine & Country South Africa29 Autumn Street, Rivonia, Sandton,Johannesburg, South Africa, 2191

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Selling Property In South Africa

There are various ways to sell your home in South Africa. The most common is to appoint a local estate agent to market the property online and in-store. Alternatively, although less common, you can sell your property privately or use an online-only agent.

As with buying in South Africa, fees can be high. When you sell a property, youll need to pay estate agent fees of up to 8% of the sale price . Estate agents commission is often open to negotiation, and can depend on whether you sign a sole agent agreement or an open agreement .

Capital gains tax charges are also due in South Africa, which can be quite high. Several tax exemptions are available, however. After the deduction of transfer costs, property improvements, acquisition costs, and an allowed annual deduction of ZAR 30,000, capital gains tax is charged at 33.3% of the remaining profit. Read about income taxes in South Africa.

Floor Plans For Houses For Sale

Gauteng Houses For Sale

MyRoof first introduced floor plans for every property for sale on our website in 2006. The thinking was simply: “Provide the best possible buying experience for people interested in buying property”. The more information we could present to potential buyers, the easier it would be for our buyers to decide on a property to buy. It’s true that a picture paints a thousand words, but, as many a property buyer would tell you, a picture can also mislead you. Today MyRoof combines high definition wide angle photographs with precision drafted floor plans. The direction of the photograph is indicated on the floor plan to enable the viewer to get a feel for the property. You can also easily see that the bedrooms have no windows or that a bedrooms only entrance is via another bedroom which is less than ideal. The floor plan also makes it easy to plan for any alterations you might want to make once you’ve purchased the property. We continually innovate to ensure our buyers have the best possible property buying experience. Make sure you use MyRoof when looking for houses for sale!

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Johannesburg Real Estate & Homes For Sale In Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa

Search for real estate in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa and find real estate listings in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Homes For Sale in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa | CENTURY 21 Global. Get details of properties and view photos. Connect to real estate Agents in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa on CENTURY 21 Global.

How To Find Houses For Sale In South Africa

Property for sale in South Africa generally goes through real estate agents, and private sales are relatively rare. Estate agents in South Africa must register with the Estate Agency Affairs Board. Agents receive a certificate annually that says they comply with the code of conduct. Many agents are also members of the Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa. You can find a listing of housing services and real estate agents in South Africa.

You can also find real estate agents that specialize selling in a particular area or focused on foreign buyers. This is particularly the case in more popular areas such as Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, and Johannesburg.

A traditional method of sourcing properties is registering your preferences with as many agents in the area as possible and hoping that they are diligent enough to find you the right home.

Youll find many sites advertising properties, which can be a quick way to gauge potential areas, prices, and properties. Read up on some tips for how to choose the right real estate agent in South Africa

While details of the main national estate agencies are below, you can find smaller, local agencies by looking in the white pages or yellow pages.

Real estate agents in South Africa:

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Property For Sale In Gauteng

Its no secret that property for sale in Gauteng is an extremely hot commodity. Thats because this is the action-packed, beating heart of South Africa. Despite its small size, it has the highest population of any province in the country, largely due to the bustling hubs within its borders. People flock from all over the country, and even the world at large, just to be a part of …

Its no secret that property for sale in Gauteng is an extremely hot commodity. Thats because this is the action-packed, beating heart of South Africa. Despite its small size, it has the highest population of any province in the country, largely due to the bustling hubs within its borders. People flock from all over the country, and even the world at large, just to be a part of the prosperity and development thats encouraged here.

At RE/MAX were proud to hold one of the most exclusive real estate portfolios in Gauteng, with a list of properties available in all shapes and sizes to suit almost any requirement or budget.

Fine urban living

Houses on sale in Gauteng are varied and abundant, particularly in areas such as:

Partner with a professional

Buying property for sale in Gauteng has never been easier. The area has a wide variety of flats, houses and holiday homes and a RE/MAX real estate professional is just waiting to guide you through the process in this competitive market. Browse our listings today!

Costs Of Buying Property In South Africa

5 Bedroom House For Sale in Bryanston, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa for ZAR 9,500,000

When you buy property in South Africa, youll typically pay a transfer duty plus a registration fee and conveyancing fee.

