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Mobile Homes For Sale In Michigan That Can Be Moved

A Must See Home Move In Ready

Move In Ready Double Wide Mobile Homes For Sale in Elmendorf Texas


  • 3 BR·1,260 sq. ft.·Single Family·Slidell, LAMUST SEE, MOVE-IN READY! This 3BR/2Bath is updated AND in flood zone ” C” Open floor plan, highTools
  • 2 BR·Mobile Homes·Fallon, NVMobile Home for Sale in Fallon, NV.Must Be Moved! Features: Beautiful 2012 kit home locatedTools
  • 4 BR·2,232 sq. ft.·Single Family·Shelbina, MOMUST SEE!! Large Beautiful Manufactured Home 1998 Ranch Style 32X80 2,232 square feet 4 Beds, 2 1Tools
  • 3 BR·Single Family·Tuscarawas, OHoff.Location: must be movedTools
  • 3 BR·Single Family·Carbondale, ILroofgas homeattractive conditionThis home must be moved from the property it’s on once itTools
  • Michigan Mobile Homes For Sale

    • 4 Beds⢠2 Baths⢠1,456 Sq. Ft.Newport, MI 48166
    • 3 Beds⢠2 Baths⢠1,404 Sq. Ft.Hastings, MI 49058
    • 4 Beds⢠2 Baths⢠1,512 Sq. Ft.Prescott, MI 48756
    • 3 Beds⢠1 Bath⢠960 Sq. Ft.Mancelona, MI 49659
    • 3 Beds⢠2 Baths⢠1,323 Sq. Ft.Iron River, MI 49935
    • 4 Beds⢠2 Baths⢠1,456 Sq. Ft.Shelby Township, MI 48315
    • 3 Beds⢠2 Baths⢠1,536 Sq. Ft.Hastings, MI 49058
    • 4 Beds⢠3 Baths⢠2,640 Sq. Ft.Mancelona, MI 49659
    • 3 Beds⢠2 Baths⢠1,456 Sq. Ft.White Lake, MI 48383
    • 3 Beds⢠2 Baths⢠1,296 Sq. Ft.Gladwin, MI 48624
    • 2 Beds⢠1 Bath⢠900 Sq. Ft.Marion, MI 49665
    • 2 Beds⢠1 Bath⢠1,120 Sq. Ft.Curtis, MI 49820
    • 3 Beds⢠3 Baths⢠1,716 Sq. Ft.Wetmore, MI 49895
    • 3 Beds⢠2 Baths⢠2,134 Sq. Ft.South Branch, MI 48761
    • 3 Beds⢠2 Baths⢠1,378 Sq. Ft.Buckley, MI 49620

    Understand The Local Mobile Home Market

    When selling your mobile home:

    The main objective is to close the deal as fast as possible.

    Some sellers often assume that potential buyers will be lining up to pay for their manufactured homes. Unfortunately this is not the case, unless your mobile home is the least expensive in the area, or the most attractive compared to any other property in Grand Rapids, MI 49548 or 49544.

    The local manufactured homes market is such that there are two types of buyers. There are those who are willing to make cash payments for used modular homes, or others that are looking to finance the purchase.

    The cash buyers are mostly people who have either just cashed in on their tax refunds, they are downsizing from a more traditional stick-built home, or they are using some other form of savings to make the purchase.

    There are also the potential buyers willing to make a down payment for your mobile home, then make subsequent payments over a period of time.

    You need to understand the local dynamics in the Grand Rapids, MI real estate market so that you dont end up selling to the wrong buyer.

    For starters, make sure that when selling to a payment buyer, collect as much of a down payment as you can upfront, in case the buyer defaults.

    Understand Your Options Before Making the Sale

    Now that you understand the difference between payment and cash buyers for manufactured homes in Grand Rapids, MI, the next step is establishing how fast you need to sell the mobile home.

