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Tiny Houses For Sale In Washington State

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Washington state tiny house for sale

For access to the most beautiful range of tiny homes in Marysville and Everett, WA, you can count on Carriage Houses Northwest. Call today to learn more at .

We absolutely love our tiny house! There were some issues with the hot water and the a/c heater unit but Carriage Houses sent Micah out several times to fix it all. Kurt was wonderful and did everything he said he would do. We are thankful for this company and group of people! I highly recommend having a house build by them! J.M.

Our Carriage Houses NW cottage is a game-changer for our guests! Carriage Houses NW was a true partner during the design phase very accommodating of our many requests. And the build went lightening fast! Though its only 198, the 15 ceilings and roomy loft make it feel much bigger. Definitely build one of these! Erin

Why Are Tiny Homes In Washington A Popular Option

There are numerous reasons the popularity of tiny homes in Washington is spiking. As rents and housing prices increase, many individuals find the idea of living in a cost-effective smaller home appealing.

Unlike regular homes, tiny houses are typically registered as either mobile homes or RVs, which makes them exempt from many of the regulations and taxes of standard homes. They are also more versatile than larger houses, built on wheels to allow them to move with the owner.

Whether you want to benefit from the lower costs or flexibility that custom tiny homes in Washington can offer,you can enjoy life unencumbered with one of the many models we offer.

Permanent Tiny Houses In Washington

There is still no official maximum size for a tiny home on permanent foundations in Washington, but they are typically less than 600 square feet in size.

If youre building a tiny house on the site where you intend it to be occupied and used, contact your local building department. Remember to ask about electrical inspections as well as any other inspections and paperwork needed along the way.

If youre buying a manufactured home of any size, including a tiny home, contact your local building department to find out where your home can be located. L& I oversees regulation for the construction of tiny houses that are built anywhere other than where they are intended to be used. Whether its constructed in a factory, a workshop, or a backyard, if you plan to use it somewhere else, youll need to contact L& I to arrange plan reviews, inspections, and permits.

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Where Can Tiny Homes Be Sited And How Long Can They Stay

If it is on wheels, local jurisdictions will usually treat it as an RV so unless sited in a mobile home/RV park or some other limited planning exception, local zoning and development regulations also present challenges, such as minimum size and parking requirements. Further, occupancy limits and limits on numbers of accessory dwellings on residential lots limit the potential for community living also.

For a deeper look into the regulatory challenges tiny houses face, because most to date in Washington County have been illegal residences, take a look at this MRSC Insight blog post about legalizing tiny houses.

What A Manufactured Home In Washington Looks Like

Tiny Houses

Custom tiny homes may be smaller in size, but that doesnt mean they lack any of the luxuries, amenities, or upgrades that you want for your home. Utopian Villas is a leading tiny home builder in Washington, specializing in custom dwellings that are constructed to satisfy each buyer. With our luxury designs and styles that equal those of larger homes, we aim to bring all of the luxuries of tiny house living to people who may not consider switching to tiny houses otherwise. We want to make sure that each customer is equally impressed with the final tiny house design.

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Some Important Notes About Licensing Requirements:

When you build a tiny house there are several registration and licensing issues you need to be aware of and consider.

  • You may need to be a registered general contractor depending on where you are going to work on a tiny house, and what duties you are performing. Contact L& Is contractors program to find out the requirements for your situation.
  • All plumbing must be installed by a Washington state-licensed residential or commercial plumber.
  • All electrical work must be performed by a Washington State licensed electrical contractor and licensed electricians. You will need to get an L& I electrical permit to connect your house to power.

There are exceptions for homeowners doing electrical and plumbing work on their own house. Please contact L& Is plumbing program and electrical program to determine the licensing requirements for your situation.

Note: Local building permits will be required for everything from the tiny houses foundation, installation, and its location on a property. Remember to contact your local building official for more information.

Next, see the get inspected tab.

Get Inspected

You will need to have your tiny house inspected several times by L& I as you complete certain stages of construction. You must contact us using either an in-state or out-of-state inspection request form before covering any work on the house. Our inspector will contact you to confirm an appointment.

  • Floor.

Tiny Houses On A Chassis

Local Zoning Regulations Also Control Land Use In Washington State

Local governments in Washington state usually codify their zoning controls in a development code or land use code, within their general code. For example, the city of Vancouver, Washington’s development code is in Chapter 20 of the Vancouver Municipal Code. You’ll find Spokane County’s zoning code in Chapter 14 of the Spokane County Code.

If you do not already know your property’s exact zoning designation, be sure to find it out. For example, your property might be in a “single-family residential” or “light industrial” zone. One way to find out is to call the local planning department. Or, check whether your local government has an interactive website allowing you to research your property. For instance, if your property is in King County, you can go to the County Assessor’s website and run a report with just your address.