Transfer duty is not applicable in all property sales, as it depends on the property price:

  • 0%: up to ZAR 750,000
  • 3%: ZAR 750,0001,250,000
  • 8%: ZAR 1,750,0002,250,000
  • 11%: ZAR 2,250,000+

Transfer duty is often paid through your conveyancer at the point of purchase, otherwise it must be paid within six months of agreeing to buy your home . If you dont pay on time, youll be subject to interest at 10% per annum each month.

Registration fees are also due to finalize the property transfer:

  • Up to ZAR150,000: ZAR 70
  • ZAR150,000300,000: ZAR 350
  • ZAR2,000,000 5,000,000: ZAR 1,050
  • ZAR5,000,000+: ZAR 1,250

Conveyancing fee depend on the provide and can range anywhere from ZAR 1,25036,000 ZAR .

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Tips And Advice When Buying South African Property

Mark Bellinger at Online-Property advises it is necessary to avoid the common pitfalls when making a property purchase, particularly abroad, considering buying your house or property is one of the biggest purchases you will make during your lifetime. Here are some things to consider to ensure your property purchase in South Africa is secure in all of the following aspects.

  • Deposit: as foreign buyers typically need pay half of their property purchase, its important to establish the amount you can put down as a deposit on your bond.
  • Bond amount: Establish the amount of the monthly repayment you can afford. You can do this by totaling your monthly income less your expenses. The banks will normally grant a maximum bond where the repayment is no more than 25% of your gross monthly salary which should not be more than the amount you calculated above, otherwise you may be overcommitted.
  • Transfer cost: Do not forget to include the costs of transfer duty tax and conveyancing fees that are normally payable by the buyer.
  • Bond approval: Not only has banking changed dramatically in past years, the new credit act has made it more difficult to get bonds approved, so get good advice and assistance with regard to home loans and bond finance.

Before paying duties, its worthwhile noting that some bond originators and finance houses may pay some of these fees for you if you register your bond with them.

Properties And Homes For Sale In Johannesburg Gauteng

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Wendy Houses For Sale Johannesburg South Africa

Home / Wendy Houses for Sale Johannesburg South Africa

Wendy Houses for Sale Johannesburg South Africa There is something magical about a Wendy House, and few traditional playthings have lasted so long. In an age where computer games enthral even the youngest of children it pays to give them something that encourages the imagination, and we have the best selection of quality Wendy Houses for sale Johannesburg South Africa. Beautifully made wooden houses in various designs make for an excellent, affordable and exciting plaything for your children, somewhere they can get away from it all and have their own fun. Its not for nothing that South Africa calls us the best!

With a fabulous range of Wendy Houses for sale we are confident that you will find a design you love among our collection. We have houses to suit all budgets and size constraints, so you wont be disappointed. If you wish we can save you extra money by offering you a DIY Wendy House, complete with all materials and full instructions, so that you can build your own. Take a closer look at our range of the best Wendy Houses South Africa can offer.

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Houses For Sale In South Africa Johannesburg

SANDHURST ESTATE Mansion Villa Sandton Johannesburg South ...

Searching for houses for sale in south africa johannesburg? Use the official link below to find todays latest promotion.

If there are any problems with houses for sale in south africa johannesburg,Please check if your account is eligible for this offer. In addition, you can contact customer support and ask for their help. If you dont remember your personal data, please send an email to customer service. If you still cant find the information you want below, please try to search again in the search box in the upper right corner.

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Funding A Purchase: Deposits And Mortgages

As a foreign buyer, youll typically need a deposit of at least 50% of the purchase price of the property if you are a non-resident. Read about South African visa and permit regulations.

Foreign nationals living in South Africa or investors may be able to loan more at the banks discretion. All loans to foreign nationals are typically subject to approval from the South African Reserve Bank. Some banks will require you to set up a South African bank account so your mortgage payments can be debited, although this is not always the necessary as payments can be arranged from an international bank in some cases.

As with mortgages in other countries, the lender conducts a property valuation before lending you the money. They sometimes base the amount they lend on their valuation, rather than the purchase price.

