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In Home Golf Simulator For Sale

Custom In Home Golf Simulators

Home Golf Simulator – FSX SKILLS CHALLENGE

With InHome Golfs custom residential installations, you can enjoy the worlds greatest courses without setting foot outside your home. Whatever the season, whenever the mood strikes, you can drive a few balls with friends or develop your game with an experience customized and purpose-built to suit your style, needs, preferences and budget.

Flightscope Mevo Plus Practice Golf Simulator Package

Each of the simulators reviewed above use a screen and projector, which increases the cost significantly. If youre content with viewing your simulation on a mobile device or PC and prefer just a net, this should be one of your top considerations.

This portable simulator is designed for training & practice and is being offered by Rain or Shine Golf. It uses the Mevo+ Launch Monitor, which works nicely indoors but also performs very reliably outdoors just move your net and mat outside and youre set.

Even though no impact screen is included, you can still view the precise Mevo+ shot simulation and data on an iPad or gaming laptop which are included with the package.

What Is Included

This package consists of the Mevo+ Launch Monitor and a trimmed iOS version of E6 CONNECT that features practice ranges, a darts mini-game, and five golf courses. Also included is :

  • a carrying case for the launch monitor
  • The Net Return Pro Series Hitting Net
  • a 5×5 or 4×9 SwingTurf hitting mat
  • landing pad turf
  • side barrier netting
  • an iPad Pro or gaming laptop

The included Net Return Pro Series is one of the best hitting nets on the market it has a large area, automatic ball return, and extreme durability that can handle shots up to 225 mph.

Minimum space dimensions of 9 ft wide x 9 ft high x 17 ft deep are required. Even without a screen and projector, you can achieve a similar feel by connecting to a TV through HDMI and positioning it behind the net.

How Much Space Do I Need For A Golf Simulator

Out of all the questions we get on a daily basis around our golf simulation products, those related to space requirements are the most common. Its easy to see why. You want to make sure that the room youre eyeing off for a golf simulator install will be big enough.

Space requirements often vary from person to person because the room youll need depends on your height and swing and the golf simulator equipment youd like to set-up . So, theres no straight up answer as it really depends on your final set-up. However, with our vast experience in the golf simulation space, weve found there are minimum space requirements for most golf simulators. To ensure you get the best experience, youll need a space with these minimum dimensions: 3.60m Width

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Trugolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator

The TruGolf Vista 10 is chosen here for its graphics, durability, and commercial-grade accuracy. TruGolf is a renowned brand of simulators now, and their products are highly appreciated by professional golfers too. PGA pro golfer Mike Malaska once quoted,

This Trugolf simulator makes practicing and playing easy for me. Its right here in my house. I have access 24 hours per day. And the numbers I get from it are as good if not better than any launch monitor.

TruGolf has its own golf simulator packages made with a TruTrack2 launch monitor, short-throw projector, E6 connect, and other materials. Shop Indoor Golf added side walls and overhead light bars with it without extra cost. That made us choose the package from them. All these costs just over $15,000 which is a good value for the benefits it offers.

The TruTrack2 Tracking System is the alternative to launch monitors. It calculates both ball and club data precisely by using high-speed optical sensors. After analyzing each shot, the sensors display a clear picture of the data on the screen. You may get the results on your android or iOS device by using the E6 Connect software.

E6 Connect is an advanced software offering a high definition of the worlds most challenging golf courses. It also offers several game modes, tournament modes, and practice modes. In addition, you can customize your own game mode.

Things we liked

Things that can be improved

Uneekor Golf Simulator Packages

Golf Simulator Advice

Uneekor offers double-camera-based launch monitors, QED and EYE XO, that add great capability without complexity. An unprecedented leap in real-time accessibility to the actual ball spin and club path movement. And a mind-blowing chip that provides consistent and accurate super-speed and fundamental data readability.

