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Luxury Homes For Sale In Bali

Building A Villa In Bali

Beach Mansion for ONLY $4,000,000 | Bali Real Estate | Luxury Homes

If you rather want to build you own home in paradise we can show you various Bali Real Estate that has been build by the architects and contractors we represent. We have a section on the site, that shows the various Bali Villa models we have available. There is beach land or land in the hills and mountains of this tropical island available for you to create your own paradise, in almost every budget. From luxury beachfront villas to a house in the hills with rice paddy and ocean views.

How Much Do You Need To Live Comfortably In Bali

Live comfortably is really subjective and depending on your lifestyle, single or with a family. The typical Bali Digital Nomad lifestyle is the one who lives on a budget-friendly accommodation in an apartment and to live comfortably around 15 Million IDR a month should be enough, however, if youre a local in Bali a 10 million IDR per month will take you a long way and its considered lucky to have such salary and job and potentially apply for an Indonesian mortgage to acquire a small Bali house. If you are an ex-pat family living in Bali and you have kids attending the International Schools such as Canggu School, Montessori, Bali International School and Green School your budget needs to increase dramatically A nice modern villa rental between 250 million to 450 million each year, each child at least USD 20k per year in school fees and so on. The best family-oriented long term rental villas for a family is found in Berawa, Northern Canggu or Sanur. On long term rentals properties, its expected from owners to pay the year up front, this is the standard procedure for most homes available for long term rental in Bali.

With Bali Luxury Estate

While it can be stressful to move to a new location or invest in a new place Bali Luxury Estate will help you through this process. With our extensive knowledge of the real estate market in Bali and Indonesia, we will guide and advise you through this journey. Check out our Villa in Bali for Sale below.

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Ownership Titles Indonesia And Understanding How To Become A Property Owner In Bali Explained


Hak Milik Freehold is the most complete and strongest form of land title ownership in Indonesia. Only individuals of Indonesian Nationality are entitled to own land under a Hak Milik title. Consequently, neither limited liability companies nor foreign individuals may obtain land with a Hak Milik title. Subject to zoning restrictions, the Hak Milik title owner can use the land for any purpose, although it does not entitle the owner to exploit the natural resources found on or under the land. The title has no limit and may be sold, gifted, exchanged and bequeathed and may also be used in the form of a mortgage.

Foreigners may, however, acquire land under a Hak Milik title in another form of entitlement called Hak Pakai or Right of use.

If you own property freehold , means you own the building and the land it stands on. Your name is in the land registry. Foreigners are still not able to obtain freehold property. Only possible for Indonesian nationals.


According to the Government Regulation no. 103 Year 2015, the term of granting rights to foreigners is specified to having a single property. Foreigners can acquire usage rights for 30 years. If the period has expired, it can be extended for another 20 years, then after a span of 50 years, the foreign national may renew his usage rights for a period of 30 years. In total, the given Right of Use period can reach 80 years.


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More Than 22 Years Bpi Bali Real Estate

Contemporary Luxury Beachfront Villa For Sale

Already for more than 22 years BPI shows you property in Bali, from cheap houses and luxury Bali villas to developed land where you can build your own house or villa. Buying Real Estate in Bali can be adventurous, BPI – Palm Living has made it possible for many foreigners in the past years to live a happy life in Bali.. Mail us for an appointment and we show you our listed properties and help you with the property laws in Indonesia and how they may apply to you. Some houses or villas that are for sale may be for rent too, so you can get the feel.

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An Understanding Of How To Buy A Property In Bali

Weve been doing this for a long time, and our experience means we have an excellent understanding of Bali villas and how to buy a villa in Bali. Its this understanding that can be of real value to you as you aim to make a purchase. So if you dont have much knowledge of Bali villas and what the buying process is like here, you should work with us because we can offer you the expertise and understanding that you might currently be lacking.

With The Impact From The Pandemic How Has The Bali Real Estate Market Performed In 2020 And What Do You Expect In 2021

There are two market segments in Bali, domestic and foreign buyers. and let me explain these two separately.

On the Bali freehold market, there have not been so big impact, in fact, there are a lot of transactions especially land sale transaction, but also many luxury villas available a year ago has already been sold, this is due to a bigger demand from the Indonesian freehold buyers from the bigger cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Medan want to have a piece of paradise in Bali. I also believe the lockdown in the bigger cities resulted in a buyer frenzy wanting to relocate to Bali.

Foreigners are also buying up leasehold villas and land in Bali, mostly these property buyers already living in Bali and the current hotspot is Berawa, Batu Bolong, Pererenan and Echo Beach. Actually, since the pandemic started the amount of leasehold property transactions are slowing down compared with the previous year, in the other hand the development happening in Canggu area is staggering, it does not seem it has had much effect on the Bali property development.