The next step is to see what uses are allowed on your property based on the zoning. In a case like yours, where you plan to use the tiny house as an accessory dwelling, you will want to review the code provisions that relate to your zone to see whether accessory dwelling units are permitted. Sometimes detached ADUs, like a tiny house, are referred to as cottages.

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Pocket Mansions Seattle Wa


$35,000 $98,000

Pocket Mansions tiny house builders have a motto: To make tiny houses safe and accessible for everyone. They can help you with any and every stage of building your tiny house, whether youre building it yourself or hiring someone else to do the hard work. By designing tiny house layouts to meet your lifestyle goals, Pocket Mansions help you make informed decisions, and your tiny living dreams become a sustainable reality.

Mint Tiny Homes For Sale In Washington

Absolutely Gorgeous Cottage Tiny House for Sale in WA

At Clear Creak RV Center in Washington state we now carry Mint Tiny Homes at our Silverdale and Puyallup locations. Mint Tiny Homes has grown into one of the largest tiny homes manufacturers in the Northwest. Each Mint Tiny Home offers a cozy feeling of home without comprising the ease of traveling. Enjoy high-end finishes with spacious kitchens in each tiny home RV.

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The New Washington Tiny House Legislation:

The new Washington regulation ESSB 5383 supports the development and adoption of tiny homes in many ways:

  • The new law specifically Defines tiny houses for the first time as follows:

Tiny houses and Tiny houses with wheels are to be considered in the state of WA as:A dwelling to be used as permanent housing with permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking and sanitation built in accordance with the state building code. For the first time, this differentiates tiny homes from recreational vehicles and other types of housing, allowing these structures their own category and the ability to be used as legal permanent residences in WA.

  • It directs adoption of building code standards for building Tiny Houses:

In 2018, the International Code Council issued suggestions for Tiny house building standards in Appendix Q of the International Residential Code . Tiny home legislation ESSB 5383 directs the WA State Building Council to adopt standards specific to tiny houses by December 31. 2019. The legislature expects the newly- IRC guidance to become the basis for these standards, but local governments, in turn, can amend their building codes to include these new provisions.

Also, just last year the state legislature passed a bill authorizing local governments to adopt regulations eliminating any minimum gross floor area requirements for single- family dwelling

  • Includes prefabricated tiny houses in the definition of factory- built prefab housing

Why Choose Tiny Mountain Houses

Your dream is to own and live in a tiny house and our dream is to build you one One Built using our vast experience in the industry, our meticulous attention to detail, and our compassionateapproach that guides you through the entire process. Let our family build a beautiful tiny house for your family.

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Tiny House Laws & Building Codes Washington

Recently, Washington adopted new laws to make tiny house living easier and more accessible. The new laws allow local municipalities to approve multi-unit lots for tiny home communities, eliminates any single-family dwelling minimum square foot requirements, adds tiny houses and THOWs to the definition of factory-built housing so they can be included in RV and trailer parks, and clears a regulatory pathway to allow Eco-villages and tiny home communities.

Effective from Feb 2021, the State of Washington adopted Appendix Q Tiny houses, with amendments.Appendix Q provides standards and regulations for tiny homes with a foundation of 400 square feet or less and was adopted into the 2018 International Residential Code building code. The appendix relaxes certain code requirements for stairs leading to a loft area, reduced ceiling heights in lofts, and air leakage testing.

Heres how Washington defines tiny houses:

Your Local Zoning Code’s Development Standards Might Make Your Tiny House Plan Difficult To Achieve

Charming Tiny House for Sale in Olympia, Washington for ...

Zoning codes in Washington also include development standards that guide development in each zone. Development standards include requirements relating to setbacks, lot coverage, height restrictions, utilities, parking, landscaping, and even lighting.

Some of these standards can make development of a tiny house difficult or impossible. If, for instance, your backyard is small, you might not be able to comply with setback requirements or be able to develop the required parking space.

On a related note, you should also review any private land use restrictions. As an example, Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions control the development of property in subdivisions or communities governed by homeowners’ association . In fact, subdivisions sometimes have stricter development standards than local governments. If applicable, it is important to review any CC& Rs and other development restrictions carefully to see whether tiny houses are allowed.

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Big Freedom Tiny Homes

Image source: Big Freedom Tiny Homes

Image source: Big Freedom Tiny Homes

Image source: Big Freedom Tiny Homes

Image source: Big Freedom Tiny Homes

Image source: Big Freedom Tiny Homes

Every home built by this tiny house company is made unique and one by one! The builder and founder of the company Shannon Black takes care of your project from A to Z. If you are looking for a high quality tiny house made with quality materials, this is a great option for you. You can check out different projects he has made on his website or Instagram profile.

Location: Bellingham, Washington

Tiny houses on foundations: No

Custom builds: Yes

Tiny house financing partners: N/A

Price: Around 70 000$ US. Contact the builder for more details.

Contact Big Freedom Tiny Homes for more information!