The QED overhead launch monitor is where it all started, but certainly not where it ends. Engineered to be lightning-fast in response while delivering pinpoint accuracy. Paired with Uneekor patented Ball and Club OPTIX technology, with instant ball spin and club path replay powered by Uneekor Ignite software, a whole new level of performance has finally arrived.

The EYE XO overhead launch monitor redefines the limits and pushes the boundaries of indoor golf launch monitor systems. It is the most precise, responsive, and accurate launch monitor technology available on the market. Packed with first-time features like video replay of ball impact to club-face, and patented non-marked ball technology driven by Uneekor’s powerful View software, years of iterations and obsession have brought the ultimate golf launch monitor system.

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How Do Golf Simulators Handle Putting

TruGolf Simulators use the same measurement system to analyze putting as it does full shots. Our high-speed camera system handles even the smallest tap-in putts so there is no gimmie in the golf experience. Only TruGolf allows users to play every shot indoors like they would outside, tee-to-green.

With A Golf Simulator You Can Play On Your Favourite Golf Courses From The Comfort Of Home

Thanks to the launch monitors included with our golf simulators, you can access some of the best golf simulation software around and play on just about any course from round the world in stunning 4K graphics. The Golf Club 2019 hands you the ability to play on more than 170,000 courses. No need to rub your eyes clean you read that right. 170,000 courses! Other software, like E6 Connect gives you more than 100 courses.

Both the Flightscope Mevo+ and SkyTrak launch monitors are compatible with TGC2019. You simply buy a subscription, hook up your launch monitor and you can then hit a few rounds on just about any course you like from around the globe.By this point, you might be wondering at this point

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What Is An Indoor Golf Simulator

So what is an indoor golf simulator anyways?

A home golf simulator is an indoor device that allows you to practice and play a full round without ever leaving your house. Golf simulators are great if you have extra space and/or live in place with bad weather that limits your time on the links.

No, this isnt some video game version of golf that your kids play on a console either. With golf simulators, you are using a real golf club to take full swings and see very similar results. Its as if you are actually playing outside or hitting on the range.

You probably know what Im talking about as chances are youve probably used a golf simulator at your local golf store when trying out clubs before. Theyre great to help get instant feedback and compare golf clubs for a side by side comparison.

Best Home Golf Simulator For A Flex Space

The BEST Home Golf Simulators for ANY Budget!

SkyTrak Flex Space Package

The SkyTrak Flex Space Package is ideal for those that will be using their unit in a shared room, and our selection for best home golf simulator for a flex room.

Whether your area is the garage, basement, or a media room you share with the family, this setup is perfect for those that need their room restored after each use. Everything in the SkyTrak Flex Space bundle is lightweight and portable, and can be setup or put away in minutes.

The bundle is built around the best launch monitor on the market, the SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor – and also includes the metal protective case, and software.

What truly makes this ideal for a Flex Space is the HomeCourse Retractable screen. This screen mounts to the ceiling, extends down and out while in use, and with the push of a button the screen retracts returning your space back to its original form.

Also included is a 6′ x 10′ golf mat that can be rolled up and stored when not in use, an HD 1080P projector, and the ProjectorShield Projector Enclosure.

Priced at $6,399.99, you will be hard pressed to find another setup that is designed specifically for flex spaces as the SkyTrak Flex Space Package, which is why it is our choice as the Best Home Golf Simulator for home flex room.

Home Golf Simulator Reviews

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Foresight Sports Gc2 Launch Monitor Platinum Studio

They offer both commercial and residential options so you can create just the right one as well. With Foresight Sports, they specialize in helping you create the exact one for your intended space, so everything is 100% custom. Its truly top of the line for the most committed golfers.

While there arent any prices on their website, its safe to assume these are in the $20,000+ range as they are all custom-built . One perk is that it has the FSX software which creates an epic experience as if you were on the golf course. With Foresight, you can design online or speak to someone for a custom order.

Or, if you would like to look at a pre-owned unit, .