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    Another Mobile Home Tenant Facing $25k Lawsuit After Selling Her Own Home

    MUSKEGON, Mich. Another mobile home tenant finds herself at the center of a $25,000 lawsuit. Barbara Bower sold her Muskegon mobile home in January. Now, Nomad Mobile Home Park is suing her.

    Bob Berkenpas of Kent County is in a similar situation with a different corporate landlord, Sun Communities. Last week, an attorney for Sun Communities argued before Judge James Redford.

    Whats been happening in the state of Michigan, your honor, over the last several years is that people are coming into manufactured home communities and are offering to purchase homes from tenants who are unsophisticated for relatively low amounts of money, attorney Matthew Miller said during a motion hearing last week in Kent County.

    Barbara Bower is one of thousands of tenants who Miller may have been referring to.Bower lived in Nomad Mobile Home Park since 1999.

    My aunt was in a very bad accident lost her leg. She was in hospital for three years. We paid. We left the trailer there for almost three years, Cathy Bonters, Bowers niece, explained.

    Bower is now in an assisted living facility and is no longer able to live alone.So Bonters, who has power-of-attorney, tried to sell the mobile home for her.

    We had someone interested for $15,000, Bonters said.

    Bonters said Nomad Park management foiled that deal. She said the park eventually wanted to buy the home itself for $11,000 to make sure it stays on the property.However, Bonters claims management dragged its feet for three months.

    What Time Of Year Is It

    Mobile Homes for Sale (Best price and can be shipped anywhere)

    You need to put a lot into consideration when looking at exactly what time of year it is when youre moving your mobile home.

    For example, if you live in an area that gets especially rainy during the spring or fall, then you may need to figure out how youre going to protect the exposed parts of the home during your trip.

    If youre traveling in the winter months, things will get even more complex for you. You need to be sure that you have everything in place just in case it snows during your travels.

    If youre going to need to split the mobile home into two sections, then your company will need to take some protective steps so that snow and such dont get inside the house.

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    Tips For Buying Your First Mobile Home

    Many valid questions come to mind as a firsttime purchaser, like:

    • Whats the best place to start?
    • Whats the best way to find the correct seller?

    Trying to secure your first manufactured home without a guide or recommendations might be aggravating.

    Fortunately, the tips provided below will assist you in gaining a foothold and completing the transaction as quickly as possible.

    Do I Need Mobile Home Movers Or Can I Do It Myself

    Most people ask themself, do I really need mobile home movers for this? Well, its not that easy.

    While it may seem like it would cost less to move a mobile home yourself, that is not always the case. Theres a lot to consider:

    To move your mobile home, it has to be up to code you have to have the proper permits and certificates for the place youre going, and you will probably want to have insurance on the home while its in transit.

    Most moving companies deal with all of this paperwork often, and they can do it faster than you, thus cutting down the time spent on it. As such, if you want to move your mobile home, it will be more reasonable to let moving companies deal with moving your mobile home.

    A mover can ensure the house is up to code, gather the permits, and they have their insurance, which will cover any issues if your mobile home is damaged while its being transported.

    Working with a moving company also ensures safety for both your home and the drivers. Often, the state requires movers to acquire all of the licenses and permits necessary to do their job, so they are regulated and tested to ensure theyre doing it correctly.

    If you move your mobile home, you may pay a hefty price for full-service moving services, but its well worth it in the end.

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    Repo Mobile Homes For Sale :

    Free mobile homes to be moved in michigan. Click the image for larger image size and more details. Most of these homes are liveable, many are in good condition, whereas others require some repairs. Last year, more than 80,000 homes were sold on mhvillage with a combined transaction value exceeding $3 billion.

    Bank repo homes michigan repos modular. This 3 bedroom 2 full bath home on 5 acres is your up north get away or year round home. Thousands of first time homebuyers thought they would.

    97415, brookings, curry county, or. 82007, cheyenne, laramie county, wy. Based in grand rapids, michigan, mhvillage inc.