Affordable Options For A Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit

Carriage Houses Northwest first started offering tiny homes on wheels in the Everett and Marysville, WA areas in 2016, then went on to offer detached accessory dwelling units, or DADUs, that offer a permanent fixture to your property. With designs offering up to 300 square feet and featuring the option of including a full appliance package, these affordable backyard cottages are well within reach. Through our partnership with Hearth, we also offer financing from a range of lenders so that you can easily afford a new tiny home designed by award winning architects. Our commitment to the highest quality workmanship means that you will enjoy a lifetime of fun with your new tiny home.

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Unique Uncompleted Tiny House

I am selling my hand made, original design, beautiful UNFINISHED Tiny House.

I start the construction in 2014 on a 24 TNT 10.000 lb double axels NEW trailer.

Dimension: 25×8.6×13.6 Siding: Hand made milled local cider 3/4x 8Roof: 24 gauge metal PVDF Rustic SteelHitch: Andersen No-Sway Weight Distribution Hitch 14.000 lbs GTWR TMD systemSkylight: Four 4x2custom made openable skylight with 3/4 Tempered Insulated GlassLoft: One loft 10x 7.3 and one 5x 7.3 with FOUR FEET hight on the centerToilet: Compost

Located in: Yelm, WA

Iron Eagle Trailers Fairview Or

Incredible Tiny Homes: 8′ x 28′ THOW Ready to Leave for Washington State


$3,800 and up

Iron Eagle Trailers specialize in trailers designed and built especially for tiny houses. Theyve worked with Dee Williams and PAD to overcome many of the challenges faced by owners of tiny houses on wheels . They welcome the chance to add unique customization to the trailers for no added charge, which makes them an affordable option when looking for a base for your unique tiny house.

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Seattle Tiny Homes Seattle Wa


$45,000 $135,000

With many ideas to make your tiny home a greener living experience, Seattle Tiny Homes focuses on meeting your unique needs and designing a tiny house to suit you. They have a range of basic tiny house models ready to turn into your perfect tiny house, or they will design a unique tiny dream home to turn your tiny living ideas into reality.

What Washington State Law Says About Tiny Houses

The Washington legislature generally seeks to encourage construction of tiny homes. For example, it stated in its new law that , cities or towns can’t pass ordinances directly or indirectly preventing the entry or requiring the removal of a recreational vehicle or tiny house with wheels if they’re being used as a primary residence in a manufactured or mobile home community.

Of course, that doesn’t apply to a single tiny house in your backyard.

The legislature also, however, passed construction standards for all houses, tiny houses included, in “Appendix Q.” This sets certain standards for tiny houses that are used as places to live. The standards include, for example, minimum ceiling heights for different rooms, and require mechanical ventilation of the whole structure.

For tiny houses built on-site, on a foundation, and intended for human habitation, the state mostly leaves it to local governments to draft building codes dictating what you can and cannot construct. Such codes normally include building and safety standards related to the foundation, electrical components, insulation, egress , protection from moisture, and plumbing.

Across the board, local governments in Washington adopt the International Building Code and make any appropriate amendments. For example, the Seattle Building Code is the IBC with adopted amendments specific to Seattle’s needs.

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Finding The Right Space For A Tiny House In Washington

Owning a tiny home can give homeowners plenty of freedom, but there are certain rules and regulations that they should acknowledge when living in these homes. The first thing to be aware of is the fact that many cities dont permit tiny houses unless they comply with standard local size requirements and building codes. This means that any smaller homes in large urban spaces must be constructed on a foundation, be over 500 square feet in size, and undergo an inspection by a city inspector or codes enforcement officer. In some cases, homeowners can install tiny homes in the backyard of an existing home if its primary use is as an in-home office or guesthouse.

Rural areas of Washington will tend to be more accommodating of tiny homes than urban areas, but they have restrictions as well. You should check with your local zoning office prior to integrating a tiny house on an existing property or lot.

Consider asking local zoning offices about installing tiny homes in cities across Washington such as:

  • Seattle
  • Bellingham

Tiny Smart House Albany Or

Charming Tiny House for Sale in Olympia, Washington for ...


$3,600 and up

Focusing on custom builds, Tiny Smart House guarantees that each trailer is fully road-legal and ready to license. They supply your trailers Vehicle Identification Number and Manufacturers Certificate of Origin . You can hire them to complete the tiny house build or take the trailer and build your own house. Lightweight and designed for strength and balance. Based in Albany, they often supply to tiny house buyers in Washington State.

Looking For Pre-Built Tiny Homes In Washington? Here Are Tiny Homes For Sale in WA

If youd like to join the tiny house lifestyle in Washington state, real estate websites like Zillow, Tiny House Listings, and Realtor have tons of ready-made tiny house listings on the west coast. Check for Washington tiny house listings and options in neighboring states. You may find what youre looking for in Oregon or California, and its reasonably easy to relocate tiny homes. Some of them are already on wheels.

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