What Is The Best Golf Simulator Under $5000

As you can tell, there are a ton of great options out there. But if you want an inclusive bundle, I recommend going with the SkyTrak Budget Golf Simulator Package as it is under $5,000 and has a ton of perks. SkyTrak makes it simple and easy to get started quickly.

Remember though that sometimes you will have to buy an iPad, computer, and projector as well. Please make sure to double-check your budget and the space needed so you dont break the budget .

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Types Of Golf Simulators

There are three main types of launch monitors used in golf simulators. Each have their own pros and cons. Well go through all this information below. The idea here is to give you the broad strokes on why one type of launch monitor might be best for your specific home golf simulator. First up is photometric based golf simulators. Launch monitors that use photometric technology include SkyTrak and Foresight Sports GC3. These are camera-based systems that take thousands of high-speed images of the ball immediately after impact. Ball flight data such as ball speed, launch angle, back spin, side spin and side angle is analyzed, with shot shape and distance rendered on screen. All this unfolds within milliseconds and in real-time.

Doppler systems tend to work best outdoors. This is because the microwave signal emitted from the unit needs a clear path to the ball. But as long as you have enough space behind and in front of you, doppler radar launch monitors are also effective for indoor golf simulators.Infrared: The third and final type of launch monitor used in golf simulators is infrared. Brands such as Optishot utilise this technology. Infrared launch monitors emit a light signal to capture the position of your clubhead through the swing.In general, infrared systems are not as reliable at tracking balls as photometric or radar-based golf simulators.

Do You Need A Launch Monitor And/or A Simulator

Indoor Golf Simulator

Yes, if youre a serious golfer, according to Harry Nodwell, Senior Director of Product Testing at My Golf Spy, an independent online reviewer and evaluator of all things golf. Its a must-have if you want to get feedback and dial in your game all year round. That last bit is especially important for golfers trapped indoors during a Canadian winter. And even more so during these COVID-19 days.

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Foresight Sports Gc3 Sig10 Golf Simulator Package

The GC3 is a new launch monitor offering by Foresight Sports that offers terrific value for the cost. Its practically just as accurate as the GCQuad, and although it measures a few less advanced parameters, its perfect for a home golf simulator.

The portable GC3 has a touchscreen display with direct-to-screen output and comes bundled with the stunning new FSX Play software.

This package by Shop Indoor Golf is surprisingly affordable it pairs the GC3 with a high-quality SIG10 enclosure.

What Is Included

The GC3 SIG10 Simulator features the professional-grade GC3 launch monitor which has a sleek, portable design. Three high-speed cameras are used as part of a triscopic photometric camera system.

Because the GC3 is portable, it can easily be moved around the house and even taken out into the yard when weather permits.

Also included are:

  • landing turf & side barrier netting
  • a choice of hitting mat

The SIG10 screen measures 101 wide x 77 high. This premium impact screen is designed to withstand ball speeds of up to 250 mph.

Foresight Sports in-house software FSX 2020 and FSX Play are included with the GC3. The new FSX Play software builds off of FSX 2020 and is designed to provide an ultra-realistic golf simulation experience with support for up to 5K resolution.

Room dimensions of 9 ft high x 12 ft wide x 18 ft deep are recommended.

The Best Home Golf Simulator 17000

Once your budget gets into new car territory, you get access to industry-leading launch monitors like the GC2 and GC Quad, with incredibly true-to-life ball flight and digital courses that are as close as it gets to playing the real thing.

Foresight, manufacturers of the GC2 , offer a variety of options depending on whether you want a simulator permanently set up in your house, or something you can quickly assemble and take down between uses.

For £17,395, youll get a full-blown performance simulator, including the launch monitor itself, a simulator screen and frame, realistic turf, a HD projector, performance laptop with stand, and access to numerous courses.

If you have the budget, the accuracy and realism make this the best home golf experience by far.

Alternatively, if you want the accuracy of a Foresight Sports launch monitor but dont quite have the budget for a full-on home simulator like this, their new Net Series range could be just what you need.