    1990 redman beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home for sale for sale. This is crazy, but people all over the u.s. Interested in finding out if you would qualify for purchasing one of our beautiful models?

    Previous photo in the gallery is bank repo priced sell fast mobile home sale harbor city. This site might help you. Must be moved from the park.

    With mhvillage, you can easily stay up to date with the latest mobile home listings in michigan. I am seeking a free mobile home for a place to live will move if i have to if i can do it for cheap thank you! Mobile home windows sell used buy search.

    Find the perfect floorplan for your next mobile home today! Homes for you price price newest bedrooms bathrooms square feet lot size. Mike can also assist with finding the perfect piece of property to place your new home on.

    We sell mobile homes to the lower 48 contiguous states.

    Thoroughly Prepare Your Mobile Home For Transit

    Millbridge 1.5 Story Home for Sale – MI Homes in Waxhaw NC

    Theres a lot of preparation that goes on before moving the mobile home.

    The mobile home movers will take care of moving the house, but since youll be moving an entire home, a lot of work goes into making sure that all of its contents are ready to be relocated.

    Moving your mobile home means you will have to disconnect the utilities and power lines. The ideal situation is hiring a professional to do it, which will cost money as well.

    Preparing to move a mobile home can cost up to $1,000, on average, and thats before the actual move itself.

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    Mobile Homes For Sale In Grand Rapids Mi

    In Grand Rapids, MI, there are some manufactured homes for sale that are amazingly done, such that it is difficult to tell that it is a mobile home.

    Here are some of the things that you should know if you happen to have manufactured homes for sale in Grand Rapids, MI 49548 or Grand Rapids, MI 49544.

    What Is The Hud Code

    Its just a building standard, thats all. It overrides all local construction standards, therefore, all states and counties have to accept HUD standards, even if HUDs codes conflict with local building codes.

    Here is what you need to know about the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development standards.

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    Homes Built To Hud Standards Are Faster And Less Expensive

    One of the biggest advantages of homes built to HUD standards is that they will get approved faster than IRC code homes.

    As a reminder, just because HUD code homes get approved and built faster doesnt mean they are of low quality. In fact, they are strict with their inspection and quality standards during production in the factory.

    Here is the federal manufactured home construction and safety standards:

    Thoroughly Prepare Your Destination For Your Mobile Home Before It Arrives

    Adventure Homes Manufactured Home For Rent in Lansing, MI

    Moving the mobile home from where it is currently is not the final process. Still, theres a lot that needs to be done at the other end.

    For example, setting up the home and making sure that it is placed correctly on the new lot.

    You may need to take down trees to prepare the new lot where the house will be placed, put blocks underneath the home, and attach both to the ground.

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    Modular Homes For Sale In Michigan

    To conclude, there are many factors to consider when searching for modular homes in Michigan. The application process involved in buying modular houses should be fairly straight forward. It is important to be mindful that, during the application process, you will be asked by the loan lender for documentation relating to your employment history, income and credit rating. This will all be considered as evidence to demonstrate how you will manage the payments involved in buying your very own modular home.

    We are convinced that there is truly no better place to find your dream home than buying modular homes for sale located in Michigan at the Tyrone Woods Manufactured Home Community! With that said, dont just take our word for it. Contact us today to come checkout a model and see for yourself.

    Mobile Homes For Sale In Grand Rapids Mi: The Good And Bad

    Mobile homes are becoming increasingly popular in todays property market, which is why the cost of buying one has been rising over the last few years.

    If you are selling a mobile home in Grand Rapids, MI 49548 or Grand Rapids, MI 49544, you need to understand the entire process for a successful sale.

    Apart from the process, there are some logistical challenges that require the transaction to be handled by a professional realtor.

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    Which Is Right For Me: Modular Homes Vs Manufactured Homes

    For example, modular homes have advanced quite a lot over the years, when it comes to customization. As such, they offer a wide range of options for customizing your home.