Lenders tend to offer both fixed-rate and variable mortgages, although fixed-rate deals tend to be less popular at the moment as banks offer uncompetitive rates. While mortgages with terms of up to 30 years are available, its more common to take out a 20-year mortgage as a result, your loan will normally be paid off by the age of 70. Most mortgage products in South Africa dont come with early redemption penalties.

As part of the home buying process, youll also need to take out building insurance. Read about insurance in South Africa.

Property For Sale In Johannesburg

Investing in property for sale in Johannesburg puts investors at the epicentre of trade, business and a cosmopolitan urban lifestyles. As South Africas largest city, it is situated in the provincial capital of the country Gauteng. This region is also home to the capital of SA in Pretoria. This is where youll find th…

Investing in property for sale in Johannesburg puts investors at the epicentre of trade, business and a cosmopolitan urban lifestyles. As South Africas largest city, it is situated in the provincial capital of the country Gauteng. This region is also home to the capital of SA in Pretoria. This is where youll find the constitutional court, also very accessible from Johannesburg. This is also why its considered the wealthiest province in the country, largely thanks to its rich mining history and vigorous commerce.

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Influencing The Future Of An Industry

Welcome to our world! Every great enterprise begins with an idea. This idea, like a spark, ignites the passion within those that have the vision to foresee the possibilities.

Since we sparked into life in 2009, Property.CoZa has rapidly expanded into a national network of dedicated, franchised real estate offices throughout South Africa. This astounding growth was fostered by a culture of innovation and future-focused vision.

From first glance our online presence seems like a typical property portal, and we are so much more than that. Property.CoZa upholds all the foundations of a traditional real estate agency, agents roll up their sleeves, market listings to our extensive database of clients, follow up leads, display for sale boards, host days and property expos. What sets us apart is the integration of e-property trading, website marketing and state-of-the-art-IT systems. These tools are optimal for smarter business practices when striving to remain at the forefront of innovation and new industry developments.

Our 1 000+ energetic and devoted property professionals are renowned for their passion for property as well as client satisfaction. Combining the accessibility of top-notch technology with the strength of a committed, dynamic team enhances our offering and provides our clients with stellar service from the best in the industry.

Building Your Own Home In South Africa

5 Bedroom House For Sale in Waterkloof, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa for ZAR 6,500,000

Building your own home in South Africa is a viable option, although the financial benefits of doing so are open to debate.

Unlike some countries, there are no government incentives for people building their own home. While land is relatively cheap, so too are existing properties.

If you choose to build your own home, in addition to buying a plot of land , you must appoint an architect to design the property and a builder to turn your plans into reality. Architects are usually registered with the South African Institute of Architects. House builders can be found by contacting the National Home Builders Registration Council.

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Buying Property In South Africa

Once you find your ideal property in South Africa, you need to make an offer usually through the estate agent. The estate agent requests a formal letter confirming details of your offer . This then goes to the seller for approval. If the seller agrees to the offer, both sides sign the document this effectively works as a sale agreement.

The seller will now appoint a conveyancer to deal with the legal aspects of the transaction. While the seller usually gets to choose the conveyancer, the buyer pays their fees.

You then must submit identification documents to the Deeds Registry so you can be officially registered as the new owner. As in other countries, the legal process can be time consuming, often running to six to eight weeks.

Once youre officially the new owner, you must pay the remaining balance. The conveyancer then delivers the title deed.

Estate Agent Property For Sale Portal

Since 2009 MyRoof has worked with a select number of Estate Agencies to market and sell properties for sale. MyRoof offers various world leading features differentiating it from other property portals. We offer our buyers the ability to make online offers on properties for sale. These offers are sent to the Estate Agents who then has a very valuable lead to work with. MyRoof has opened its advertising platform on an invitation only basis to Estate agents since September 2017. Estate Agents who are lucky enough to get an invite at this early stage will have all the benefits that we offer including free listings of all their properties on the free package. MyRoof currently has one of the largest active basis of property buyers with over half a million registered users. We’re growing constantly with hundreds of people registering each week.

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