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Bali Luxury Beachfront Property

Bali luxury beachfront property, the Villa Minangkabau is one of the most exceptional beachfront real estate of Indonesia. This Bali luxury property is first of all the result of the vision of a well-known Hollywood film director and his wife who wished to build an extraordinary traditional home beneath the sacred volcano Mount Agung in Candidasa, Bali. Thus the Villa Minangkabau will most appeal to people who seek the unusual, the extraordinary.

Bpi Bali Real Estate And Palm Living Partners In Paradise

Luxury Bali Real Estate That Will Blow Your Mind

Over the years we have been involved with many real estate projects and have had many, many villas build in this area. Look around, and do not hesitate to ask us any questions about real estate in Bali, rentals, building, leasing or owning your own piece of real estate in paradise. Palm Living Bali helps you to create your own paradise with a wide selection of villa models, adjustable to your own taste, in various locations. You could capitalize on offering rental accommodation or use the villa totally for yourself. We can manage your property if needed, so your investment is worry free and you can relax and enjoy Bali. Having a villa build in Bali may look daunting, but as our current and previous customers will testify, it is just the start of the fun. Our experience is plenty, we have been here for a long time, we are villa owners ourselves. And, not unimportant, our office is always nearby. Bali is not so big, we are all kind of neighbors here. And you are welcome.

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Bali Villas Bali Property And Real Estate For Sale

Own your second home and spend your delightful tropical days in your Bali villas. Sleep in your luxurious, little slice of paradise and wake up in idyllic beatitude that the island has to offer. Our vast range of Bali property for sale provides a complete answer for quests of finding a calm and secluded home holiday for worldwide seekers. Indulge in lavish facilities and total privacy that only a villa could give.

Bali keeps growing and now the vacancy retreats are not limited to a single beach town. The prime location includes Seminyak, Canggu, Kuta, Jimbaran, Ubud, and many iconic areas with well-developed Bali freehold property for sale built on the best spots. Bali is a mix of traditional heritage, renowned surf spots, and frenzied commercial quarters. Between the serene Hindu biggest temples in the north, to the modern hubbub in the south, the island has much to cater to all style of the tropical gateway.

Dwell in the heart of the tourists’ hub and never miss out the latest trend in the island. Just a few blocks behind the shiny bars and beach clubs are numerous luxury Bali villas, well hidden among the neighborhood. Alternately, take a refugee among the charming villages and beautiful coastline for a discretion bliss. We provide the best selection of leasing property in Bali to suits all budgets and need, from a minimalist designed studio apartment to the coolest penthouse with three bedrooms and private sundecks lounge under the vast sky.

Luxury Homes For Sale In Bali

There are still plenty of opportunities in Bali to own a large luxurious home with a variety of purposes. Maybe you would like a holiday house, or a place to retire on a paradise island.

Maybe youre looking to invest in one, to earn passive income from rent, and sell it again in the future for a better price. Either way, purchasing a luxurious home in Bali has its benefits.

Check out these houses from the Bali Coconut Livingcatalogue.

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Find The Right Property To Buy In Bali

Our professional property agents will assist you to select the best properties according to your needs.As we would like to know more about your real estate project, few questions will help us to understand your project:What is your motivation to buy property in Bali? Are you looking for investment opportunity or just buy a home for your family?What is your favorite land area in Bali?How many bedrooms do you need for your villa?Are you looking for long term rental, leasehold or freehold property?If the villa is located in touristic area, is it fine for you or do you prefer quiet environment?Are you interested by villa rental with high return on investment ?Are you focus in ground floor villa only?What is your budget for this project?

With these information, we will be able to make a fine selection of properties and stay focus in what you are looking for exactly.


North Bali Is The Place To Go For Luxury Real Estate On A Budget

North Bali is the place to go for luxury real estate on a ...

3 Jan 2019, 12:00am

Bali beach house for sale Source: Mansion Global

Question: What would a smidgen under $900,000 get you when it comes to prime beachfront real estate in Sydney.

Answer: Not much. Maybe a tiny apartment if you were lucky.

What would you expect to pay for a seven-bedroom, fully furnished villa on a 1390sqm block, on a private stretch of the beach, complete with gym, main swimming pool and separate jacuzzi and childrens pool, all surrounded by manicured lawns and lush tropical gardens?

In Sydney, millions but in Air Sanih, Bali, Indonesia, this home will set you back about $899,900.

Bali beach house for sale. Source: Mansion Global

Bali beach house for sale Source: Mansion Global

Bali beach house for sale Source: Mansion Global

Agent Julien Hug, of Exotiq Property, recently told Mansion Globalthat the property was one of the largest houses in North Bali.

It is one of the largest villas in this area of Bali, and it stands out because it is beachfront, with a black sand beach, he said.