    On the other hand, manufactured homes offer little to no room for customization therefore, consider going for modular homes if you have a specific design in mind.

    Even though prefab homes are a cheaper option themselves, the type of home you want can affect the cost of building. As such, modular homes tend to be more expensive than manufactured homes.

    Therefore, you will want to consider one that fits your budget.

    Hud Code For Mobile Homes

    Northern Michigan Mobile Home Land

    The growth of manufactured homes as a primary form of housing resulted in the U.S. Congress passing legislation in 1976 to establish the construction standards for manufactured housing in order to guide home construction and safety standards.

    Mobile homes are built in a factory and placed on a trailer chassis to allow them to be moved. Before that, however, a manufacturer has to be compliant with the HUD building standard for manufactured housing.

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    Verify The Buyer Has Funds Follow

    Real estate agents and home sellers face a great challenge, which is coming across potential buyers that are not genuine.

    Of course when selling mobile homes for sale in or near either Grand Rapids, MI 49548 or Grand Rapids, MI 49544, due to the hot market right now, you will likely get many offers from prospective buyers. The problem is that you need to identify the people who are actually serious about the deal in an effort to not wasting your time.

    Make sure that the buyer has funds to make the purchase so that you dont end up spending your time on a non-existent deal. Once you accept an offer from a prospective buyer, follow-up with the person making the purchase so that the deal is completed within a set timeline.

    Then, finally closing the deal allows you to focus on other issues, such as finding a new place to live.

    Verifying whether the buyer has funds, following-up, and closing the deal should take place in a seamless manner. Make sure that you have all of the documents required by the local and city authorities in Grand Rapids, MI, so there are no further delays along the way.

    What Exactly Is A Modular Home

    A modular home is built off site in a factory. These homes benefit from having not suffered from previous property damage due to adverse weather conditions, like many traditional homes built on-site are often vulnerable to. Modular homes in Michigan are built with high quality building materials due to them being required to meet the same high IRC standards as traditional site-built homes.

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    Moving Companies Will Drive Your Mobile Home For You

    Its never easy to drive a giant moving truck around, especially if you have no experience driving such trucks. This is just another reason why you should consider hiring a professional to handle all that, especially if youre moving long-distance.

    Otherwise, you could put yourself, and other people, at greater risk of danger.

    You Will Have Enough Time And Energy For Other Important Things

    Double Wide Manufactured Homes in Grand Rapids, MI

    Hiring a professional moving company will save you energy and time. Acquiring permits and gathering all of the paperwork is a daunting and tedious process that will give you headaches.

    If you hire a mover, they take care of all that, since they have experience. They will ensure everything runs smoothly without putting anyone at risk.

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    Employment And Education Near Ann Arbor Mi

    With close proximity to both the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University, residents near Ann Arbor have access to all a career in education can provide. From teaching to administration, academia is one of the largest employers in Ann Arbor. In other fields, Suburban Collection, Duo Security, Thomson Reuters, and Michigan Medicine are all top employers to nearby residents.

    When you buy or rent a manufactured home near one of UMH Properties, Inc.s communities you will be located conveniently near a variety of higher education opportunities. In addition to the renowned University of Michigan, Concordia University Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Community College, and Eastern Michigan University are all offering a wide range of majors for students to explore.

    You Wont Break The Bank

    Because of its affordability, several communities have selected mobile homes as their primary housing option.

    Since many ordinary Americans cannot afford to live in a stick-built home, many choose to live in a mobile home.

    In August 2020, the average price for a new single-wide manufactured home was $57,700, according to the Census Bureau.

    The cost of constructing a traditional home is even higher. The nationwide average cost to build a new home in 2021, according to HomeAdvisor, was $287,466.

    Housing costs also continue to rise, making it impossible for the typical person to acquire a traditional home.

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