All you need is enough space to set up the net and swing a golf club, whether thats in the house, garage or garden. The launch monitor, connected to a laptop with FSX software, will do the rest, enabling you to practise or play virtual courses. The net can be set up and packed away in minutes, making it the perfect solution for those who dont have space for a permanent setup.

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Flightscope Mevo Plus Perfectbay Golf Simulator Package

Maybe you want a full-fledged simulator setup for your home, but youre on a bit of a budget and dont want to pay more than a few thousand dollars for it. If thats the case, then the Mevo+ PerfectBay Golf Simulator Package is ideal.

This simulator package was put together by Top Shelf Golf and is one of the most affordable full simulator setups on the market.

If youre content with seeing your simulation on a mobile device or PC, you can leave out the projector when ordering this package and save an additional $1000-$2000.

What Is Included

The Mevo+ PerfectBay Simulator uses the Mevo Plus launch monitor, which is comparable to the SkyTrak but is much newer and works reliably both indoors and outdoors. The Mevo+ can be used with the free FS Golf app, giving you real-time performance data, saving of sessions, skills challenges, and more.

Also included in the base package is:

  • a trimmed version of E6 CONNECT for iOS
  • a PerfectBay Golf Simulator Enclosure
  • The Net Return Pro Turf hitting mat

The PerfectBay enclosure, made in the USA, is five feet deep and has a durable, triple-layer impact screen. The screen does not sag, is designed for 4:3 projection, dampens noise, and is meant to withstand ball speeds up to an impressive 250 mph.

There are many optional upgrades available with this package:

  • You can choose a larger PerfectBay PLUS or wider PerfectBay WIDE enclosure.
  • You can purchase software licenses for TGC 2019 or E6 CONNECT.
  • You can choose an Optoma projector.
  • Advanced Technology And Detailed Analytics From High Definition Golf

    How To Build A Home Golf Simulator for Beginners

    Weight transfer and balance analysis is core to understanding the golf swing. This technology provides a comprehensive series of balance measurements at every point of your or your students swing. The analysis will provide data on the following:

    • Center of Gravity
    • Balance
    • Weight & Energy Transfer

    HD Golf uses cutting edge cameras and was the first in the industry to use computer vision technology with high-speed cameras. Simulator measurements are captured using a minimum of four cameras to measure the following data points with accuracy to 1/10th of 1 degree:

    • Ball Spin
    • Efficiency & Smash factor

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    Golf Simulator Putting Surface Differences

    Most golf simulator putting experiences are going to feel like a similar surface to the hitting mats at your local driving range.

    Some companies are now making launch monitors and simulators that offer different types of surfaces to hit your putts on.

    The biggest difference in the surfaces is one is going to feel like being in the fairway and the other is going to feel more like a real green. The fairway will be slower while the green will be more akin to putting on actual grass. Either is going to be fine for simulating golf. Focus less on the different surfaces and more on improving your technique and confidence.

    Flightscope Mevo+ Launch Monitor Or Original Flightscope Mevo

    Although not technically a golf simulator, the Flightscope Mevo launch monitor or Mevo+ is a great launch monitor to help you learn more about your game. Paired with software and a hitting bay, the Flightscope Mevo+ will give every simulator on this list a run for its money.

    The Mevo+ is a huge upgrade from the previous version from Flightscope and is trusted by Bryson The scientist DeChambeau himself. The great part about this launch monitor is that it can help you create an awesome simulator and go with you to the range. Since its only the size of your hand, its much easier to transport than most devices and works outdoors as well.

    To make the Flightscope Mevo+ a full simulator, simply purchase:

    • Hitting net or screen
    • Hitting or full size golf mat

    And if you want to make it even more of an immersive experience, purchase a short throw projector, mount, and HDMI cable. Here is the total package to get everything you need for a small price or here is an upgraded package with some premium components.

    > > Go here to see our latest review of the Flightscope Mevo+.

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