There are no waves there and it does not go very deep you can walk out quite a bit. There are not that many large houses in North Bali.


The property sits on the higher land level of the water, and there are three separate pavilions built around the around swimming pools, that tuck into the open living and dining area in the main house.

Bali beach house for sale Source: Mansion Global

Bali beach house for sale Source: Mansion Global

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Villas In Bali For Sale

There are plenty of villas in Bali for sale and the demographic such as Canggu and Seminyak is ex-pat oriented, while Sanur, Jimbaran, Denpasar and Bukit area has a more local demographic of residents and mixed marriages. Its important to know what demographic you like to be in and what to expect from the local community. Bali Luxury Estate helps you on this process while looking for Villas in Bali for sale.

Can Foreigners Buy Property In Bali

The short answer to this is yes, foreigners can buy and own property in Bali, Indonesia. The longer process is explained by the article Legal Facts about Indonesia Real Estate. A foreigner can acquire villa and land in Bali through the following structures: Hak Guna Banguanan, Hak Pakai and Hak Sewa. The most commonly used is the Hak Sewa option which is Leasehold. The two other options require you to own a company or have a residence permit in Indonesia. Please note in order to acquire Guna Bangunan and Pakai you need to purchase the Hak Milik titles from an Indonesian citizen, and during the process, the titles are being converted. This means you sale the titles to an Indonesian citizen and automatically upgrade to Freehold again meaning the value is the same and does not depreciate as a lease.

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Villas For Sale: Listings

Explore our real estate listings and find today the right villa to buy for your family: Villas for sale in Bali. Because Bali Villa Sale is a real estate agency located in Bali Island, we cover all the areas of Bali like Seminyak, Canggu, Umalas, Ubud, Uluwatu, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Tabanan, Lovina, Kerobokan, Singaraja, Jimbaran, Kuta, Gili Islands and more. Also, you can find our vacant land plots here: Land for sale in Bali.

All The Best Luxury Villas For Sale In Bali

INSIDE a $14,995,000 idr TRADITIONAL MANSION in BALI INDONESIA | Luxury Real Estate

At Bali Villa Sale , we offer a large selection of Luxury villas for sale in Bali. With villas available from only 100,000 USD and our top luxury villas selling for over 3,900,000 USD. Therefore, we are confident that you will find in our listings the villa of your dream. However, dont hesitate to contact us directly for any special request.

Referred as the breath taking paradise in Indonesia, Bali attracts many travelers from all around the world to visit its finest beach and discover its special culture as Bali is also called The Island of the Gods.

In short, there is no doubt that Bali played a leading role in Asian villa market. Because Bali is the home of some unique luxurious villas with prime locations and some offer incredible views over the ocean. Normally, foreigners buy leasehold properties when Indonesian citizens have an easier access to Freehold ownership. And because Bali is a huge island, the choice of tropical beach locations is endless. Now days the south coast of Bali is well known as the Bali Billionaire Raw and features luxury villas & five star hotels after another.

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Bali Luxury Villas For Sale Bali Real Estate

With so many luxury Bali villas for sale, youre sure to find a luxury option that works for you. As you can see by browsing the homes listed on our website, luxury is easy to come by in Bali, and thats vital for many buyers. We feel that were best positioned to help you find the guaranteed luxury that youre searching for as you prepare to purchase in Bali. Theres no need to accept second best when you could instead work with us to find the ideal home for you. We are ready to find the Best Bali Real Estate properties that suits your needs.

What Is The Bali Lifestyle Like

Dance forms a unique part of Bali culture and the more popular dances are the Baris dance, Legong dance and Monkey Dance and the most traditional, the Barong dance. In terms of religion, about 84% of the population practices Balinese Hinduism and 14% of the population is Islam.

Balinese wear modern clothes. However, when at home, they change into traditional clothing such as sarong. For men, they have formal wear called kamben, a type of sarong wrapped around the waist. They would also wear endek, made of Indonesian Ikat fabric. For women, they would wear a belt or sash that goes up to their armpits for formal events.

The Balinese have specific grouping for their social classes and people are divided into different castes Brahmana, Satria, Wesia and Sudra. Balinese people are known to be very polite, considerate and friendly to everyone they meet.

A standard Balinese meal consists mostly of vegetables, rice, and proteins such as tempeh, fish tofu, and chicken. Theyre also fond of chili sauces. However, their ceremonial feasts are very different since they eat whole pigs, turtles, and bats.

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Knowledge Of The Local Market

If youre reading this, you probably already want to own a villa in Bali. But we understand that you might not have a thorough understanding of the local Bali property market here. Thats where we can step in and assist you. If youre wondering how much is a villa in Bali or where the best spot to buy right now is, well answer those questions and make the whole process clearer and more comfortable for you. Its our in-depth knowledge of the local market that makes this possible.

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